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In what seems to be a tight-lipped style, Apple Inc. has announced that its new generation iPhone 11 handsets will be launched on Tuesday, September 10. 2019.  

The tech company recently sent out invitations for the launching which is scheduled to take place at its Silicon Valley campus in the city of Cupertino.

The new iPhones are expected to be in three models, the iPhone 11, 11 Max/11 Pro and 11RThe devices will likely include better cameras, faster processors and iOS 13. 

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What you should know: Apple’s new phones are coming at a time when the premium smartphone market has grown competitively as rivals are competing, introducing phones with flexible screens and with 5G – two innovations not found in Apple devices.  


This has made the general iPhone sales cool off as people are waiting for a stunning innovation before upgrading their phones to new models. Hence, many people are looking toward 2020 for big iPhone changes. 

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According to reportsiPhone’s revenue overall was down by 12% from last year. Apple was said to have been pushed off the top-three seller list by a Chinese rival. 

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The company fell to fourth place in global smartphone sales, shipping 35.3 million iPhones in the second quarter compared to the 36.2 million units shipped by Oppo. 

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South Korean consumer electronics titan Samsung remained in first place with 23% of the market, having shipped 75.1 million smartphones, China’s Huawei shipped 58.7 million smartphones to claim 18% of the market. Apple, however, remained in third place when it came to global shipments. 

Apple recently partnered with Goldman Sachs to unveil Apple Card, a credit card that can be used to cater for all transactions. The apple card is designed to be used primarily on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. 


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