Gokada shutdown

Nigerian on-demand transportation company, Gokada, recently added luxury yacht service to its services.

The company, which started off as an on-demand motorbike hailing service in 2018 in Lagos with the aim of easing traffic, will now be providing boat rides alongside their Okada service.

Water transport service made easy: The company made the announcement via its social media pages. The boat service is targeted at commuters who ply between Lekki and Ikorodu.

Reason for this invention: According to to Gokada, this is a mission to provide comfortable transportation services whilst helping Lagosians to beat traffic.

Why it matters: Since a fifth of the land mass of Lagos is composed of water and many Lagosians already shuttle between long distances in ill-equipped boats, Gokada will take advantage of the opportunities that abound by providing  safer water travels to Lagos residents. This will, in turn, benefit many people and as well engender economic growth.

Lagosians are excited: After Gokada’s announcement on social media, many Lagosians hailed the company as the future of Nigerian transportation. They believe that with services like the ones offered by the company, a change will occur in the transportation industry.

See some of Nigerians reaction on Twitter below.

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However, some Nigerian are worried: Although this is an intriguing innovation by the Gokada team, many Nigerians are still bothered about the safety of the boats, and the people that would handle emergencies just in case the need arises.

Some Nigerians also questioned if the company’s staff are adequate enough to handle all the intricacies that would come with services like ‘Goboats‘.

About Gokada: Gokada is an on-demand bike taxi service for a safe, affordable and smart ride in minutes. It uses a request ride feature to get people moving as soon as they want to. This makes it easier for Lagosians to move from point A to point B.


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