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With Binance and Trust Wallet Integrations, Cash-in Powers Cross-Platform Crypto Spending in Naira

Premier automated crypto-to-naira app, Cash-in, is well ahead as a safe and easy-to-use alternative to P2P marketplaces for those who want to convert crypto into Naira.

Cash-in App is an automated crypto-to-naira app that automatically pays out to a user’s bank account naira equivalent when crypto is detected in the user’s Cash-in address.

A cursory look at the app after downloading it from Play Store or Apple Store shows a very unique user interface that prioritizes ease of use and portable functionalities that promote seamless conversion of crypto into naira for users.

Of particular note are three buttons on the homepage that allow users to convert crypto into naira either from their Binance app, or their Trust Wallet, or to convert foreign currencies into naira using Transak. These are made possible because Cash-in App is integrated with Binance Pay, Trust Wallet, and Transak to facilitate quality cross-platform user experience when converting crypto into naira.

This cross-platform integration is another feature that makes Cash-in unique, and stand out as the premier app for seamless automated crypto-to-naira liquidations. Here’s how the cross-platform features of Cash-in App work:

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Cash-in with Binance Pay

Let’s say you have some crypto in your Binance account which you need to liquidate to Naira. Normally, in order to convert it into naira, you would have to first send the crypto to your Cash-in address, and immediately it is detected in your Cash-in address, it will automatically be converted into naira and its equivalent sent to your local bank account.

But, by clicking on the “Cash-in with Binance Pay” button on your Cash-in App homepage, you can now convert it into naira without needing to first transfer the crypto to your Cash-in address. In order to use the feature, just click on the “Cash-in with Binance Pay” button on your Cash-in App homepage, enter the amount you want to cash-in and click on “Cash-in”. On the next page, either select “Continue in Binance app” button to transfer the funds via Binance Pay (without paying gas fee) if Binance app is currently installed in your phone, or scan the generated QR code on your phone’s screen from a Binance app installed on another phone to complete the transaction. Cool, right? The naira equivalent will be sent to your local bank account instantly. See step-by-step guide here.

This means that you can easily spend directly from your Binance account through Cash-in App without ever having to move the funds via a blockchain network. This can come handy when you need to make payments to your clients, or at grocery stores, or while making any other purchases.

With the “Cash-in with Binance Pay” feature, users who also have a Binance account are able to convert any cryptocurrency into naira, and without paying any gas fees when moving their crypto.

Cash-in with Trust Wallet

The “Cash-in with Trust Wallet” button enables Cash-in App users who also have Trust Wallet on the same phone to seamlessly convert crypto that is domiciled in their Trust Wallet into Naira from inside Cash-in App.

Here’s how it works: Click on the “Cash-in with Trust Wallet” button on your Cash-in App homepage, then select your preferred crypto to be converted into Naira. Enter the amount your want to convert after setting the right currency for the value you’re entering, and click on “Cash-in”. Your Trust Wallet app will automatically open and prompt you to complete the transfer from there (normal blockchain gas fees will apply). The naira equivalent will be sent to your local bank account instantly. See step-by-step guide here.

By using the Cash-in with Trust Wallet feature, anyone can spend or convert their crypto seamlessly straight from their Trust Wallet through Cash-in App, at the best market rates.

Cash-in with Fiat

This feature enables Cash-in App users to convert foreign currencies into naira instantly by using the desired foreign currency to buy USDC from Transak inside Cash-in App. Any amount of USDT bought from Transak will automatically be converted into naira and sent to the user’s local bank account instantly.

Here’s how to use this feature: Click on “Cash-in with Fiat” on your Cash-in App homepage, read and agree to the terms, then proceed. On the next page, select your preferred currency, enter the amount you want to buy with, and select your preferred payment option. Click on “Buy Now” to execute, and follow the prompts to complete your payment to Transak. Multiple payment options are supported including Visa/Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and bank transfer.

Cash-in with Fiat enables anyone to convert most foreign currencies into naira seamlessly and at the best market rates using Cash-in App.

Start your seamless Cash-in App experience today by downloading the app from Play Store or Apple Store.

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