This Director Has Been Sacked For Whistle Blowing

Nairametrics| The Buhari administration has repeatedly pointed to the whistle blowing policy it is engendering as one of the main foundations of its anti-corruption drive. A look at the surface facts may attest to the success of the policy as deals worth several millions of dollars have already been exposed by whistle blowers.

However, a deeper look at the circumstances may reveal a sadder picture. Few if any convictions have been made based on exposures by whistleblowers. In some cases, suspects have gone scot-free and went on to get their revenge against the whistleblowers.

A classic example is that of Mr. Ntia Thompson, a (now former) assistant director with the Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa, an agency in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Vanguard reports that he was sacked after whistle blowing.

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After uncovering a $229,000 diversion of funds by key officials of the Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa,  he was first suspended and then fired by officials of the ministry. According to the Vanguard Newspaper, an 11 man panel setup to investigate the whistle blowing, may have been compromised and then to satisfy the master minds of the fraud, in a surprise twist recommended that the whistleblower be compulsorily retired.


Here is an excerpt of the sack letter shared to members of staff of the Ministry

“ I am directed to inform you that following the recommendations of the Senior Staff Appointment Promotion and Disciplinary Committee on Acts of Serious Misconduct against Mr. Ntia U. Thompson, the Honourable Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chairman Presidential Inter-Ministerial Committee on the DTCA, has approved the Compulsory Retirement of Mr. Ntia U. Thompson from the services of the DTCA with effect from 7th February 2017.

“In view of the above, Mr. Ntia U Thompson ceased to be a staff of the DTCA with effect from 7th February 2017.

“All members of staff and the general public are hereby advised to take note”.

Here is the link to the Vanguard article

Chacha Wabara

Chacha Wabara

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