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There are rare financial gifts you can use to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day. A few of them are explained below.

FGN Savings Bond

The FGN Savings bond is a good Valentine’s gift for your partner because you are contributing to the financial future of your partner as well as teaching good financial habits.

The FGN Savings bond is a retail investment introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria to promote the savings culture amongst Nigerians whilst giving them the opportunity to earn income.

Hotel resorts fully booked as middle-class Nigerians spend big for Valentine’s Day 

The bond is issued by the Debt Management Office (DMO) and has two tenors – 2 years and 3 years.

  • The minimum subscription is N5,000.
  • Interest (coupons) is paid every quarter.
  • For example, if the bond is bought in the month of February, your partner’s account will be credited with interest in May, August and February of the following year.

How to buy FGN Savings bond? You can contact a stockbroker or bank to assist you.

Advantages of FGN Savings Bond

  • The FGN Savings bond is backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government if Nigeria which means your partner’s money is secure, no matter what happens, principal and interest will be repaid.
  • Frequent interest payment means that your partner will always have cash that can be used to fund other obligations as they come.

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Pay for an Online Class

Whether or not your partner is an employee or an entrepreneur, education doesn’t stop with your degree. In an ever-changing world, continuous learning through an online course is necessary to keep up with the latest trends in your field, set yourself apart from the crowd or even start a new career path.

Standard chartered

There are thousands of courses to pay for that can develop your partners soft and hard skills. Examples include:

Standard chartered
  • Excel
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Coding
  • Culinary skills
  • Project management

Buy Personal Finance Books

Saving money and sticking to a budget are very essential skills necessary to improve your financial health and one of the sure ways to help your partner achieve this is by buying personal finance books.

Pay for your partner’s favourite subscription

We all have something we subscribe to and watch often, whether it’s Cable TV, Netflix or our music apps. You can surprise your partner by paying for his/her favourite entertainment platform for a year.



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