Online interviews are becoming increasingly popular as employers are getting attuned to the fact that they may be losing potentially valuable employees due to the expensive and often dangerous cross-country travel often required. With the emergence of online interviews, predominantly through Skype, our business fashion article for this week discusses how to make sure that you don’t mess up your online interviews with your attire.

Rule 1- Not any less serious

Always treat online interviews with the same seriousness as you would physical interviews. This may need some attuning especially if you are undertaking it in the comfort of your study or bedroom. However, treating an online interview with the same seriousness as a physical interview will mean that you prepare your attire well ahead of the interview date. In most cases, dress as you would for a physical interview.

Rule 2- Beware of the screen

There is one little, or not so little difference with online interviews- the screen resolution. It is important that your colors do not attract unnecessary attention during the interview. At all costs, avoid bright colors. While in the first instance, they hardly pass as professional attire, the irritating effect the screen is likely to project to the interviewer is most unlikely to gain you any additional marks. Are you unsure of how your attire looks? Dress up a good while before the interview schedule and use the webcam or front camera to see how your outfit looks. If you find any pieces that look odd or hurt your eyes, wear something else.

Rule 3- The lower body

The one leeway an online interview gives you is that the interviewer sees just the upper part of your body. Hence, the temptation to be casually dressed in your lower torso. While you can cave in to this temptation, be sure that standing up at any point during the interview is something that is a distinct impossibility. If at all, there is a chance, no matter how little of you standing up, please ensure that you are formally dressed all through.




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