To get into the labour market and be successful, you need to know how to survive because there are many people with just as good a qualification as you.It is essential that you know exactly what is is that your employer wants from you

First thing to note is Business acumen. You need to be aware of the company’s vision, long and short-term goals and what makes the company “tick.” Employers need to see your commercial awareness towards their products and services and how it deals with competition in the market place.

Teamwork is vital in any organization because positive working relationships affect business objectives positively. You need to be able to work with whomever and show that you are a proper team player.

Communication is key; your verbal and written communication and listening must be concise and clear. Misunderstanding could be destructive so being able to relay your message to others and listening are important.

You also want to show leadership skills. Even if you are not in a managerial rank now, you need to show that you can delegate tasks, set deadlines and most of all lead by good example.

Your problem-solving abilities must be on the table. Showing that you can deal with an issue logically and analytically gives you an edge on the job.

People tend to get messy when the workload is chaotic, notwithstanding, the manner of your organization is pivotal. Even when the road is rough, you still need to source a way through You need to prioritize, manage your time well and be productive. Efficiency is what your employer requires of you.

Furthermore, you need to strike that balance of being confident in what you offer and in yourself. Give yourself some credit from time to time, you are your number one fan after all.



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