Stephanie Idolor finally gets N2m for making the viral schoolgirl video

Stephanie Idolor, the young Nigerian woman who videotaped the young schoolgirl that was sent out of school for failure to pay her tuition, has finally been compensated.

Recall that after the video she made went viral and resulted in the young girl getting immeasurable assistance from the public, Stephanie demanded that she too deserves to be appreciated for her effort.

In a video she made to press home her demand, Stephanie complained how unfair it was that she wasn’t being compensated/appreciated for bringing the young school girl’s predicament to public knowledge.

Ask and you shall be given

Despite the initial backlash Stephanie’s second video received, luck finally smiled on her when on Sunday, March 31st, a popular pastor in Warri decided to gift her the sum of N2,000,000,00. According to Pastor Jeremiah, this was in appreciation of her kind deed.

It’s good to be good

As noted above, many people frowned at Stephanie when she demanded her share of the nearly N5 million that was given to the school girl by generous Nigerians. Yet, other people did come to her defence, acknowledging that she too deserves to be appreciated. After all, it was her kind gesture that helped the young girl to get back to school.

Now that she has finally gotten appreciated by a Pastor, it goes to show that no good deed goes to waste.

The young woman’s life could change for good

For Stephanie, who is a Youth Corps Member,  receiving such an amount of money could be a game changer. If she invests wisely, she may never even have to hunt for jobs after her National Youth Service Corps (NYSE) programme.

Some Nigerians on Twitter have even opined that if they were to be in her shoes, they would just end their NYSC program immediately since they already have enough money to begin a new life.

But others were worried as to why the pastor gave her cash of N2m in the presence of the whole congregation. According to them, it is risky, especially with criminals lurking around. Perhaps an electronic transfer would have been better.

Once again, N2 million is quite a lot of money, big enough to start any profitable business in Nigeria. As many Nigerians have suggested, she should invest the money in something that would fetch her greater income in the future.

There is no doubt that Stephaine Idolor is, indeed, a lucky lady.


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