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Prices of tomatoes, frozen foods, onions, others jump, as low demand hits imported rice 

Nigerians are in for a sustained price increase this Christmas as prices of commodities continue to spike. In our recent Nairametrics Bi-weekly Food Price Survey, prices of major household commodities increased significantly over the last two weeks.



Alert: Tomato prices are up by over 80% in these Lagos markets, Prices of flour, rice, beans, tomatoes, pepper, others jump, as low patronage hits major markets

Nigerians are in for a sustained price increase this Christmas as prices of commodities continue to spike.

In our recent Nairametrics Bi-weekly Food Price Survey, prices of major household commodities increased significantly over the last two weeks. We also observed a slight dip in the price of foreign rice due to the various local rice options available in the market.

According to the latest household survey conducted by the Research Team, a big basket of tomatoes increased significantly to N10,000, while a big bag of dry onions spiked significantly by 122% to sell at N40,000. A bag of new onions costs N30,000 from an initial N13,000 which indicates a 130.8% increase.

Recall that in an earlier survey, Nairametrics Research Team reported that locally-produced rice has gained huge momentum, as various brands of local rice have now flooded major markets in the country. Following this, the latest survey shows that the prices of foreign rice brands dropped to an average of N26,750 from N28,000 sold two weeks ago, while the price of locally made rice now sells for an average of N21,375 from N21,750.

This report covers items that witnessed increase in prices over the course of two weeks, special markets and insights.

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Items that witnessed increase in price

  • A 50kg bag of beans (oloyin) now sells for an average of N13,000 compared to N12,875 recorded two weeks ago, indicating a 1% increase.
  • A bag of white beans increased by 1.2% as it now sells for an average of N21,250 as against N21,000 recorded last two weeks.
  • A 50kg bag of yellow garri rose by 2.1% as it sells for an average of N6,125 from an initial average of N6,000.
  • The price of a big basket of Irish potatoes increased from an initial N20,000 to N22,000. This change indicates a 10% increase in the price of the commodity within the space of two weeks.
  • A big basket of round shaped tomatoes increased significantly by 11.1% to sell at an average of N10,000 from an initial N9,000.
  • The price of a big basket of oval-shaped tomatoes also witnessed a significant increase of 14.3%, as it now sells for N8,000 compared to an initial N7,000.

Mile 12 market, Lagos

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Items that reduced in price

  • A 50kg bag of Royal Stallion rice reduced by 4.5% from an initial average of N28,000 to N26,750.
  • Also, a 50kg bag of Caprice reduced significantly by 6.7% to sell at N26,150 compared to the N28,000 of two weeks ago.
  • Locally made Mama’s Pride rice (50kg) also witnessed reduction in price, as it now sells for an average of N21,375, indicating a 1.7% decrease, compared to N21,750 a fortnight ago.
  • A bag of garri (Ijebu) reduced by 3.6% to sell for an average of N6,700, compared to N6,950 recorded earlier, while a 50kg bag of white garri reduced by 2% to sell at an average of N6,125.
  • A big basket of sweet potatoes reduced by 10% from N5,000 to sell at N4,500.

Daleko market, Lagos

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Items that maintained previous prices 

Despite the changes in price of many commodities, some items maintained their prices over the past two weeks.

  • The prices of bread still cost the same, as 1 loaf of Val-U and Butterfield bread cost an average of N300.
  • The different sizes of yams cost the same as recorded two weeks ago, as a big tuber costs N850, while a medium-sized tuber of yam sells for an average of N625.
  • Juice such as 5 Alive and Chivita costs an average of N500.
  • Noodle brands sell for the same price as they did a fortnight ago. A carton of Indomie (Hungry man) sells for an average of N3,200, while Chikki (100g) sells for an average of N2,100.
  • The price of household cooking gas remained the same; 12.5kg of gas cost an average of N3,900, while 5kg costs N1,525.

Special Markets/Items

  • Plantain is cheap at Idi-Oro market. In an interview with a plantain seller at the market, Nairametrics Research gathered that a bag of plantain now sells for between N3,000 and N3,500 compared to the previous N5,000. A big bunch (6 x 6) is currently sold for an average of N8,000, indicating a significant 46.6% decrease from N15,000.

Idi-Oro market, Lagos

  • Melon (egusi) now sells for an average of N47,000 at Mile 12 market from an initial N50,000, while bush mango (ogbono) maintains its earlier price of N60,000 per bag. A nylon of crayfish increased by 33.3% to sell for N12,000 compared to a previous N9,000.
  • As Nigeria continues to leave its border closed, prices of frozen chicken have continued to jack up despite low patronage. Frozen food items at Mushin market sell for the following:

Orobo chicken sells for N14,000 from N10,500.

Normal chicken sells for N13,500 from N9,500.

Turkey sells for N16,000 from N12,000 two weeks ago.

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Soft chicken sells for N13,500 from N9,500.

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  • The price of maize varies, depending on the freshness of the item. A visit to Mile 12 market showed that a bag of yellow maize costs N21,000, while that of white maize costs N19,000. However, at Mushin market, a bag of yellow maize sells for an average of N13,000, while white maize costs N11,500. A paint bucket of yellow maize and white maize is sold for N500 and N450 respectively.

Market Insights

  • Nairametrics Research team gathered that varieties of locally made rice continue to flood major markets and they differ in quality and prices. In an interview with a rice dealer at Daleko market, local rice brands with higher quality are sold for an average of N20, 500.

Mama’s  Pride, Mama’s Choice, Umza, Tomato King and Aliamza are examples of brands that cost N20,500 because they are made like imported Cotonou rice. Some dealers earlier bagged these brands of rice into foreign bags to sell for a high cost,” a major rice dealer disclosed to Nairametrics. Other brands of rice that sell for N19,500 include Shamad, Classic Gold, Royal Naija and Tomato Aroso.

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  • The Research Team also found that foreign rice brands are currently witnessing low patronage, as the varieties of locally produced rice continue to flood major markets. As a result, the price of imported rice is crashing.
  • Also, the Research Team found that a bag of pepper dropped significantly to N14,000 at Mile 12 market compared to the N16,000 it previously sold for. However, the item sells for an average of N15,000 at early hours and reduces to N14,000 by noon.
  • Dealers of onions disclosed to Nairametrics Research Team that the price of onions is expected to increase until the end of the year, as the Christmas festive season approaches.

One of the market traders interviewed said, “The rise in the prices of some items at the market is expected to last till the end of the year, as it is the normal trend during the yuletide period.”

About Nairametrics Food Price Survey

The Nairametrics Food Price Watch is a bi-weekly household market survey that covers prices of major food items, with emphasis on four major markets in Lagos – Mushin Market, Daleko Market, Oyingbo Market, Idi-Oro Market and Mile 12.

ItemsBrandUnitMUSHIN (21/11/2019)DALEKO (21/11/2019)OYINGBO (21/11/2019)MILE 12 (21/11/2019)Average MUSHIN (17/11/2019)DALEKO (17/11/2019)OYINGBO (17/11/2019)MILE 12 (17/11/2019)Average
Bag of RiceRoyal Stallion50Kg2800026000280002500026750NANA280002800028000
Bag of RiceMama Gold50kg22000205002200021000213752200020500210002200021375
Bag of RiceCaprice50kg2650026000270002500026125NANA280002800028000
Bag of RiceMama's Pride50kg22000205002200021000213752200021000220002200021750
Bag of BeansOloyin50kg13000120001300014000130001300012000130001350012875
Bag of BeansWhite50kg22000200002200021000212502200020000220002000021000
Bag of BeansBrown>50kg24000220002400024000235002400022000240002400023500
Tuber of YamAbuja1 Big Size Tuber900800900800850900800900800850
Tuber of YamAbuja1 Medium Size Tuber650600650600625650600650600625
Carton of NoodlesIndomie305g (Belle full)2900290029002900290029002900290029002900
Carton of NoodlesIndomie200g (Hungry man)3200320032003200320032003200320032003200
Carton of NoodlesChikki100g2000220021002100210020002200210021002100
Carton of NoodlesMinimie70g1500150015001500150015001500150015001500
Carton of NoodlesGolden Penny70g1400140014001400140014001400140014001400
Bag of GarriIjebu80kg6000680070007000670070006800700070006950
Bag of GarriWhite50kg5500600065006500612560006500650060006250
Bag of GarriYellow50kg5500600065006500612560006500600055006000
Basket of PotatoSweetBig Basket4500450050005000
Basket of PotatoSweetSmall Basket700700700700
Basket of PotatosweetSmallest Basket200200200200
Basket of PotatoIrishBiggest Basket22000220002000020000
Basket of PotatoIrishMedium Basket2000200020002000
Basket of PotatoIrishSmall Basket1500150015001500
Packet of PastaGolden Penny500g4200420043004200422542004200430042004225
Packet of PastaDangote500g4000400040003900397540004000400039003975
Packet of PastaPower (1 pc)500g220220220200215220220220200215
Packet of PastaBonita (1 pc)500g220200200210207.5220200200210207.5
Gallon of Palm OilLocal5 Litres2000170020001700185020001700200017001850
Gallon of Palm OilLocal25 Litres105009000950090009500105009000950090009500
Gallon of Vegetable OilLocal5 Litres2000190020002000197520001900200020001975
Gallon of Vegetable OilLocal25 Litres1200095001100095001050012000950011000950010500
Gallon of Vegetable OilKings5 Litres3000300030003000300030003000300030003000
Gallon of Vegetable OilWesson5 Litres3900390039003900390039003900390039003900
Gallon of Vegetable OilMamador3.8 Litres25002450250024002462.525002450250024002462.5
Gallon of Vegetable OilPower3 Litres1800180018001800180018001800180018001800
Bunch of PlaintainPlaintain1 Big Bunch400400350400387.5400400350400387.5
Bag of FlourDangote50kg11200112001120011500112751120011200112001150011275
Bag of FlourHoney well50Kg11500112001120011200112751150011200112001120011275
Bag of FlourMama Gold50kg11500113001100011300112751150011300110001130011275
Bag of SugarDangote50kg3500320034003200332535003200340032003325
MilkPeak Powdered (Tin)400g12501200120012001212.512501200120012001212.5
Milkpeak Powdered(Tin)900g2400240024002300237524002400240023002375
MilkPeak milk (Refill)500g10501000100010001012.510501000100010001012.5
MilkDano Powdered (Tin)500g1000100010001000100010001000100010001000
MilkDano Powdered(Tin)900g2000200020002000200020002000200020002000
MilkDano (Refill)500g850800800800812.5850800800800812.5
MilkThreeCrown (Refill)380g720700750700717.5720700750700717.5
MilkLoya Powdered (Tin)400g10001000100010501012.510001000100010501012.5
MilkLoya (Refill)400g850800850800825850800850800825
MilkCoast (Refill)500g750750750750750750750750750750
Cocoa BeveragesMilo (Tin)500g10001100105010001037.510001100105010001037.5
Cocoa BeveragesMilo (Tin)900g2000210021002100207520002100210021002075
Cocoa BeveragesMilo Refill500g900900900900900900900900900900
Cocoa BeveragesBournvita Refill500g950900950900925950900950900925
Cocoa BeveragesBournvita (Plastic)900g2000200020002000200020002000200020002000
Cocoa BeveragesOvaltine Refill500g800800850850825800800850850825
Cocoa BeveragesOvaltine(Plastic)500g1100110010001100107511001100100011001075
CoffeeNescafe Classic50g600600600600600600600600600600
TeaLipton Yellow label52g310290300300300310290300300300
TeaTop tea52g300300300300300300300300300300
SugarSt' Loius Sugar(Cube) 500g400380400450407.5400380400450407.5
SugarGolden Penny Sugar (cube)500g350300350300325350300350300325
BreadVal-U1 loaf300300300300300300300300300300
BreadButterfield1 loaf300300300300300300300300300300
Bottled Water (Refill)CwayRefill600600650600612.5600600650600612.5
Juice5 Alive1 litre600550550600575600550550600575
JuiceChivita1 litre600550600550575600550600550575
TomatoesBig Basketround shaped100001000090009000
Medium Basketround shaped7000700065006500
Small Basketround shaped6000600060006000
Big BasketOval Shaped8000800070007000
Small BasketOval Shaped5000500045004500
FishKote (Horse Mackerel)1 kg500450480450470500450470450467.5
FishTitus (Mackerel)1 kg500480500490492.5500500500490497.5

Nairametrics Research team tracks, collates, maintains and manages a rich database of macro-economic and micro-economic data from Nigeria and Africa. Our analysts share some of the data collated on Nairametrics, using formats such as docs, tables and charts etc. The team also publishes research based analysis as articles on a regular basis.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tobi

    November 26, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    Great article, in your paragraph below, i find an error …. shouldn’t it be that price of local rice is crashing?

    The Research Team also found that foreign rice brands are currently witnessing low patronage, as the varieties of locally produced rice continue to flood major markets. As a result, the price of imported rice is crashing.

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