How much Zenith Bank and GTBank made from e-business in 2018

Periodically, Nairametrics conducts a review of mobile banking apps in Nigeria. We would be reviewing these banking mobile Apps in no particular order. Of particular importance though are the observations made on mobile banking apps in January; we would ascertain if changes have been made and/or if the issues persist.

Diamond Bank

The Diamond Mobile is the banking App for Diamond bank. Diamond bank which prides itself as the highest in retail banking has over 1 Million downloads of its mobile banking app on Google play store, Apple Apps Store, and Microsoft store.

The Review

User’s complaints

When one is trying to access the app on Android, it shows a miniature screen for several seconds and I do not understand that.

I do not understand the Gemstome feature as I could not get it to work; perhaps a better explanation of that feature is necessary so that the common man can understand it. The Lifestyle and Travel feature works really well but I wonder what the ‘Event ‘subcategory is there for? I find myself clueless there.

The loans feature is seen but when clicked on gives you an error message and says, the feature will be available soon. Why is it there if it is not functioning? The Esusu (a personal savings help) is available and functioning properly but might I add that it should be a bit flexible?

Most times, people might not have the money in their accounts on the particular date to pay for Esusu, Can’t there be a deduction when the account gets credited for that month instead of saying that particular month was not paid? It is so easy to pay your bills via app and this is done in a few seconds.

Also iPhone X users complain that app has not been adapted to the size of their screen which makes it a bit confusing for them to use.

One major issue is that when there is an error in transaction via the Diamond Mobile, there is always a debit on your account. This would be no problem if the money is refunded immediately but most times, it takes several days before the issue is rectified.


It is generally accepted that the Diamond Mobile is so easy to use without aid. No misunderstandings whatsoever.   I applaud the upgrade of the mobile app in dealing with the bug issue of not showing one’s account balance immediately after a transaction as this has been successfully dealt with. Another feature of the Diamond Mobile is that it protects the contact Banking details which has been saved on the app. This becomes useful when one changes phones or your phones just up wipes itself as is with Android phones.  I notice also that the issue of the app signing one out after a period of inactivity has be dealt with too.

All of the above problems can be fixed as they are minor issues. The Diamond bank is so easy to use that there is almost no issue whatsoever with the average user. One needs no help at all. One can see from the almost minimal negative reviews that customer usability appreciation is high.

Zenith Bank

The Mobile Banking App of Zenith Bank is found on Google play Store, Apple App store and Microsoft store. There are over a million downloads and its numbers keep growing each day. The Zenith Bank Mobile app when downloaded comes with the banking app and their ‘Easy Money’ app as well. All of the basic features are there and also keeps you informed if you run a domiciliary account as well.

The Review

User’s Complaints

The Zenith Mobile app is confusing. Granted, the basic features of paying bills, money Transfer etc. Most times, it is difficult to save the account details of previous transactions. On the other hand, it also tells you to add pin after pin when transferring money to another account. It is not easy to use for someone who is not tech savvy. I found myself being confused. Most transactions, I have to use the mobile means of a transfer or else, its one process after the other.

Of course, the mobile means of transfer of funds involves lots of codes and your bill for each transaction. It is draining.

At each upgrade of the Mobile app, everything you are doing is wiped and you have to register your device yet again. It is almost as if you are registering for the first time.

The Qwerty banking is also froth with so many issues, one of which the keyboard does not work or respond


It is commendable though that Zenith Bank Mobile app is founded upon preserving the information and id of their customers but a situation where it begins to become a problem to the user is not acceptable. The codes, pins, and tokens are too much and downright distracting and frustrating. Can these bugs and issues be fixed and render this app to be user-friendly? The Negative reviews is on the rise. From the reviews rendered previously, the token issue is still present. We hope they do better.


The UBA Mobile Banking app has over a million downloads on just the Google app store. It has the basic features needed to make their customers have a very easy banking experience. You would recall that earlier this year, UBA rolled out their personal banker Chatbot, LEO and as such are geared towards bringing the advantages of digital banking to the doorstep of their customers.

The Review

User’s Complaints

The mobile banking app is made really easy for the average user except that some customers/ users worry that the security measures in place might be a bit lax; can it be upgraded just a bit?

Also, during the last upgrade, the feature for payments of airtime bills or top up action click was absent which has caused a lot of problems for users. Can this issue be rectified? Subsequently, one can load for just data use. In all, users are having problems with this feature.

Attention is needed however in the user experience for login in problems, there are some network issues that suddenly crop up as well. Some iPhone users complain that the app does not save the save the bank account numbers which are on the favorites and so the users keep adding it repeatedly.


For basic payments or transfer transaction, there are no issues.  Other than the issues aforementioned which are just simple bugs and can be fixed, the UBA Mobile Banking app is efficient for simple money transactions. The app is no longer slowed down and during the last review, there were not many issues. Those of which existed have been fixed and we have the existing ones. However, it is expected that they will be attended to.

First Bank

The First Bank mobile banking app known as ‘FirstMobile’ has a huge customer base with over a million downloads. Its basic features include account overview, funds transfer, bills payment and card management.

The Review

User’s Constraints

The FirstMobile app does not save previous account transactions which the user needs to save whether its same bank or a different bank. I think the problems the app has comes from the upgrade. This has also brought about login problems.

With the recent upgrades of the on the FirstMobile, the user interface is good but then lots of users prefer the old version as this new version is froth with lots of bugs and complaints which can be immediately fixed.

The fingerprint verification tool is a welcome addition which will help secure the information of users; some argue though, that on the other hand, the fingerprint can be manipulated by threats or during unguarded times.

Using the lifestyle feature is quite difficult with the upgrade as well. But then, their account statement which presents in real time, the card management and receipt generator are in top working order and to be commended.  Once it is fixed, I think the FirstMobile is an almost perfect banking app.


From the foregoing, the FirstMobile app has little or no problems of which the bugs or issues that exist can be fixed thus rendering the app as almost the very best that is.

Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTBank)

At this point, I am not sure which of the apps of GTB I should review. Let me use the GTBank Mobile app. This seems to be the first option for mobile banking. The GTBank mobile app assists with providing your transaction history or overview, transfers, airtime and data bills, payment of utility bills, Hotlist card management, account statement and other functions.

The Review

User’s Complaints

Ordinarily, the GTBanking mobile app works fine. Still, most times, its functionality is marred with an inability to function on touch screens. I wonder why customer service or the help assistance sends you to GTWorld when there is an issue with the GTBanking mobile app. It gets confusing, so which the mobile banking app for GTB? They should officially clarify and scrap the other. Most users have a problem with the OTP. To be able to use the GTBanking, one must own a card or you would not be able to register of the mobile banking app. But on the GTWorld, you do not need to own a card before you can register. Most times the app, is too slow or totally unresponsive. Can this be fixed please?


It is clear that most of the previous complaints that were noted in the earlier review have not been worked on. We do hope that we get a better response. Due to the confusion between the GTBanking Mobile app and the GTWorld, there are a lot of negative ratings and complaints.


From what I can see, the mobile banking apps in Nigeria that have been appraised have are doing their very best but more needs to be done given their launch into the digital world and the expectations of users.

This is the much we can review for now. Good thing we appreciate the banks constantly updating their banking apps in response to the needs and complaints of their customers. What mobile banking app is best?

1st. Diamond Mobile


3rd. UBA Banking Mobile App

4th. Zenith Bank Mobile App

5th. GTBanking Mobile App

Do let us what you think. Your comments are welcome.


  1. The diamond banking app is still the best. I have apps for first Bank, GTB, Access, Fidelity and skye. Diamond is easy to use and only requires your pin unlike GTBank app dt uses token – though twirls does not. First bank app is a bit simple to but all the others are to cumbersome and confusing and as such abandoned.

  2. You need to upgrade your Diamond App, the issues you mentioned were fixed with their last build. The balance now updates immediately and the android issue doesn’t happen any longer. I became a customer cos of that app.their app team is quite good

  3. Review of GTBank’s app is quite biased.
    The bank should have been contacted to know which is her main app; the writer should not have reviewed that which s/he desires.
    I expected the review to be on GTWorld as it seems to be the main app for the bank.
    The GTBank Mobile App is old, but since customers still make use of it, it won’t be professionally sensible to shut it down abruptly.
    However, I expect the bank to put a migration plan in place and notify her customers on the time and need to migrate to the new app; GTWorld.

  4. Review of GTBank’s app is quite biased.
    The bank should have been contacted to know which is her main app, the writer should not have reviewed that which she desires.
    I expected the review to be on GTWorld as it seems to be the main app for the bank because the GTBank Mobile App is old. But since customers still make use of it, it won’t be professionally sensible to shut it down abruptly.
    However, I expect the bank to put a migration plan in place and notify her customers on the time and need to migrate to the new app; GTWorld.


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