BPP statements on inflated contracts, misleading - Fashola alleges  , FG to construct, fix 14 roads with N166 billion , FG returns tollgates sixteen years after Obasanjo scrapped it from federal roads, Fashola makes case for VAT, drums support for 2020 budget, Nigeria to benefit from UNIDO's $60 million investment in trade, others 

Following the memorandum sent by the Ministry of Works and Housing to the Federal Executive Council, the Federal Government (FG) has approved the sum of N166 billion for the construction and rehabilitation of 14 roads across Nigeria.  

The roads meant to be covered, according to the memorandumare the Kotangora-Rijau road in Niger State, which will involve the construction of two bridges; Kano-Katsina roads, which involves the construction of additional lane from the airport roundabout to Dawanau roundabout in Kano State. 

Others include:

  • the Kotangora-Bangi road in Niger State;
  • the Outer Marina-Bonny Camp road and Eko Bridge through Apongbon Bridge with access ramp in Lagos State; 
  • Irrua-Edenu-Ibore-Udomi-Uwessan road in Edo State, which is slated for rehabilitation; 
  • Ilobu-Erinle road in Kwara/Osun states billed for construction;
  • Wudil bridge to link Gaban Komi with Wudil bypass along Maiduguri road in Kano State; 
  • Wukari-Ibi road in Taraba State billed for rehabilitation; and
  • construction of Baro-Port Gulu town road in Niger State. 

Dangote - Ofeme community, FG to construct, fix 14 roads with N166 billion 

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The list also has Ajingi-Jahun-Kafin Hausa road in Jigawa State, slated for rehabilitation; Aba-Owerri road and NNPC Expressway in Abia State, for rehabilitation; Kaleyeri-Damaturu road in Yobe State billed for rehabilitation; two outstanding sections of Oba-Nnewi-ArondizuoguOkigwe road in Imo and Anambra States, for reconstruction; and the construction of Yaba-Yangogi road in the Federal Capital Territory. 

According to the Memorandum, the contract for the construction of two bridges, Lioji and Gulbin-Boka Bridges at Kotangora-Rijau road will be executed by Messrs Nael & Bin Harmal Hydro export Nigeria Limited at a contract cost of N1.13 billion, with a completion period of 12 months. 

  • The construction of additional lane on Kano-Katsina road in Kano will be executed by Messrs Zerock Construction Nigeria Limited within a period of 24 months at the cost of N9.5 billion. 
  • The reconstruction of Kotangora-Bangi road in Niger State will be executed by Messrs CBC Global Civil & Building Construction Nigeria Limited within 48 months at the cost of N20.4 billion. 
  • The rehabilitation of Outer Marina-Bonny Camp road and Eko Bridge through Apongbon Bridge with access ramps will be done by Messrs CCECC with a completion date of 12 months at the cost of N9.3 billion. 
  • The rehabilitation of Irrua-Edenu-Ibore-Udomi-Uwessan road in Edo State was awarded to Messrs Mikky-Tai Engineering & Construction Limited/Messrs Rodnab Construction JV at the contract cost of N4.6 billion, with a completion date of 12 months. 
  • Messrs IAC Allied Technical and Construction Company Limited will construct the Ilobu-Erinle Road in Kwara/Osun states within 36 months at a cost of N18.042 billion. 
  • Messrs Triacta Nigeria Limited will construct the Wudil Bridge along Maiduguri Road in Kano State within a period of 15 months at the cost of N2.6 billion. 
  • The rehabilitation of Wukari-Ibi Road in Taraba State will be done by China Worldwide Limited within a period of 18 months at the cost of N12.31 billion. 
  • Messrs GR Building & Construction Nigeria Limited will construct the Baro-Port-Gulu Town road in Niger State within a period of 24 months at N10.62 billion. 
  • The rehabilitation of Ajingi-Jahun-Kafin Hausa road in Jigawa will be done by Messrs H & M Nigeria Limited within a period of 24 months at the cost of N25.04 billion. 
  • Messrs Roudo Nigeria Limited is to rehabilitate the Aba-Owerri road, NNPC Expressway in Abia State within 18 months at the cost of N6.1 billion. 
  • Messrs JM & A’S/Lubell Nigeria Limited will construct Yaba-Yangogi Road in the FCT within 24 months at the cost of N17.31 billion. 
  • Messrs Rick Rock Construction Limited will complete the rehabilitation of the Kaleyeri-Damaturu road in Yobe State within 28 months at the cost of N17 billion. 
  • Messrs IIC Construction Company Limited/Wiz China Worldwide Engineering Limited who are to rehabilitate two outstanding sections of Oba-Nnewi-ArondizuoguOkigwe road in Imo/Anambra states within a period of 18 months, will receive N12.8 billion as payment on completion of the project. 
  • In terms of job creation, the rehabilitation of two outstanding sections of the Oba-Nnewi-ArondizuoguOkigwe Road in Imo/Anambra states will generate between 150 and 200 jobs, while the construction of Yaba-Yangogi road in the FCT will generate no less than 250 jobs, according to the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. 

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Roads Nigeria Plc, FG to construct, fix 14 roads with N166 billion 

Deal book 300 x 250

The Memorandum showed that the rehabilitation of Kaleyeri-Damaturu road would generate employment for 200 to 250 persons, while the rehabilitation of Aba-Owerri Road, NNPC Depot Expressway in Abia State would provide employment for no less than 150 people. 

  • It said that the rehabilitation of Ajingi-Jahun-Kafin Hausa road was billed to generate between 250 and 300 jobs. 
  • The memorandum showed that the rehabilitation of Baro Port-Gulu Town road in Niger State would generate about 250 jobs. 
  • It said the rehabilitation of Wukari-Ibi road in Taraba State would provide jobs for no less than 500 people, adding that the construction of Wudil Bridge to link Gaban Komi with Wudil Bypass on Maiduguri road in Kano State would produce between 100 and 150 jobs. 
  • It further stated that no less than 500 people would be employed for the construction of Ilobu-Erinle road in Kwara/Osun states and between 100 and 120 workers for the rehabilitation of Irrua-Edenu-Ibore-Udomi-Uwassan road in Edo State. 
  • The ministry said the rehabilitation of the Outer Marina-Bonny Camp and Eko Bridge through Apongbon Bridge with access ramps would generate between 200 and 250 jobs. 
  • It said the construction of two bridges at the Kotangora-Rijau road would generate employment for about 100 people and the construction of additional lane from airport roundabout to Dawanau roundabout along Kano-Katsina road would provide jobs for between 250 to 300 people. 
  • The memorandum added that the reconstruction of Kotangora-Banji road in Niger State would provide jobs for between 300 and 350 people. It stated that the scope of works to be covered in each of the projects were clearly itemised. 

It said the Minister also gave extensive details of the procurement processes which the participating companies went through that culminated in the certification and issuance of a due process certificate of “No Objection” for each of the 14 projects by the Bureau of Public Procurement. 

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