Home Business Despite 3 years unemployment, graduate rejects a driving job because it's demeaning

Despite 3 years unemployment, graduate rejects a driving job because it’s demeaning


A Nigerian lady identified as Anita M.V. Erskine on Twitter, recently recounted her experience with a Nigerian graduate who has been unemployed for three years.

According to Anita, the young man approached her asking if there is any open position he could settle for in her company. He was in desperate need of a job, he said.

Knowing the frustrations that come with job hunting, Anita offered the young graduate a temporary role as a driver in her firm. She said there were no other positions available at the time.

Much to her disbelief, the young man rejected the job offer. The reason he gave was that he only wants something that relates to his area of study.

Anita felt the young man should have accepted the job since he has been jobless for 3 years and is in a desperate need of a job.

People’s reactions 

As expected, Anita’s tweet elicited many responses from Nigerians.

Many people disagreed with Anita’s position. According to them,  the fact that the young man has been jobless for years doesn’t mean he should jump onto any offer that comes his way; regardless of whether or not it aligns with his dreams.

Other people, however, argued that the young man should have accepted the offer and managed it for the meantime, while continuing to look for the perfect job.

What’s right and wrong?

It is understandable that passion for work is more important than merely having a job. This might be the perspective guiding the young man’s job search.

In many workplaces, there are instances of people not performing at their best. The reason is usually because their jobs do not tally with their passion.

This, therefore, shows that often times, passion drives an individual to perform better.

Moreover, keeping keeping the wrong job can make someone lose focus of their passion. Consequently, years can pass without the individual actualising their purpose in life.


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