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Whenever the subject, ‘envy’ is discussed, many think it is a peculiar characteristic of the poor as they always envy the rich. This is, however, not the case because the rich also envy their counterparts – those they think are wealthier than them. The rich who envy others often wish to achieve the feats that they lack or seek to have some skills their counterparts possess. 

One would not have ordinarily thought that a billionaire can be envious of his/her fellow billionaire. Bill Gates has addressed the mental stress that comes with that, as he disclosed how envious he was of Steve Jobs. 

In a recent interview, Gates gave Jobs accolades while highlighting his endearing leadership qualities and his uncanny ability to motivate his employees. Gates also mentioned that even though he’s had to work hard to become a better public speaker throughout his career, Jobs was still better at it than he was. 

“Steve Jobs was always more of a natural at that. He could talk about what, in the case of NeXT Computer [his follow-up after being ousted from Apple], was not that good of a machine, yet mesmerize people to death if they happened to be in the auditorium.” 

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Steve Jobs

According to Gates, Jobs’ ability to speak publicly aided him to sell whatever products, services or ideas he aimed to deliver at ease. He emphasized the fact that although he’s not bad in public speaking, he wished he could emulate his late friend and rival. 

“I wish I could be as magical because I have causes that are in some ways more impactful and I need to make sure they don’t get ignored,” Gates said referring to the work his foundation does.  

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The Bill Gates and Steve Jobs bromance: Though had had their share of rivalry over the course of time they went from being bitter allies to friends until Jobs passed away in 2011. It is arguable that Apple would not be where it is today without Microsoft and vice versa.

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Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Gates has praised Jobs’ ability to get people on board with his particular vision.  

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The Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates is said to be the subject of a new Netflix documentary series premiering soon. The documentary centres on Gates’ personal life and philanthropic work. 


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