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Nigerian entrepreneur and business mogul, Sim Shagaya, took to his Twitter page to reflect on how far technology has come.

Sharing a picture of a 3.5-inch floppy disk, Mr. Shagaya recounted the time when the disk (with its 1.4mb storage capacity), was the only tool available for saving files.

To explain how much things have changed, he added that a single Instagram post today can have a capacity of about 50mb.

He also added that it can sometimes be helpful to look back at where we’ve come from in order  to sense where we are going. And going down memory we will agree that technology indeed has improved greatly.

Technology makes life easier

Some of Sim’s followers who reacted to his post, shared their experiences about  how technology has really improved over the years.

Another follower narrated how he went into a panic when his project exceeded 1.44mb and how he had to learn about emergency compression technique.

Standard chartered

Standard chartered

The Evolution of Technology 

Technology evolves overtime, even as new inventions keep phasing out old ones. And there is no gainsaying the fact that modern technology has made life easier.

Note that some of the earliest hard disk drives in the 1980s and mid 1990s used to  have an average memory capacity of mere megabytes, even though they were often as big as a refrigerator.

The first Hard Disk drive

But nowadays, hundreds of people carry their phones and laptops which possess hundreds of gigabytes storage at ease in the comfort of their pockets or backpack. That is the beauty of how much technology has evolved; making everything thing lighter and easier.

People use a lot of data used every single day. Considering how much many take today’s storage capacity for granted, it’s interesting to look back and put things into perspective just so that some people will realise that there was a time we didn’t have all the privileges.


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