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An on-demand transportation company and motorbike hailing service, Gokada has placed a bounty on the activities of its pilots.

The popular transportation company recently placed an ad, saying it would reward any customer who reports pilots who fail to comply with its company rules and regulations.

Reason for this: The company had raised alarm over some of its riders defaulting in their rules. In an Instagram post, they said customers should never hesitate to report pilots who neither wear helmets, nor use the app for their ride; pilots who break traffic rules and those who engage in other listed crimes.

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The Bounty: According to the company, a prize of N5,000 awaits any customer that reports defaulting pilots.

Why it matters: Accountability at workplaces matters and many companies have tried to create ways employees could uphold their values. This action by Gokada will lead to a better performance by the employees as they will be more committed and perform better.

It will also urge passengers to demand better service from the pilots as the company has clearly stated its standard.

Standard chartered

Recall Nairametrics reported that the transportation company recently added luxury yacht service to its services.

Standard chartered
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The company, which earlier started off as an on-demand motorbike hailing service in 2018 in Lagos, with the aim of easing traffic, announced that it would now be providing boat rides alongside their Okada service. The company also added that the boat service is targeted at commuters who ply between Lekki and Ikorodu.

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