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President Muhammadu Buhari has blamed the citizens for Nigeria’s rising unemployment and economic problems. The President passed the blame while featuring in a special interview, yesterday, on the NTA Network Service.

According to President Buhari, Nigerians are the ones habouring the criminals who kidnap expatriates. Therefore, they should blame themselves for the spike in rising unemployment.  Speaking further, President Buhari stressed that incidents of Kidnapping, especially when they involve management staff of foreign multinationals, send bad signals to investors who are meant to build factories and employ millions of Nigerians.

“We’re making noise that we want people to come and invest their money. Who’ll bring his money when his general manager will be abducted? 

“So, all those screaming for local jobs and so on because we’re not attracting capital investment, they should blame them for not cooperating with law enforcement agencies to get the criminals among us – the abductors, you know, and the 419ners. 

“They live with them, they know them. They can’t accommodate them and then blame government for not rebuilding factories. The government cannot build all the factories required, and employ all the people and produce all the goods and services. 

“What the government should do is to provide security and convince entrepreneurs to invest, to employ people to produce goods and services. And what ordinary Nigerians should do is expose the kidnappers and the thieves.”

Biggest frustration: While reacting to question about the regrets and frustration his administration has faced in the last four years, President Buhari noted despite recovering several assets, the delay in prosecuting and punishing money launderers and corrupt individuals have been biggest frustration of his administration.

“Under this system, you cannot be in a hurry, even if you use whistleblower, you have to report to the Police, to go through the rigmarole of full investigation before prosecution. The prosecutuion is taking too long by my own hope to see people are punished.”

His thoughts on the Nigerian elites: In another light, the President was questioned on why the Nigerian elites vigorously campaigned against his re-election. In response, he was quick to react, claiming that the Nigerian elites only care about themselves.

“I have found out the Nigerian elites are just for themselves, I don’t bother what they feel and what they threatened they could do. Am very pleased I proved myself right.”

His Four years Outlook: On the administration’s achievement in the last four years, the President noted that the relief in North-East Nigeria as it relates to the degrading of the Boko-Haram insurgents, is the happiest moment for his administration. He noted that since his administration began, Boko-Horom insurgents have resorted to holding some Islands on the Lakechad, indoctrinating young people and attacking softs targets.

Meanwhile, when asked what Nigerians should expect differently, the President noted that a more efficient Police and Judiciary system will be provided to make the country safe for foreign investors.

“I will make the police and Judiciary more efficient to uphold law and order, and Nigeria should expose criminals in their NEIGBHOURHOOD to help the government clear the country and attract foreign investors.”



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