Over the years, Nigerians have expressed their reservations over how their financial service providers have served them. From demands heaved on by regulatory agencies to the service providers themselves, the burden that today’s customers are left to deal with can be quite hard to bear.

Concerns are constantly being raised by Nigerians over the need to alleviate this burden off customers. This has prompted a number of fintechs to work behind the scenes to help birth a solution. Top on this list is GoMoney, a financial service app that helps to simplify payment processes, reduces the costs of transactions, and bring a community-based approach to banking.  With GoMoney, you can now have a tighter grasp on your money and determine where and how it is spent.

Unlike a lot of other financial apps, GoMoney offers an experience that transcends mere money transfers. The app was built with several other features that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Below, we explore some of the unique features of the app that you can take advantage of:

Splitting costs

The Split Cost feature on GoMoney helps you share costs with friends. This comes in handy in several situations; when you share a cab ride with other people, when you and your housemate(s) need to pay the rent when you’re contributing with your friends for a group outing or simply when you order a meal together with your friends. GoMoney helps to make splitting payments as easy as possible as you only need to create a group on the app, add the purpose and amount of the bill and allocate each person’s share of the bill to them.


Request money

GoMoney also makes it easy to send payment requests. So, if you’ve paid for a group hangout with plans to get everyone to pay you back later, or you feel like it’s too awkward to physically demand payment of debts from your friends, or you need to remind an uncle about the money he promised to send you this Christmas, this is the app you’d be needing. With GoMoney, you can send payment requests anytime to anyone and also pay your friends back if you owe them. One of the coolest things about this feature of GoMoney is that you can send your payment requests to people who are not even on the app through a payment link.


Track expenses

If you’ve ever checked your account balance and wondered where exactly your money went, GoMoney is for you. GoMoney helps you to track your expenses by giving you an exact breakdown of how much you have, how much you’ve spent, and what’s left. This way, you get to know what to reduce or increase your spend on. The app also helps you place your spending into categories, so you can determine just how much you spend on family, on eating out, shopping, personal care, transportation, and others.

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