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Dr Yemi Kale, Nigeria’s Statistician General and CEO of the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has explained why the bureau has yet to release Q4 2017 employment data. He stated yesterday that the data is not ready for release in the meantime because the bureau does not have money for the research.

He also refuted the Twitter follower’s claim that the data had been pulled off the calendar due to political reasons.

According to him, it takes at least two months to conduct research and publish such data. Bearing this in mind, he and his team worked with the assumption that the national budget would be passed by June, which would then make it possible for them to release the data latest September.

On whether lack of research funds will also affect the timely release of other microeconomic data, Kale clarified that some data do not require as much money to produce.

In a buildup to what apparently turned out to be a Twitter Q&A, Kale had tweeted that NBS is the custodian of all of Nigeria’s data; an authoritative source for data and stats and coordinator of all national database.


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