Lagos is Nigeria’s commercial hub with several businesses located in every corner of the city. Businesses which sell goods and even services require services of delivery agents to move products from one corner of the city to another.

For most small business owners interviewed by Nairametrics, logistics is viewed as one of the biggest challenges they face daily and only after, power and multiple taxes. Fortunately, wherever there are challenges, opportunities arise.

Over the last couple of years, we have observed a rising number of startups in the logistics space. Most of these companies have attracted tens of millions in investments and are now competing against each other for a market that could be worth over N20 billion.

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For a lot of these companies, the demand for dependable and affordable delivery services takes away a huge chunk of their everyday challenges. We have been tracking these delivery and logistic firms and these are the most exciting ones we know.

 Metro Africa Express (MAX): Popularly regarded as a motorbike hailing service, MAX is known for its prompt delivery of orders made through its App. The company has not disappointed as it boasts of one of the best prices for deliveries within Lagos, ranging between N1000 and N2000. Chinedu Azoboh, who founded the company was recently listed on Forbes Africa’s 2019 30 Under 30 list of young people who are impacting change on the continent.

Business day
Listen to one of the podcast interviews with a co-founder of MAX here:

BHH Podcast: The story behind by Chinedu Azodoh

MAX rider

Zoom Logistics: This is a delivery company located in Allen Avenue, founded by Gboyega Daniel. It charges between N1000 and N2000  There might be slight changes in charges for suburbs like Epe and Badagry though.

Deal book 300 x 250
Deal book 300 x 250

Zoom bike riders

Standard chartered

GIG Logistics: This is the delivery section of the popular transportation company, God is Good Motors (GIGM). It recently ventured into courier services operating in Lagos and most cities in the country, with international branches in Houston, Texas (USA) and Accra (Ghana).

It has also proven to be among the trusted delivery service providers, having had a good track record in the transportation business for more than a decade.

It was established by Chidi Ajaere, after his father, Edwin Ajaere, founder of (GIGM) passed away in 2009.

Panafri ExpressThis is another dispatch company based in Lagos, which prides itself with providing sameday order delivery within the state for prices between N1000 and N2000. It was founded by Kennedy Edah. 

GidiWide Express: Located in Lagos Island, this is a delivery and pickup company with its prices ranging between N1000 and N2000. It was founded by Jide Olanrewaju 

Trans-Nationwide Express: With its head office located along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Tranex has several offices nationwide. The company is efficient and cost-effective, and deliveries within Lagos fall between N1500 and N2000. Mr. Theodore Obi Chikelu is the CEO/Managing Director.  

Tranex rider

Cedeny LogisticsCedeny is another delivery company in Lagos with competitive prices: N1000 for Island to Island, and Mainland to Mainland deliverieswhile it offers N1500 for Island to Mainland (or vice versa) deliveries. 

Flash Deliveries: Located in Surulere Lagos, Flash Deliveries charges between  N1000 and N2000 for deliveries within Lagos state. 

With these, you don’t have to develop a headache over your delivery services.

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