Chicken Republic is currently the butt of joke among Nigerians after some of its outlets reportedly told customers, including Nollywood Actress, Funke Akindele, that the company was out of chicken. 

The response of the quick-service restaurant to orders by customers was a shocker. It’s like telecommunication companies telling their customers they are out of airtime. Although Chicken isn’t the only delicacy sold by Chicken Republic, who wants to order rice without complementing it with Chicken? 

While such rhetoric is common at Nigerian wedding receptions where meat is often exhausted before rice, such is not expected of Chicken Republic. The company is trending on Social Media platform, Twitter even though only a few of its outlets are reportedly out of chicken. 

Nigerians react as some Chicken Republic outlets go 'out of stock for chicken'

A Nairametrics staff, who visited one of Chicken Republic outlets in Magodo, Lagos, was told the same thing – “no chicken”.

When he requested for available alternatives, the attendant replied, “We have chips.”

Is the border closure the reason? 

This disclosure by some outlets of Chicken Republic is happening at a time the Nigerian land borders are closed. The borders have been closed since October and are not expected to open until January 2020. 

The border closure has affected several businesses because the closure was sudden and President Muhammadu Buhari didn’t give traders, producers, and other businesses the time to prepare for its impact. This affected the price of foodstuffs across Nigeria, with Chicken price skyrocketing beyond control. 

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This is because the border closure prevented importation of Chicken from neighbouring African countries. The only available option was the local Chicken. This caused high demand which resulted in a surge in price. Nairametrics had reported that poultry owners increased prices and told the government not to open the borders. 

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So, is the price offered by poultry owners in Nigeria affecting Chicken Republic or is it just a one-off situation? 

It is a good and bad problem

Chicken Republic operates in a competitive market in Nigeria. The country is flooded with several quick-service restaurants, both local and foreign, including Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), The PlaceMr. BiggsTasty Fried Chicken (TFC), and many local restaurants. The competitors of the company will take advantage of the situation, as customers will be looking for available options in their areas. 

So, while the situation is currently bad for some of Chicken Republic outlets, the opposite is the case for its market rivals. Actress Funke Akindele said she opted for another local outlet when she was informed of the situation. Twitter users are already suggesting that Chicken Republic should borrow chicken from its rivals in order to meet demand. 

Reactions from Nigerians 

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  1. I think it’s either that the company used to import a good portion of their chicken or that their local poultry supplier has run out of stock due to the increased demand on local producers. Rather than keep increasing prices, local producers should take advantage of the situation to scale up their production, else there would always be agitation by consumers for the government to re-open the importation floodgates due to lack of capacity of local producers to meet local demand for chicken.

  2. Think this is an opportunity for chicken republic its self to diversify and invest in poultry farm which should have being their major source of raw material for their restaurant all this while,
    We really needs to build our own industry and stop building others for them.
    Investment Opportunity is now available for both chicken republic and other restaurant now, thanks to the government for the border closure, because now there is job opportunity for the youth in that sector.

  3. It’s somewhat ironic for a quick service restaurant branded Chicken Republic to claim that they don’t have or they’re out of chicken. It’s not a situation that the brand should have allowed to happen.

    The business should have reviewed the situation and taken a decision on whether to keep outlets that are out of chicken closed until they have restocked or to put out a carefully crafted statement to suggest that they’re experimenting on meals without chickens at a few of their outlets and would welcome customer feedback on their experience of not finding chicken on the menu in a Chicken Republic outlet.

    With a statement like that they wouldn’t leave it to the hapless on-the-ground staff to be giving out answers and responses that are totally embarrassing to the brand.

  4. It’s an absurdity infact a complete aberration that their is no chicken in Chicken Republic. Why is then called Chicken Republic? I wondered !!!


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