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10 Remote jobs for stay-at-home moms in 2021

As a stay-at-home mom, here are some remote jobs that you can venture into come 2021.



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Some women tend to stay at home, not because they are lazy or unskillful, but because they need time at home to take care of their children and handle some household chores. Though, we are in the 21st century where people tend to look at women who stay at home as idle and lazy, being a stay-at-home mum does not mean that you are lazy or less productive, as you can be at home and still do something financially profitable.

Gone are those days where women who stay at home are termed idle, as some of them are utilizing every opportunity they see around them to carve a niche for themselves. For some stay-at-home moms who had not figured out what they can do at the comfort of their homes to enable them to earn, here are some remote jobs that you can venture into come 2021.

1. E-commerce

Buying and selling online is one of the business ideas in Nigeria that is fast growing. It is presently the most effective method of selling as people can buy whatever they want to buy without necessarily having to meet you. You can decide to advertise wears, shoes, handbags, and jewelries online for people to place their orders. And with the help of dispatched riders, their goods can be delivered at their doorstep. One advantage of E-commerce is that it enables you to meet your target audience as virtually everybody can access their social media. Also making use of social media analytics will also enable you to know what your customers’ needs are.

Furthermore, for you to excel when it comes to e-commerce you need to have a good knowledge of digital marketing and there are free courses online on digital marketing that will equip you on how to get started.

2. Freelance writing

Content writing is another job stay-at-home mums can explore, especially for one who has passion for writing. Freelance writing is a high-demand job in Nigeria and a lot of companies are on the lookout for writers who can develop a well-researched work that will generate traffic to their site. Thus, stay-at-home mums who are good writers are encouraged to take up writing opportunities. They can decide to write for a blog and publication company and get paid for their skills. For you to get started, all it entails is to explore the internet to see organizations that are in need of writers and apply.

3. Bakery and small chops business

The bakery business is a lucrative business that many stay-at-home mums can venture into. We all know that in Nigeria every event needs a cake, small chops and pies, be it a wedding, birthday party, reunion, and graduation party. For a stay-at-home mum, you can decide to go into this business while taking care of your kids. The good thing about the baking business is that even though you do not have culinary knowledge about it, you can still pay to get the right knowledge that you need, or you can get some free classes on Youtube on how to bake. Once you are good at your job you can get referrals from previous clients. Before you know it, you will become well known.

4. Business plan writing

There some start-up companies that might need a professional business plan writer that will enable them to write a convincing business plan, to help them get sponsorships from corporate organizations or get a federal government grant for their business. If you are a stay-at-home mum that is good at drawing up comprehensive business plan, then you should consider being on the lookout for such start-up companies and apply on writing a convincing business plan for them and get paid for your job. This job can be done in the comfort of your home, all it entails is a good internet connection and a laptop.

5. Soap and cream production

Organic soap and cream are what is really in vogue as people infrequently patronize foreign manufacturers of soaps and creams. As a stay-at-home mum, who is looking for what to go into to enable her to earn, can learn how to make soap and cream using natural products. The skincare industry has been a lucrative business and it is highly competitive. That is why it is important that before you get started, you need to have a good knowledge of the business as it will enable you to know the right product that is suitable for different skin complexions to avoid damaging people’s skin. You can also decide to diversify into different areas like making liquid soap and air fresheners.

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6. Hairstylist

Women spend a fortune on their hair to look beautiful. Such hair can be in form of hair braiding, weavon fixing and wearing of wigs. All these come in different styles. Stay-at-home mums can key into this hair business opportunity to make a living or learn how to make wigs. They can display them on their various social media handles so people can place their orders. They can also create a small space in their balcony where people can come in, pay, and make their hair. And if a neat job is done by them, they can get referrals from their customers.

7. Fashion design

Fashion design is another lucrative business stay-at-home mums can venture into. Being a tailor is a good option if you have a passion for fashion. A lot of times tailors do not need a shop because they can work from the comfort of their homes. Tailoring business pays well especially if you are a very good designer. Though learning it can be a bit difficult, it requires full concentration and is suitable for someone who is good with equations as it requires a lot of additions and subtractions. Also, it is apt for someone who is highly creative as that will serve as your unique selling point.

Once you are good at your job, you will end up getting a lot of clients as people really want to be noticed when it comes to fashion especially during a party. For you to get started all you need is a sewing machine, sewing accessories and a good knowledge about fashion.

8. Online Teaching Job

Teaching online is a job stay-at-home mums can take up, especially for anyone that is great at a specific subject. They can earn a living by teaching something that they are good at. For example, teaching different subjects, foreign languages, and hand skills. There are numerous ways that you can educate people. Like having a Youtube page where you post different videos on what you want to educate people on, ask them to subscribe and like your Youtube channel as it is a good way of generating revenue for yourself. Also, you can make online courses where you layout everything and offer to individuals on the web where they pay to access them.

9. Blogging Job

Blogging job has been one of the best online jobs in Nigeria. Though it requires consistency and hard work. Blogging has to do with sharing information on a website. Information could be about any topic. You can run your own blog or blog for others. There are people and companies looking for bloggers to manage their blogs for them, write contents and drive engagement on the content. You can search for those kinds of jobs on job boards and others.

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However, it is more lucrative to start your own blog, grow it and make money. You can blog about different topics: food, politics, news, sports, fashion, business, personal finance and more. It is cheap to start a blog. You will need about ₦4k for a domain name and about ₦4k for hosting every month. But it is cheaper to pay for hosting for a year. That will be about ₦27k. With ₦31k you can start a professional blog and be on your way to making serious money online.

10. Daycare Business

This is a business opportunity that affords you the chance to make money while spending so much time with your children and other people’s children. The only hitch I see in this is dependent on the kind of accommodation you have. Asides from this, a good understanding with your husband would make this much easier to set up. A daycare centre can easily grow to the point where you need more space and must get a place for the business itself. Many career moms need your help with this. It would surprise you how much mothers would pay to get their kids away for some hours especially if they trust you.

In conclusion, aside from the listed above, there are other jobs stay-at-home mums can take up that are not mentioned. They are as follows; Makeup artistry, Video editing, accessories making and consultation. All these jobs are suitable for mums who stay at home. Remember do not make anyone make you look less of yourself because you are staying at home. Utilize every opportunity you see around you to make a living for yourself.

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Financial Literacy

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Here are some ways to stay employable amidst massive unemployment:

1. Build your expertise

Companies and organizations are looking for individuals with ideas and knowledge that will shape the company’s growth. Learning more about your field will give you an edge over others. It will also enable you to discover new tools and strategies to adopt, that will keep you marketable and make you an attractive hire.

2. Be receptive to change and emerging innovations

Life-long learning is a habit that has to be encouraged if anyone hopes to stay employable. To remain relevant in the workforce, you need to build your competence beyond past qualifications and ideas. Receptiveness to change and emerging innovations will keep you abreast with what is in your career field.

3. Enhance your job-related skills

Landing a job is challenging. It is even more difficult during an economic downturn when companies are laying off workers. One of the strategies to stay marketable is to find ways to improve your job skills. Individuals can learn skills that align with current employability needs by taking up training and courses relevant to their career scope.

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4. Be Savvy on Social Media Platforms

The recruitment sector is gradually gaining a presence on social media. Many recruitment agencies take to social media to look for and assess prospective candidates for some job opportunities. Building a strong social media profile and network will help to build relationships with peers and potential employers. This network will increase your chances of landing a job. Building a network in career fields of interest will keep you abreast of information and opportunities in your career path.

5. Refine your soft skills

As traditional work environments are replaced gradually by remote or virtual workspaces, companies are looking for individuals with soft skills like leadership, managerial competence, creativity, time management, good communication skills, etc. Individuals looking to stay employable have to develop soft skills that will help them remain economically viable. Many organizations do not just want to hire skilled people but also self-regulated and innovative individuals able to carry out tasks independently.

6. Be Confident 

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Self-confidence will make you more assertive about your skills, knowledge, and abilities. Confident individuals can communicate their ideas more eloquently and convincingly. This personality will make them stand out and portray them as relevant hands needed in any organization.

Staying employable in today’s ever-changing and competitive work environment is a process of evaluation, learning, and adaptation.

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Living in Nigeria and earning in dollars has become many people’s dream. With the high exchange rate from dollar to naira, a few dollars will change your life for good in Nigeria and make you comfortable.

However, being in Nigeria and earning in dollars doesn’t come easy because you have to know your onions. Here are a few ways you can earn in dollars while living in Nigeria:

1. Freelancing or Remote Full-time Jobs: One of the top ways to earn in dollars or other foreign currencies is by freelancing or working remotely. You can get freelancing gigs as a writer, graphics designer or data analyst on freelancing platforms. You can also apply for full-time remote jobs and work from the comfort of your home in Nigeria while you earn in dollars.

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2. Blogging or Vlogging: If you can write or speak well, then you can also earn foreign currency from clients abroad who are interested in your written or video content. Blogging lets you earn from visits to your blog and advertisements. You should consider vlogging on YouTube and other platforms if you enjoy doing videos and have exciting and educative content to talk about.

3. Virtual Trainer: Teachers are not left out on this list. You can earn in dollars if you enjoy teaching by simply putting courses or tutorials on different platforms online.

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4. Publish E-books: Writing and publishing e-books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or other online platforms is one of the most popular and sure ways to earn dollars while living in Nigeria.

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5. Translation: You are worth more than gold in 2021 if you can speak foreign languages because you are exactly what many companies are looking for these days. You can land yourself an excellent freelancing gig or remote job if you speak any language other than English. Your local language also counts in this case because people are looking for you to do some translations.

6. Transcription: You should consider being a transcriptionist and earn some cool dollars if you can pay attention to details and type fast. You could get as much as $15 to $25 an hour for transcribing short audios.

7. App Development: App developers are the ones making most of the dollars if you ask us. Every business owner wants an app for their business both home and abroad, and you will be making cool cash as an app developer if you put yourself out there.

You can also earn in dollars working in Nigeria by learning new skills and selling your crafts online to those who need them abroad. If you are very smart about it, you can grow your wealth right here in Nigeria without setting foot on foreign soil.

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