The things no one would tell you about having dual jobs

Growing financial responsibilities could be the reason why you thought to get another job. The pay at one job is barely enough to get by so when the opportunity to earn more presented itself, you leaped at it. Having dual jobs of course has its benefits. Beyond the obvious fact that you get additional money, having dual jobs could mean;

  • Getting new job experiences

Taking on a second job opens you up to new experiences in the business world and on your career path.

  • Acquiring new skills

A second job is an opportunity to acquire skills hat prior to this time you did not consider needful. New skills are always a welcome development.

  • Exploring a different career path

It could be that your first job has clipped your wings and barricaded your career. A second job opens you up to several possibilities.

  • Expanding your network circle

The chances of meeting new people and getting new contacts are very high. This means your network circle is increasing and inevitably so is your career prospects.

  • Improving your resume

The new skills and experiences you acquire in the course of your second job is a welcome addition to your resume. Also, working two jobs at a time is bound to impress any recruiter.

  • Having a bit more for savings and emergency funds.

More work means more money and more money means more savings. Now you can comfortable grow your savings to your goal without worries.

All these are exciting prospects of getting an additional job but you should also consider the fact that;

Dual jobs increases stress levels.

It goes without saying that handling two jobs at a time can be highly stressful. It takes a lot of work to manage the two lives along with all the minor troubles like commuting, keeping to time, and delivering excellence on both fronts.

It also triggers stress induced illnesses like; migraine, heart problems, erectile dysfunction in men, and stroke.

It’s hard to believe that stress induces problems like erectile dysfunction but studies have proven it true. You’re placing your health at risk when you expose your body to such high stress.

Taking on two jobs could possible reduce productivity

Handling two jobs at a time plays on our ability to focus. You could be at work ‘a’ but all the while be distracted by thoughts about work ‘b’. This lack of concentration inadvertently affects overall productivity.

It also takes a toll on personal relationships

Taking a second job means having even less time for yourself and those around you. Others might not be as understanding of your predicament leading to conflicts. On the other hand the stress of both jobs could make you irritable and cost you your relationship with people.

One of the jobs could be neglected

Try as much as you can to strike a balance, somehow one of the jobs will suffer from this arrangement because more attention will be given to the other. It may not be an intentional act but it does tend to happen a lot.

If you can’t strike a balance somehow then there really is no need for you to take on two jobs. Stick to one and make the most of it. On the other hand if you find yourself able to tolerate the many downsides of having dual jobs then congratulations and good luck.


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