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Professional networking site, LinkedIn, recently added a feature on their app which enables individuals to practice for their interviews right on the site.

How this works: This feature points out all the mistakes job seekers typically make, some of which they may not even be aware. It also hints at some questions a particular job seeker would be required to answer during an interview, thereby engaging the job seeker to answer the said questions while grading them.

Every job seeker knows how intense interviews could get sometimes. Some people do not even know what exactly they should expect, and as such get overwhelmed in the course of preparing for their interviews. But with the LinkedIn tool, job seekers can build up their confidence and get those jobs!

With the feature, job seekers can watch videos of career experts giving a step-by-step guide on how to correctly answer interview questions. According to Deepti Patibandla, product lead at LinkedIn;

We are always looking for ways to help our members throughout their career journey, and that is especially true for their job search.”


Why this is beneficial to job seekers: The most important aspect of an interview is not just about getting the answers right. It is about having the right mannerisms and getting comfortable with the actual interview process.

The LinkedIn feature can, therefore, help someone to get ready for an interview. It can also help to calm a job seeker’s nerves before an interview and make one maintain appropriate mannerisms since the feature grades both the answers the individual composure.

Secondly, the feature can help job seekers to compare individual performance to others as well as listen to what others are saying in a similar role. Doing these can help a job seeker to remain calm when the actual interview happens.

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