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How a Company’s Capital Allocation Policy Affects The Value Of Your Investments

  Two friends who often discussed investing over drinks faced off against each other as they argued which of the two brewing giants in Nigeria...
buy and sell stocks - Invest in shares

How Not To Invest In Shares

  Bright decided it was time to get into the stock market business and decided to open an account with a stockbroker. He quickly asked...


  If you are new to investing in stocks, one of the frequently used investing terms you would soon get familiar with is the Price...

Simple And Quick Way To Calculate Bonus Shares In Nigeria

A bonus issue is usually reported as X nos of Shares for every Y nos of shares held. However, it can be confusing sometimes...
Dividend Warrant

Definition: What Is A Bonus Issue In Nigeria

  If you own shares in publicly quoted companies, then it is most likely that you may have been issued bonus shares before. By definition...

The Good And Bad Of “Kobo” Stocks

Someone once told me he was buying a particular stock in droves because he thought the shares was so cheap the share price couldn't...

Approved Markets and Instruments/Investments For PFA’s To Invest Your Pension Fund Assets In Nigeria

  The Pension Fund Administrators are periodically issued guidelines stipulating where, when and how they can invest pension fund assets. These guidelines and regulations are...

Common Ways Of Defending A Takeover Of Your Company

  Ok, I imagine as a small business you probably haven't faced a hostile take over of your company by a rival or an interested...

How Nigerian Stock Exchange Indexes Are Calculated

  The Nigerian bourse began publishing The NSE 30 Index in February 2009with index values available from January 1, 2007. On July 1, 2008, the...

How To Value Your Business Using Ebitda Multiple

Supposing you own a business that you have nurtured for years and finally now decided it was time to sell it or have some...
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Meet Chinedu Echeruo, whose company was bought by Apple for $1bn

Meet Chinedu Echeruo, whose company was bought by Apple for $1 billion

Amidst the heated controversy that surrounds the FBI list of fraudulent Nigerians, Chinedu Echeruo has been identified as one of the many Nigerians who are doing the country proud.
FG warns banks, others

FG to sanction banks, oil companies, as employment opportunity becomes family affair

The Federal Government has warned Deposit Money Banks, other financial institutions and oil companies against unjust termination of workers' contracts.
Total loans in Nigeria's banking sector hits N15.35 trillion

Total loans in Nigeria’s banking sector hit N15.35 trillion

The total loans in Nigeria's banking sector hit N15.35 trillion as at the end of March 2019. This is according to the NBS.