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Most people associate Yoga with athletes and millennials, but Nigerian billionaire, Tony Elumelu is taking the spot of a rich man living young and healthy as he starts his day with the exercise.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Its physical benefits include increased flexibility; increased muscle strength and tone; improved respiration, energy, and vitality; maintaining a balanced metabolism; weight reduction; cardio and circulatory health; improved athletic performance; and protection from injury.

Elummelu is the Chairman of Heirs Holdings, United Bank for Africa Plc, Transcorp, and founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation.


  1. Mr elumelu should pay me some yoga instructing lesson,and I tell the position ,that he took,and I will tell him,which position,that is appropriate for him.taking in consideration,his age,his body mass,his medical history.
    That position he took in the picture if in reversal,BY LIEING ON HIS STOMACH,is the best postion in yoga.why ? there are about 7 organs in the body,if impaired or blocked,you get sick or die it looks.some Nigerian women wanted to talk about yoga,please bear with,as I wanted to write about it in
    last year,but something came on.
    I have to brief,and the major organ in particular are about 3 or 4 organs.i takes the first 3 organs (1) your crown(2)your heart (3) your stomach (4) your spine,and unfailing (5) your kidney.i takes your heart first as it contains 2 major messages to you.(a)your capacity to love another (b)your life start at your heart,where your father’s swinner meets your mother’s egg.if your are conceived through a casual sexual intercourse,and if your 2 parents thruly love each other,it comes out in your heart and your degree or capacity to love another.love also mean your capacity to forgive someone,who abuses you or disrespects you.but with good moral and sound education and being humble,you can reverses your this karma
    Firstly,your head.your intellect,your capacity to perceives God and his power,your sources of wisdom,your power of having deep insight.prophesy.your powers to positively discriminate and dicern e.t.c.should I says thirdly or fourthly.what you eat affect on what you ,also nwhat your mother eats,when she was pregnant with you.it will go throughout your life-span.i am not fuzed about what I eat,but I try to avoid eating meat,i am not a vegetarian,but some certain vegetable have some certain qualities,which,you cannot find in meat.
    This yoga I did mentioned will free your organs(,i am running out of time,see you next week) if It does not frees you,your body wil ltell what you have done wrong or what you should do next

  2. With yoga,it is primary FOR YOURSELF REALIZATION, you realizes their immortality,your right as a person,by immortality does not means,you should be a monk or a mystic,if God wants you to be a holy man,he should give you the means of being a holy person,all men are equal before God,some of my comments are aimed for some nairametric staff,do not allows yourself to be used by any body,as you’re responsible for your action.even if your a Nigerian govt official,in a great position,YOU’RE IN A POSITION OF PUBLIC TRUST,SO DO NAIRAMETRIC WRITER,YOU DO HAVE SOME RESPONSIBLE TO NIGERIA,THAT PRODUCED AND MADE YOU A NIGERIA.
    This yoga position is called A BOW POSITION,it works on your internal organ,it expands your heart,those who suffers mental illness start with,your heart.if your heart beat is slowed down.when an igbos person said to you,your heart lacks water or not flexible,he is telling you,”YOU’RE A WICKED PERSON AND A REAL OBNOXIOUS PERSON”,In our planet,we are judged by love and our capacity to love another person.God himself is not stupid
    When you have this self realization,or have enlightment,you becomes the son of god,you work for god,you work for the benefits of others.this is what yoga is base on,and this is what all those various religion is based on,and also all those yoga based on,and it’s difference or variation,call what type of yoga you call it iyengar position,ashtanga yoga,hatha yoga.when you do some yoga for some period,you start having enlightment,you can start for about 10 mins each day,to more mins,you want,do not push yourself unnecessarily as body will tells you on what will do


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