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Is there a legitimate Nigerian business that can guarantee 5-10% monthly interest?

Is there really a legitimate business that can guarantee investors 5-10% monthly return on investment?



Is there a legitimate Nigerian business that can guarantee 5-10% monthly interest?

Now, this is an interesting question, isn’t it? Nairametrics’ Lead Partner and Publisher, Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu, recently asked his Twitter followers the same question. As expected, the question was met with numerous responses. Some investment platforms even used the occasion to advertise their services to potential customers. But is there really a legitimate business that can guarantee investors 5-10% monthly return on investment? Well, let’s take a closer look at the matter.

Apparently, such businesses exist 

Majority of those who responded to the question did believe that such businesses exist. As a matter of fact, they even came up with suggestions ranging from regular small businesses to more organised kinds of investments. For example, a Twitter user replied that roadside restaurant business would suffice. However, just in case that isn’t good enough, she equally suggested events management.

Although she did not explain in detail how exactly these businesses could guarantee that much return on investment, it is important to note that food businesses always have the potential to thrive. This is due mainly to the fact that humans need food to survive. However, this type of business always tends to be highly competitive, even for those operating on a large scale. Therefore, it is highly uncertain if a “Mama Put” business can, indeed, guarantee 5-10% ROI.


Moving on, another Twitter user (Samuel U.F Udom) suggested that investing in the business of scrap metal purchase would serve the purpose. He actually explained his point, mentioning iron as the metal of choice. Apparently, iron is always in high demand. The business works in such a way that a kilo of scrap metal, which can be purchased from scavengers at N70-N80, can then be sold to the end-users (I.e., recycling companies) at N120.

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If you can buy up to 10 tons volume of scrap metal, then you can make over N300, 000 worth of net profit, he said. This sounds interesting, no doubt. However, it needs further verification.

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Another business idea that can even give more than 10% ROI, according to RealNaijaKolo, is haulage business. Now, this is not just an ordinary kind of haulage business. Instead, it’s all about transporting natural resources such as limestone, laterite, iron ore, and more. To do this job, you need to be closer to sites like Opkella where limestone is mined by the likes of BUA cement. Something else you would need is a contract with a producer to transport the goods. Then you stand a chance of earning up to 15% returns on investment.

Again, this sounds almost too good to be true. But then again, we are talking about limestone and other natural resources which serve as raw materials for some of the biggest companies in Nigeria. Therefore, just in case you are interested in this sort of business, conduct more research to better understand it before jumping right into it.

Theodore Isichei suggested that veterinarians can cash out by simply offering to immunise cows for Fulani herdsmen up north. According to him, some of these Fulani cattle owners are willing to pay as much as N10, 000 just to immunise one cow. Imagine immunising a herd of cattle, N10, 000 per one. Interesting! But then again, is this even true? Moreover, how much would the immunisation kit cost?

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Some people took advantage to advertise 

Biodun Afolabi, who described himself as an investment technology enthusiast, told those who cared to listen that Wealth.NG could definitely help them to actualise this. According to him, just by downloading the Wealth.Ng app, Nigerians could have access to invest in stocks, treasury bills, and more. Now, just to quickly add that this one is true. Go get the app right away.

investments, how to measure the performance of your investments., Here are ways to ask family and friends to fund your business - PART 2 

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Meanwhile, Cokodeal, which claims to be Africa’s largest export platform, also took advantage of the moment to explain how they can help Nigerians earn up to 10% return on their investments on a monthly basis. See below if you care-

Some people are sceptical 

It is probably important to mention at this point that when it comes to investing, return on investment is never something one talks with certainty except when one is definitely certain. This is because anything could happen along the way, thereby causing disappointments.

This is exactly the point Onaopemipo Dara made when she pointed out that some people probably didn’t understand what 5-10% ROI really entails. Her suggestion is that people need to first understand what this means.

Please note that suggestions made in this thread are the opinions of those who shared them. Therefore, if you are thinking of going into any of the businesses suggested therein, ensure to consult a qualified investment expert to give you the necessary advice.


Best of luck in your investment journey.

Emmanuel is a professional writer and business journalist, with interests covering Banking & Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Profiles, Brand Communication, Fintech, and MSMEs.He initially joined Nairametrics as an all-round Business Analyst, but later began focusing on and covering the financial services sector. He has also held various leadership roles, including Senior Editor, QAQC Lead, and Deputy Managing Editor.Emmanuel holds an M.Sc in International Relations from the University of Ibadan, graduating with Distinction. He also graduated with a Second Class Honours (Upper Division) from the Department of Philosophy & Logic, University of Ibadan.If you have a scoop for him, you may contact him via his email- [email protected] You may also contact him through various social media platforms, preferably LinkedIn and Twitter.



  1. Oge

    November 23, 2019 at 5:11 am

    This is not a difficult process, I have implemented this idea and made far more… I paid writers on Fiverr to deliver 1000 words article for me, created a finance blog, monetized it with Google adsense, today I make over 30pcnt ROI in my first month, have even recovered my return and now enjoys stead flow at zero re-investment.

  2. Temitope

    November 23, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    It is practically IMPOSSIBLE to do much these days without money in ones pocket.

    One can tap into…

    *eCommerce business
    *Become a blogger
    *Food Processing
    *Network Marketing
    *Write books about what you do
    *And many more…

  3. Anonymous

    November 24, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    Ignorance is what many of those who clamis to teturn 5 to 10% in a month . How profitable is Mr biggs and other fast service food vendors ? They have better clients and a better magin ! When asked questions like this , my simple response is usually this , why will anyone offer you 5 or 10 % when they can access funding at 20 to 25% in the banks ? Check the portfolio at risk of banks and you will inderstand that lending is no child’s play and so is investment.
    Those who claims to make such bubble returns how long have they operated ? Who is regulating them ? What security do they offer you in the event of a default? Where are all those MMM and gold investors ? If your money is not important to you run after high returns ! If your hard earned money is i

    • David

      December 3, 2019 at 5:03 pm

      it is because of the Mr biggs model that they make losses. How many people have money to visit Mr. Biggs. The mama put close to my house has been operating for many years and will not close down soon. While growing up there is Mama Mulika even befor Mr biggs started branching out and she made money over many years before she shut down. We are talking informal sector here not formal sectors.

  4. Rotimi Shittu

    November 24, 2019 at 9:19 pm

    Ignorance is what many of those who clamis to teturn 5 to 10% in a month . How profitable is Mr biggs and other fast service food vendors ? They have better clients and a better magin ! When asked questions like this , my simple response is usually this , why will anyone offer you 5 or 10 % when they can access funding at 20 to 25% in the banks ? Check the portfolio at risk of banks and you will inderstand that lending is no child’s play and so is investment.
    Those who claims to make such bubble returns how long have they operated ? Who is regulating them ? What security do they offer you in the event of a default? Where are all those MMM and gold investors ? If your money is not important to you run after high returns ! If your hard earned money is important to you consider safety over high return .

  5. Iroegbu blossom

    November 25, 2019 at 7:48 am

    We need more public trainings on these issues so that more youths can get more information to work with.

    I am interested in food processing.
    How do I go about it?

  6. Michael Nwosu

    November 25, 2019 at 8:17 am

    Now that interest is being generated on this all important issue of economy, and investment, it is obvious that in Nigeria, Politics and political investments yield more ROI than any other transactions. Moreover, owing to our skewed system, and corruption, it is pretty difficult to run a legitimate business profitably. Equally saddening is that the Nigerian people are financially emasculated by policies of govt rendering them incapacitated to patronize goods and services of Entrepreneurs

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Investment Tips

Retail franchise investment next gold mine for Nigerian investors- CIG

Retail franchise investment curbs unemployment  and create buffer for people looking for side hustle



The Choice International Group (CIG) has tasked both unemployed and employed Nigerians to embrace retail franchise investment, as the initiative would curb unemployment in the nation  and create buffer for people looking for side hustle.

In line with a recent FBDS Study, there are over 450,000 Nigerian career professionals with minimum investible funds of N1 million, looking out for investment opportunities.

In the majority, these funds are looking for franchise type opportunities for ease of venturing and minimal failure risk.

As far as CIG chairperson, Diana Chen, is concerned, such investor should look no further but consider the group’s retail franchise investment opportunity, which offers Nigerian community mouth-watering offer of owning Gree & Lontor retail stores.

According to him, Gree is the world’s residential air-conditioner manufacturer, while Lontor provides high-quality, energy-saving and convenient rechargeable home appliances and lighting products for global consumers.


He said, “Both brands have been built by the CIG into a world-class electronic retail chain in Nigeria opening no less than 20 brand shops in Lagos and Oyo over the last 18 months.

“The sales performance of its existing stores in the country makes Gree & Lontor one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria with yields of an average return on investment of 50% and above per annum.

“CIG is offering investors the opportunity to own any of six regional logistics centres, or any number of Gree & Lontor brand shops in viable locations across Nigeria.

“It is the decision of the company to open up these opportunities to the investing public through a Franchise Retail partnership.”

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He added that the company has mapped out two investment models it says are simple, transparent, and hassle-free.

“The first model involves only six regional logistics centres located across the geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

“Whoever invests in this will require a capital outlay of $1 million, and become a mega distributor partner of the Gree & Lontor brand, and service a network of brand shops.

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“The second investment model involves the Gree & Lontor brand shops – retail franchise stores that require an initial capital outlay of N20 million.

Stanbic IBTC

“The investor will secure a store size of 120-150sqm at any choice location, shopping mall, plazas, high streets and even residential neighbourhoods.”

What they are saying

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Nigeria is a growth market for franchising and franchise development services.

Gbenga Ajayi, an Entrepreneurship analyst, said, “The retail industry comes second to the food industry among sectors with best franchising opportunities.

“As with other emerging markets, one of the challenges of franchising in Nigeria remains the strengthening of intellectual-property regimes so that franchise companies can transmit knowledge and franchise system concepts with the confidence that such know-how will be protected.

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Investment Tips

Where to invest N500,000 right now

Nairametrics interviewed financial experts on what assets they would invest in if they had N500, 000



Since a full economic recovery this year is off the table, Nairametrics interviewed some investment experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate heads, on the assets they would invest N500,000 in. The responses varied from buying gold to investing in mutual funds or starting a business.

The world economy is projected to fall by 4.4% in 2020, an upward guide from an earlier predicted rate of -4.9% made in June. The IMF projected that social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic will linger till 2021, but the transmission of the virus will plunge globally by the end of 2022.

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Temitope Busari, CFA


With fixed income yields at the current levels, my N500k in today’s market will go into a dividend-paying stock or alternative investments.

  • Depending on whether or not I can afford to risk some capital and barring timing constraints, I would buy a stock that offers periodic cashflow in form of dividends.
  • For alternative investments, I would explore high-yielding fixed deposits in the on-lending space.

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Michael Nwakalor, Macroeconomist at CardinalStone Research

  • The yields in the fixed income markets are currently on the low and producing negative real returns, the equities market provides a viable alternative to earn a total return above inflation.

(READ MORE: Trading and Investment for beginners: How to prepare for the stock market)

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  • I like stocks in the banking sector, as a number of them remain undervalued by fundamental metrics. Several names are on the course to post near double-digit dividend returns by the year-end. A portfolio that includes the following counters – GUARANTY, STANBIC, ETI, FBNH, and ZENITH, should provide adequate exposure to the sector as well.

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Adaobi Okonkwo, Currency Trader of a leading Tier 1 Bank

  • With a few things to invest in, the most reliable investment that comes to mind is a mutual fund. The fixed income and money markets are currently experiencing a downturn; hence, investing in them could reduce my income spread.
  • However, with a mutual fund, my portfolio of investment in the capital markets is determined by the fund managers with a decent return on investments certainly above the risk-free rate. Gold is a commodity that would yield a good ROI within a specified time frame if I wanted to invest by myself.

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Silas OZOYA, President/CEO, SUBA Capital

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Though quite a small capital, it might not do much if you want to play the long-term investment game. However, it can set the ball rolling.

Stanbic IBTC
  • I would invest it in a high yield investment platform that pays at least 5% returns monthly to cover running costs.
  • Put the money in a fixed deposit and leverage it as collateral to take a debt fund, with a 6 – 12 months moratorium from a commercial bank for a possible expansion of a profitable business. This way, you gain on the debt and still have your N500,000 intact.

(READ MORE:Nigeria’s Macro-economic dashboard for Q3 2020 – Comercio Partners)

Ugonna Thelma Ohiri-Anyanwu, CFA

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With a gift of N500,000, my risk appetite and drive for higher returns,

  • I would invest 50% of the funds (N250,000) on dollar and Eurobonds. This is mainly because of my future needs for FX and also as the need to hedge my currency risk.
  • I would invest 25% of the balance (N125,000) in Ethereum, which would give me a steady cash flow with medium risk.
  • The balance of N125,000 would be invested in Value company shares with low P/E and also stable dividend payments.

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The overall investment portfolio allows for diversification, stable cash flow in both local and FX currency, and currency hedge. These would provide a solid mix between ownership of materially underpriced assets and high dividend-yielding assets.

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Bottom line

Amid the rising COVID-19 caseloads prevailing globally, the financial experts interviewed above showed significant diversity on the assets they would invest in, coupled with their different appetite for taking risk reflected on their preferred choices made amid a blurry global economy era.

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Investment Tips

Where to invest $10,000 right now

Entrepreneurs, financial experts and investment analysts suggest what sectors or assets to invest in if you have $10,000.



Where to invest $10,000 right now

The upsurge in COVID-19 cases around the world has kept global investors flocking the world’s safe-haven currency at an exponential rate, the high demand for the greenback is coming on the high geopolitical uncertainty prevailing in today’s financial market.

Also, it’s important to note at the currency market, the U.S dollar remains king. According to the International Standards Organization, 90% of currency trading done globally involves the U.S. dollar, most crypto assets, virtually the most liquid commodities are priced in the U.S dollar not forgetting about 40% of the world’s debt is dominated in the greenback.

READ: If you have N1m today, how would you invest it?

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So Nairametrics felt it paramount to ask a hedge fund manager,  entrepreneurs, and financial experts, about what sectors or assets they would invest in if they had, say, $10,000.


Their responses were revealing and diverse as they were varied—ranging from; buying global equities, local stocks, real estate holdings to investing in digital assets.

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Gavin Smith, veteran trader, and managing partner at Panxora Crypto Hedge Funds.

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I would scale into BTC $2,000 now, $2,000 when it comes off to $10,000, then add $2,000 at $9,000 and another $2,000 at the $8,000 level. If BTC then breaks above $13,000 I would buy any of the above orders that had not been filled of the remaining $2,000. I would put $500 into each of these four DeFi protocols: LINK, COMP, KNC, and OMG.”

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DeFi is an exceptionally volatile market and these would need active management, but they represent an opportunity with exceptional upside potential. This is a market our analysts are building a profile in, to advance our DeFi hedge fund later in the year.

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Debo Adejana – Founder, MD/CEO – Realty Point Limited.

Stanbic IBTC

I follow the investment wisdom that says, ‘invest in what you know and understand’. I know and understand real estate probably more than any other investment asset class.

So, the decision as per what I will invest in with $10,000 which should be upwards of N4m is simply; Real Estate. I will either do rental income property as part of a properly organized shared-ownership structure or speculate on land depending on how much time I have with the money. The reasons are very basic, real estate investments have been known to survive and surpass any and every challenge.”

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Darlington-Morsi Onyemaka, Co-founder Quba Exchange Forbes Accelerator Cohort ’20.

One of the main pointers to a good investment portfolio is diversified across multiple asset classes which should be according to the investor’s risk appetite. Looking at my long-term investment strategy, real estate fits in perfectly for Ten-thousand dollar investment. My portfolio is already jam-packed with high-risk assets and Real Estate will do a great job at hedging the risk factors without minimizing profitability in any significant way.”

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Francis Obasi Cofounder and CEO of Lead Wallet.

If I have a spare $10,000 right now for investment, first, I’ll invest 55% of the funds into new crypto startups being run by professionals and backed by companies like Coinlist; LID Protocol, and Binance. Second, I’ll invest 20% of the funds into Lead Token as there is still potential for massive growth in the coming months/years. Third, looking at the situation of Nigeria, and not knowing where the current protest (uprising) on #EndSARS is headed, I’ll reserve the rest 25% in USDC/USDT to hold against a potential Naira crash. I’m confident that there is every possibility that the Dollar will become scarce again in the coming weeks/months due to the ongoing protest, thereby returning instant gains for immediate spending on basic needs.”

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Dapo-Thomas Opeoluwa Global Markets analyst and an Energy Trader.

“There are so many ways to invest $10,000. The real question depends on the investor. His risk appetite, his investment horizon, when does he or she want to liquidate? The answers to these now limit the options of investments. So for safe and long-term investments, I always advise investing in index funds, Eurobonds or the Nigeria International Debt fund. This is with the caveat that says ‘low risk equals low returns’. Also, I usually would say, invest in investments that beat inflation so you won’t suffer negative real turns.”

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Victoria Njimanze Investment Analyst at a Nigerian Investment Bank

Well, off my head I’ll go with Bonds, cryptocurrency, Stocks, and then alternatives.  I would definitely make my findings first, but I’ll make a larger portion go into Bonds say 40%, 30% in cryptocurrency, 20% in stocks, and 10% in alternatives like commodity market so as to have a diversified portfolio.”

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Akinsola Esan, a credit risk analyst at Nigeria’s Tier 1 Bank.

Basically, the goal is to earn substantial returns on investments – dividends, capital appreciation, and secondly, beat inflation in naira which is currently about 12.85%. With $10,000, I’ll spread my investments across foreign equities such as purchasing and holding stocks of companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Fastly, Nio, Amazon, to list but a few, and also buy some top-performing dollar-denominated Mutual funds such as Vantage dollar funds and some other ones recommended by Nairametrics. Lastly, I will look in the area of cryptocurrencies by investing as much in bitcoin, Ethereum, and other recognized Cryptos. There are some dividend-paying stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange as well, I will consider holding a number of them.

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Bottom line

Due to the present fickle nature of global financial markets, most financial experts interviewed above are unsurprisingly keen on mostly U.S dollar-dominated financial assets, thus reflecting the greenback’s dominance in demand amid the COVID-19  infection exploding at an alarming rate.

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