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Despite the fact that both clubs displayed lackluster performances during the 2018/19 Champions League football competition, Real Madrid and Manchester United are still the two most valuable football clubs in the world.

The clubs attract an incredible number of fans, mega sponsorship deals, media licensing rights, bonuses, and so on.

However, for the first time in three years, there were some leapfrogging on the chart of the most valuable football clubs ranking. For example, Real Madrid CF leapfrogged Manchester United FC to clinch the top. Also, Bayern Munchen rose to the third, leapfrogging FC Barcelona which slipped to the 4th position.

Why the Changes? According to KPMG‘s annual football clubs valuation report, the revolution atop the chart is because both Manchester United FC and FC Barcelona suffered an annual decline in their Enterprise Value by 1% and 4% respectively. Also, having won the UEFA Champions League three times in a row, Real Madrid FC has cashed in significantly more UEFA prize money than Manchester United.

The top European elite club: Similarly, further changes among the European elite club for 2019 include Tottenham FC surpassing Juventus FC to hit the 9th position, as well as Arsenal FC dropping two spots to the 8th position behind Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC.

Ranking Metrics: Notably, the two 2019 UEFA Champion League finalists boasted remarkable financial performance in the past season, as Liverpool boosted its Enterprise Value (EV) by 33%, while Tottenham Hotspur FC EV increased by 31%. The key metrics reportedly used in ranking the football clubs in terms of valuation include the club finance and operations, social media analytics and players valuation.

The Billionaire Elite Clubs: Real Madrid CF tops the elite billionaire club list with a 10% year on year increase in total valuation after recording an estimated at €3.22 billion. It is followed by Manchester United with €3.20 billion valuations, while FC Bayern Munchen is worth €2.69 billion. Others include

  • FC Barcelona          – €2.69 billion
  • Manchester City FC – 2.46 billion
  • Chelsea FC             – €2.22 billion
  • Liverpool FC           – 2.09 billion
  • Arsenal FC              – €2 billion
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC – €1.67 billion
  • Juventus FC             – €1.54 billion

Most valuable squad in Europe: Among the top 10 clubs with the most valuables squads (players value) are;

  • Manchester City – €1.18 billion
  • FC Barcelona – €1,111 billion
  • Liverpool – €1,038 billion
  • Real Madrid – €958 billion
  • Paris Saint-Germain FC – €906
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC – €876
  • Manchester United FC – €846
  • Chelsea FC – €842
  • Atletico de Madrid – €840
  • Juventus FC – €788

Bottom Line: As the transfer window is set to be officially opened later this month, several transfer deals that have been reportedly completed by the top clubs will be announced. This is expected to witness some record-breaking transfers, as the Europe elite clubs heat up the market valuations and contest for titles in the coming season.

Therefore, it will be tough for clubs with lower budgets to compete with Europe’s elite clubs; particularly smaller clubs who appear already frozen out in the scheme of things.



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