Alert: Green Bonds Postponed

  • Nairametrics| Nigeria’s environmental minister has revealed that the ministry’s planned green bond has been postponed till after year country passes the 2017 budget.
  • The Ministry of environment announced plans to issue a N20 billion green bond in April 2016, but has now pushed it back in view of the delay in passing the 2017 budget.
  • According to the Ministry, proceeds of the green bonds will be used to invest in funding projects the will help address climate change and reduce carbon emissions.
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  • You can learn more about Nigeria’s Green Bonds here

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I doubt all this green house heat theory effect,Many years ago the minister from india told some western official at one climate changes conflences ” you official from the west, you are bringing this theory of global heat,it maybe good for you,but it is not good for us,you are developed,but we are still developiong when we gets to your level of development,we worry about global warming.,global warming is your problem not ours,we are sticking to our programme of development

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