Lagos to Badagry road, a death trap?

A multimedia journalist, Anna Cunningham, recently shared images of the Lagos to Badagry road which she described as a death trap to many Nigerians.

Anna, who happened to ply the road recently, said the road alone could shorten one’s life if nothing else does. According to her, an urgent attention should be given to the express way.

Nigerians reaction

As expected, many Nigerians on Twitter went berserk after seeing Anna’s post. They all agreed that the road is indeed a death trap and the government should be ashamed about it.

Some people even argued the images Anna captured are actually better angles of the road. This is because the road is, indeed, in a more deplorable state and much more dangerous than Anna’s pictures portrayed it.

Bad roads lead to a bad economy

Nigerians have the right to attack the Lagos State Government and the Federal Government for neglecting the road for years now. This is because the bad road is seriously affecting the economy.

Coronation Research

Note that the Lagos-Badagry road is one of the busiest roads in Lagos State. Several businesses and popular markets exist in that axis.

The Alaba International market is located along that axis, and it happens to be one of the biggest electronic markets in Nigeria.

Another popular market located  along this axis is the popular Lagos Trade Fair market.

The area is, indeed, a major business hub for the state. Bearing in mind the amount of revenue these markets generate to the state government, it becomes puzzling why the road leading to them should be left in such bad condition.

Therefore, it is not only shameful that there are not enough good roads connecting people to these places. It is also bad for the economy.

The people are to blame?

Meanwhile, some other Nigerians argued that the government should not be blamed alone because the inhabitants of the area are also guilty. Some inhabitants are said to be in the habit of littering the road with dirt. This leads to  flooding and other problems.

Somebody even argued that it is the duty of the dwellers to keep and maintain the area they live in and stop blaming the government for all their actions.


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