Swift Network Limited - LSE names Swift Network among companies to inspire Africa, customers disagree

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) recently unveiled its report of 360 companies that would supposedly inspire Africa in 2019, and Swift Networks Limited is one of them. But customers of the internet service provider may not be flattered by the news.

The report — Companies to Inspire Africa 2019 — was compiled after a painstaking survey process which saw a total of 5,000 nominated companies whittled down to 360.

According to the LSEG, the yardsticks used for choosing the successful companies include considerations for innovation, growth and transparency. The other 359 companies were selected from across thirty-two countries in Africa.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Swift Network Limited, Mr Charles Anudu, has reacted to the recognition by the London Stock Exchange Group.

On behalf of the company, Mr Anudu thanked everyone who has partnered with them towards positioning Swift Network Limited for success in the market.

Speaking further, the company’s CEO noted that last year (2018) was a good one for them despite the fact that Nigeria was just coming out of a recession.

He also spoke about the new market segements the company recently launched, in its bid to offer better internet services to its customers.

However, in spite of the new accolade bestowed on the company as well as its promise of better internet services, the company’s customers still have a lot to complain about.

The displeasure expressed over Swift Network Limited range from poor service delivery, to the high cost of subscribing to the company’s services.

As a matter of fact, the company’s Twitter handle is filled with complaints by dissatisfied customers. Not too long ago, a customer identified as Thomas Ukomori, lamented that not only is the network poor, he is being wrongfully charged for using it.

Other customers believe the company’s management team is one of the things wrong with it. For this reason, Mr Afolabi is no longer a fan.

Poor customer service is yet another problem customers have with the company. For Mr Eruonavwe, this is not good for business. The company should fix it.


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