Nairametrics| Despite rumors making the rounds in the Nigerian media, TOTAL Nigeria Plc. has come out to deny that it is planning to leave the country any time soom. The recently held Customer Service Day at Onigbagbo Total service station in Ikeja was used as an opportunity by the company’s representatives to assure Nigerians of their continued presence in the country.

The Managing Director, Mr. Jean Philippe Torres, said: 

This event is to remind our customers of how significant they are to us. We at Total are keen to delivering good and satisfactory customer service. We want to make Nigerians understand that we are part of the communities. Once again, the main issue for us in Total is to tie the link with our esteemed customers and tell them that they are king at Total and that is the case”

Specifically speaking on the exit rumors circulating, he added 

“There were rumors that we wanted to leave the country. That is not the case. Total wants to stay in Nigeria.”

This will come as good news to the several hundreds of direct employees and thousands of indirect employees of the company whose livelihoods would have been in jeopardy if the rumors were confirmed as true.

Total recently indicated plans to spin of its downstream asset in Nigeria feeding rumours that an exit could be in the offing. Mobil Nigeria recently announced a sale of its downstream assets to NIPC Plc and as part of the deal will see its staff transfered to NIPCO management. However,  the will still trade under the  Mobil brand name. 



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