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The latest report on domestic and international flight operations released by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) shows that 55% (16,429) of the domestic flights operated in the first six (6) months of 2019 were delayed. 

According to the report, between January and June 2019, a total of 30,040 flights were operated in the country, out of which 16,429 (55%) were delayed. Also, within the period, a total of 241 flights were cancelled.  

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The details: The breakdown of the data shows that nine domestic airlines operated in the country during the first six months of the year with a total of 30,043 flight operations. These included Air Peace, Aero Contractors, Dana Air, Arik Air, Max Air, Azman Air, Overland Airways, Medview Airline and Ibom Air. 

  • Out of the total delayed flights, Air Peace  recorded the highest cases with 6,359 (39%) delayed and ninetyone (91) cancelled flights. 
  • Arik Airoperated 5,378 flights in the first half of 2019, with 2,306 (14%) of total flights delayed 
  • Aero Contractors recorded 2,181 delayed air flights out of 3,293, representing 13% of total flights delayed.  
  • Max Air operated 2,652 flights, 1,538 were delayed, representing 9% of total flights.  
  • Dana Air ranks fifth, recording 1,477 (11%) of total flights delayed in the industry.  
  • Azman operated 2,711 flights, with 1,312 (8%) flights delayed. 
  • Overland operated 1,248 flights, with 894 of the flights were delayed.  
  • Medview ranks 8th with 219 total flights delayed, while Ibom Air recorded 1% of flights delayed.  

On international flights, the report shows that a total of 7,640 International flights were recorded between January and June. Out of the 7,640 flights, 2,241 got delayed and 55 were cancelled. This represents 29% of the total flight operations in Nigeria during the period.

Some concerns: The rising spate of delayed flights is a major source of concern, and many air travellers believe the country’s local aviation sector of Nigeria is arguably one of the most unreliable in the emerging market. Flight delays are frequent occurrences and Nigerians appear to be accustomed to it. 

Huge overheads and thin margins mean airlines need to cut the cost to remain afloat and when they do, they often cut customer service experience. 

  • It should be noted that flight delays may sometimes be due to operational reasons, technical problems, scarcity of aviation fuel, and bad weather. 
  • Sadly, most of the challenges faced by these airlines remain. The shortage of aircraft also remains a concern for most airlines who don’t have enough to cover more routes 

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