Vita Foam Nigeria Plc released its 2016 full year result ended 30th September, 2016; See below


Bua group

Revenue N’000


2016 12 Months| N13,569,873


2015 12 Months| N16,853,042


%age Change| -19 %



Profit/(Loss) After Tax N’000


2016 12 Months| -N32,032


2015 12 Months| -N71,981


%age Change|   -55%



EPS (Kobo)


2016 12 Months| -3.88k


2015 12 Months| -3.74k


%age Change| 4%


This result was officially released on the 3rd of January 2017.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Source: Nigerian Stock Exchange

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