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Should Ecommerce and Logistic efforts be the exemption to the Nationwide Lockdown? 

The pandemic has completely changed the world, every facet of our existence has been affected as human contact is now considered dangerous. 



Should Ecommerce and Logistic efforts be the exemption to the Nationwide Lockdown? 

The current global pandemic has completely changed the way the world runs, every facet of our existence has been affected as human contact is now considered dangerous and is completely discouraged as a precautionary measure to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

Hence the Nigerian government’s order to lockdown majorly affected cities for a 14 day period seemed reasonable and paramount but should there not be some exemptions?

The news that one of Africa’s largest commerce and logistics companies, Jumia had its Nigerian warehouse shut down by the Lagos State Government because they were considered to have violated the lockdown directive on March 29th, 2020 raises some concerns.

Meanwhile, international ecommerce giant, Amazon in the United States had seen a surge in first- quarter demand with more customers opting to purchase online in efforts to avoid face-to-face interactions and stocking up for the mandated lockdown amid the pandemic. The company has even employed over 100,000 Americans to balance out the increased orders for supplies since the outbreak.  Their delivery workers are given letters to carry saying that they are engaged in essential work as they cannot do their jobs from home like other companies.

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The need for logistics companies stepping up at a time like this to fight the pandemic cannot be overemphasized. They are needed in order to collaborate FG efforts to fighting the spread of the virus.  Amazon leverage this letter that has a paragraph addressing law enforcement with a phone number to verify the employment of the carriers to help enable members of the community to remain home and reduce the risk of exposure and transmission especially to the elderly and other vulnerable individuals.

Should Ecommerce and Logistic efforts be the exemption to the Nationwide Lockdown? 

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In light of the presence of the coronavirus in Africa, Jumia had reworked its branding with a new slogan which reads “Stay Safe, Keep your distance” positioning its role as an advocate for social distancing. They also rolled out efforts of contactless delivery that allows for delivery without cash exchange or contact between the driver and customer.

In partnership with Reckitt Beckiser, the company has also decided to take a 0% commission on some high in demand medical and hygiene products all in an effort to support the fight against the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Seeing as tech companies like these make such elaborate efforts at helping to make a difference. Government officials may need to consider some level of leniency in the execution of certain mandatory regulations.

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Why the FG should consider leniency?

It is rather straightforward. Ecommerce and delivery services have a better chance at ensuring that people stay home and shop instead of the alternative that will have them going out and mingling, jeopardizing all FG efforts to curb the spread in record time.

There is no definite timeline to when this pandemic will end so rather than hindering these efforts, policies that ensure further safety should be implanted.

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The selected leaders will spend five months learning from experts, coaches and a customised curriculum so they can strengthen their community.




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The aim of the Community Accelerator is to help leaders of Facebook communities to harness the power of their community to turn ideas into action. The selected leaders will spend five months learning from experts, coaches and a customised curriculum so they can strengthen their community.

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Participants will then spend three months executing their initiatives. They will collaborate with advocates and leaders in the community space and work with the Facebook team to bring their ideas to life.

Says Kiran Yoliswa, Partner Management Lead, Middle East and Africa Community Partnerships at Facebook: “Facebook communities and their leaders are helping to resolve social challenges, sharing knowledge and information, while connecting with others that share their interests or passion for a cause. We’ve seen so many incredible communities from across South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria using our platform to drive change and provide support and encouragement for thousands of people, we’re excited to offer their Facebook Community leaders this program to help amplify their impact even more.”

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This program is open to communities that have a presence in Facebook Groups with leaders who are 18 years or older. Communities must have existed for over one year and must have a minimum size of 1,000 members. Applications open today, May 4 – 31, 2021.

The Community Accelerator is part of our Facebook Community Leadership Program, a global initiative that invests in people building communities. Learn more and apply here.

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NIN registration: 54 million Nigerians have now enrolled – Buhari

12 million Nigerians were enrolled into the National Identity Database in the past 6 months.



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President Muhammadu Buhari disclosed that the FG has enrolled 54 million Nigerians into the National Identity Database, citing that 12 million were enrolled in the past 6 months alone and that the final aim of the scheme is to secure Nigeria’s security infrastructure.

President Buhari disclosed this in a statement on Thursday evening.

What the President said about NIN enrollment

“I am pleased with the success we are recording in the enrollment of persons into the National Identification Number (NIN) database. 54 million Nigerians have now enrolled; I am told over 12 million of these within the last six months. Our goal is total coverage.

The National Identification Number (NIN) is the foundational digital ID for the country. It will cover one of the weaknesses in our security structure. We will be able to easily identify all Nigerians, including the crooks in our midst.”

The President added that both legal residents and Nigerians are expected to obtain the NIN as it would be beneficial to government agencies to utilise resources efficiently.

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The Federal Government announced a further extension of the ongoing National Identification Number (NIN) registration and linkage with Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) exercises to a new deadline of June 30, 2021.

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