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List Of Dividends Declared So Far In 2016 (Updated December 31, 2016)

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As audited accounts start to trickle in companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective board of directors. It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect dividend, when it will be approved and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affect share prices.

This page will be updated from time to time.


Payment date – This is when dividend will be paid to you either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).

Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares before this date will be paid dividend. If you sell before this date you won’t get dividend. If you sell after you will still get dividend but the new owner will not get.

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Neimeth Int'l Pharmaceuticals PlcNil1 for 1031st January 20177th February 2017
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc3rd January 2017NilThree working Days after the AGM
Vetiva Griffin ETF 30 (Interim)15 KoboNil13th December 201616th December 2016
SIM Capital Alliance Value Fund1000 KoboNil16th December 201622nd December 201628th December 2016
Nigerian Energy Sector Fund5100 KoboNil1st December 201615th December 2016
UPDC REIT (Interim)23 KoboNil1st December 201615th December 2016
Nigerian Breweries (Interim)100 KoboNil17th – 23rd November 201624th November 2016
Total Oil Nigeria Plc (Interim)700 koboNil21st – 25th November 20165th December 2016
Guinness Nigeria Plc17/10/201650 KoboNil17th October 201623rd November 201624th November 2016​
Fidson Healthcare Plc23/9/20165 koboNil26th – 30th September 201619th October 201621st October​ 2016​
Nig. Enamelware Plc23/9/201645 koboNil24th – 28th October 2016​​24th November 201628th November 2016
Conoil Plc8/9/2016300 koboNilOctober 3rd - October 17 201628th October 20167th November 2016
UBA Plc25/8/201620 koboNil12th-16th SeptemberN/A19th September
Access Bank Plc (Interim)19/8/201625 koboNil6th September 2016N/A13th September 2016
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (Interim)17/8/201625 koboNil1st September 2016N/A9th September 2016
PZ Cussons17/8/201650 koboNil19th - 23rd September 20166th October 20167th October 2016
Tripple Gee & Co3 KoboNilTo be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
Smart Products26 koboNil27th June 201626th July 201611th August 2016
Zenith Bank Plc (Interim)4268225 koboNil23rd August 2016N/A26th Sept. for ord shareholders/2nd Sept for GDR
Cutix Plc4243714 koboNilTo be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
Unity Kapital Assurance Plc426211.5 koboNil15th - 29th August 2016N/A22nd August 2016
Total Oil Nigeria Plc (Interim)29/7/2016300 koboNil22nd -26th August 2016N/A6th September 2016
ABC Transport29/7/20162 koboNil8th - 12th August 201619th August 20165th August 2016
Custodian & Allied Plc (Interim)28/7/20167 koboNil22nd August 2016N/A1st September 2016
Pharma Deko28/7/201815 koboNil12th August 2016N/A16th September 2016
Nig. Enalmareware28/7/201645 koboNilTo be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
GSK Nigeria Plc (Special)28/7/201660 KoboNil1st September 2016N/A7th September 2016
Flour Mills Nigeria Plc22/7/2016100 koboNil18th - 12th August 20168th September 201612th September 2016
Red Star Express4237635 koboNil27th June - 29th July 201618th August 20161st September 2016
Seven Up Bottling Company29/6/2016160 koboNil18th - 29th July 201628th September28th September
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc_1 Kobo_Nil_9th Ð 13 May 2016_24th May 2016_24th May 2016
AG Leventis Nigeria Plc13/6/201610 KoboNil22nd - 26th August 20168th September 20169th September 2016
Niger Insurance Plc425573.5 koboNil18th July - 22nd July 2016_26th July 201628th July 2016_
Presco Plc42557100 koboNil4th - 6th July 201620th July 201621st July 2016
Cadbury Nigeria Plc31/5/201665 koboNil27th June - 1st July 201619th July 201620th July 2016
C & I Leasing Plc31/5/20164 KoboNil10th - 16th June 201616th June 201616th June 2016
CAP Plc23/5/2016120 koboNil31st May - 6th June 201616th June 201617th June 2016
Fortis Microfinance Bank Plc20/5/2018Nil1 for 1To be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
Eterna Plc20/5/201625 koboNilTo be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
Cement Co. of Northern Nig. Plc20/5/201610 koboNil4th - 8th July 201611th August 201611th August 2016
BOC Gases Nigeria Plc18/5/20165 koboNil3rd - 10th June 201616th June 201620th June 2016
Beta Glass4270940 koboNil13th -17th July 201630th June 20161st July 2016
eTranzact International Plc4267910 koboNil1st - 7th July 20161st July 20168th July 2016
International Brew. Plc4264835 koboNil18th - 22nd July 20169th August 201611th August 2016
NEM Insurance Plc426486 koboNil23rd - 27th May 20168th June 20168th June 2016
NPF Microfinance Bank4243415 KoboNil11th - 15th July 20163rd August 20164th August 2016
FBN Holdings Plc26/4/201615 KoboNil9th - 13th May 201626th May 201630th May 2016
Okomu Oil Palm Co. Plc14/4/201610 KoboNil10th - 13th May 201621th June 201627th June 2016
Ecobank Transnational Inc.13/4/20160.2 centsNil19th July 201617th June 20162nd August 2016
McNichols Consolidated Plc13/4/20163 kobo1 for 1016th June 201621st July 201625th July 2016
Seplat Pet. Dev. Co. Plc426784 centsNil20th May 20161st June 20169th June 2016
May & Baker Nigeria Plc14/4/20166 koboNil18th - 22nd April 201626th May 20166th June 2016
Continental Reinsurance Plc4258612 koboNil18th - 22nd July 201628th July 201629th July 2016
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc425863 koboNil22nd April 201610th May 201616th May 2016
Regency Alliance Ins. Plc424643 koboNil22nd -28th May 201626th May 201627th May 2016
NASCON Allied Industries Plc4246455 koboNil12th - 13th May 201619th May 201623rd May 2016
Aluminium Extrusion Ind. Plc424648.5koboNil30th May- 3rd June 201615th July 201618th July 2016
AIICO Insurance Plc424645 koboNil25th -29th April 20165th May20166th May 2016
Total Oil Nigeria Plc423731200 koboNil18th - 22nd April 201610th June 201613th June 2016
Custodian & Allied Plc4237314 koboNil14th - 20th April 20163rd May 20163rd May 2016
MRS Oil Nigeria Plc42373110 koboNil11th - 15th July 20164th August 20165th August 2016
UACN30/3/2016100 koboNil16th-20th May 20168th June 20169th June 2016
Berger Paints Nigeria Plc30/3/201675 koboNil4th May 20169th June, 201613th June 2016
Fidelity Bank Plc30/3/201616 KoboNil18th - 22nd April 20165th May 20165th May 2016
Transnational Corp. of Nig30/3/2016Nil1 for 2014th - 19th April 201629th April 2016N/A
Nign Aviation Handling Co. Plc30/3/201620 KoboNil6th - 10th June, 201626th July 201626th July 2016
FCMB Group Plc30/3/201610 KoboNil13th - 19th April29th April 20162nd May 2016
Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc30/3/2016720 KoboNil28th - 30th April 201625th May 20161st June 2016
Julius Berger Nigeria Plc30/3/2016150 KoboNil31st May - June 201616th June 201617th June 2016
Unilever Plc24/3/20165 koboNil11th - 15th April 201612th May 201613th May 2016
Transcorp Hotels Plc24/3/201640.85 koboNil5th April 201615th April 201618th April 2016
Transnationwide Express Ltd22/3/201610 KoboNil11th - 15th July 201621st July 20165th August 2016
Paints and Coatings Ltd22/3/20165 koboNil6th April 201620th April 201629th April 2016
Sterling Bank Plc22/3/20169 koboNil4th April 201619th April 201619th April 2016
United Capital Plc21/3/201635 koboNil31st March 201614th April 201618th April 2016
Dangote Sugar Plc18/3/201650 koboNil4th-8th April 201620th April 201620th April 2016
Lafarge Africa Plc18/3/2016300 kobo1 for 1025th April 201612th May 201612th May 2016
Ashaka Cement Plc18/3/201615 koboNil26th April 201610th May 201611th May 2016
Access Bank Plc17/3/201630 koboNil13th April 201627th April 201627th April 2016
Axa Mansard Insurance Plc17/3/20162 KoboNil29th April 201613th May 201613th May 2016
GSK Nigeria Plc16/3/201630 KoboNil25th May 201623rd June 201624th June 2016
Nestle Nigeria Plc16/3/20161900 KoboNil9th to 13th May 201623rd May 201624th May 2016
Zenith Bank Plc15/3/2016155 KoboNil29th March 20166th April 20166th April 2016
United Bank for Africa Plc14/3/201640 KoboNil30th March to 5th April 20168th April 201612th April 2016
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc14/3/2016152 KoboNil29th March 20165th April 20165th April 2016
Wapic Insurance Plc10/3/163 KoboNil23rd March 20165th April 20165th April 2016
Africa Prudential Registrars Plc2/3/1643 KoboNil23rd to 29th March 201612th April 201613th April 2016
Dangote Cement Plc1/3/16800 KoboNil11th to 15th April 201619th April 201621st April 2016
Greif Nigeria Plc29/2/201660 KoboNil22nd to 24th March 201628th April 20166th May 2016
Nigerian Breweries Plc8/2/16360 koboNil3rd to 9th March 201611th May 201612th May 2016
Forte Oil Plc2/2/16345 koboNil18th to 21st April 201622nd April 201629th April 2016
Vitafoam Plc7/1/1625 koboNil15th to 19th February 20162nd March 201614th March 2016
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                                                      Corporate Press Releases

                                                      Konga and the $10b target by 2026

                                                      Konga has strategically invested in building a world-class infrastructure from the ground up which has equally elevated its many offerings.



                                                      Konga opens new stores in Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, Rivers, Warri, others 

                                                      The Nigerian e-Commerce sector is a much-touted lucre that has attracted a number of players.

                                                      The growing interest is buoyed by the rise in a youthful population, growing smartphone and internet penetration, the aspirational mind-set of the average Nigerian and expanding consumer power. At present, e-Commerce spending in Nigeria is on the rise. Research estimates indicate that current spend on e-Commerce is at $12 billion, with the figure expected to rise higher and even projected to reach $75 billion in revenues per annum by 2025.

                                                      Despite the allure, the reality of cracking e-Commerce in Nigeria and in Africa, by extension, remains a task far removed from the exertions of the faint-hearted.

                                                      Indeed, making a success of e-Commerce, as the experience of many players who stumbled in Africa’s biggest market has shown, demands not only deep pockets but also a huge dose of street-smartness, a keen understanding of the Nigerian market, a determination to stick to ethics and play by the rules, as well as sheer bloody-mindedness in overcoming many of the frustrating infrastructural and institutional encumbrances that have hobbled many in this industry.

                                                      Till date, the strides of Konga remain a template for many to follow.

                                                      In tracking the current laudable strides of this e-Commerce behemoth, it is imperative to recognize and appreciate the efforts of many players who have toiled but found the Nigerian e-Commerce market too high a mountain to climb. The likes of Jiji, OLX, DealDey and Efritin, among many others, have a tale or two to tell about the hard nut that e-Commerce in Nigeria represents.

                                                      Though it also has a thing or two to share about the pitfalls of playing in a difficult terrain such as Nigeria, Konga has transformed itself, under the management of its new owners – the Zinox Group – into a much sought-after entity, the beautiful bride of potential e-Commerce investors and global stock markets. Recently, Konga was reported to have fielded interest from the New York Stock Exchange as well as the London Stock Exchange over a purported listing, as interest swirled in the company from near and far. Also, feelers in the industry indicate that many are looking to buy into the business and if Konga were to list its shares today, it would probably not only get oversubscribed but also result in a unicorn valuation.

                                                      The submission of a recent panel of experts on the Konga brand is worth recalling here, with Prof. Bouba Yankubah, one of the panellists, painting a picture of a thriving e-Commerce brand during the session which held in Accra, Ghana.


                                                      Prof. Yankubah was quoted as saying: ‘‘It is strange that not much has been said of how much impact Konga has had in the Nigerian, nay African e-Commerce ecosystem. But lest we forget, that is the brand that pioneered the marketplace structure in Africa which was widely replicated by other brands, not only in Africa but also by the likes of Amazon as well.

                                                      ‘‘The…case of Konga as the jewel in the crown of African e-Commerce is further justified by its thriving business entities which include a licensed mobile bank, online travel agency, its omni-channel strategy, the ease with which it has resolved the thorny challenge of logistics as well as its hard-earned status as a trustworthy brand.

                                                      british airways

                                                      ‘‘It is interesting that, despite the huge investment by its new owners, which from reports in the Nigerian media, are highly credible and experienced entrepreneurs, the brand is yet to follow through on rumoured intentions to list on the international stock market. If and when this happens, Konga’s valuation may exceed well over $2.5bn and we may see the emergence of a true African unicorn.

                                                      ‘‘But I wish to urge the owners of Konga not to be tempted by greed and to stay true to their strategies and long-term vision for the business,’’ he had stated.

                                                      In my line of work as an analyst covering the African e-Commerce market, I have seen many promising e-Commerce start-ups flatter to deceive. Konga has stayed the course and currently enjoys the confidence of a growing number of Nigerians as the biggest player in the market.

                                                      Stanbic 728 x 90

                                                      But what is Konga doing right?

                                                      First, the management of Konga has demonstrated an extensive understanding of the market – an advantage that continues to help it navigate policy somersaults and other risks associated with the peculiar Nigerian market. This is mainly due to the experience of the current owners of Konga who are widely reported to be credible Nigerians who have been in business for over 30 successful years. Today, Konga is better equipped, more than any other e-Commerce player to take on and successfully deliver large projects or find a solution to the most difficult infrastructural challenge in Nigeria. Even if Amazon or Alibaba were to expand their operations to Nigeria, they would struggle to beat Konga and may have to settle for a partnership with them.

                                                      Two, Konga has strategically invested in building a world-class infrastructure from the ground up which has equally elevated its many offerings. In the area of technology, Konga boasts perhaps one of the most advanced technology suites in Nigeria, ranging from the multiplicity of apps driving its day-to-day operations and a reported robotics-enabled multiple warehouse deployments. Closely aligned to this is its investment in massive regional warehouses – a project that has conveniently positioned it to retain huge inventory, significantly boosted its carrying capacity, as well as its orders fulfilment capabilities.

                                                      In addition, one of the major advantages that Konga holds in its war chest is the fact that it has seemingly resolved the challenge of logistics – one of the biggest obstacles and pain-points of e-Commerce, not only in Nigeria, but in Africa, as well. Konga, I understand, has its own internally owned logistics company which, from reports in the media, has the capacity to handle deliveries to the last mile for Konga as well as for external parties. Kxpress, as the company is known, is said to have in its arsenal a growing fleet of trucks, buses, motorcycles and other vehicles which it puts to use in serving the market and navigating the traffic-challenged nooks and crannies of the major cities and hinterlands in Nigeria.

                                                      Furthermore, there is a sense that, with Konga, ethics can never be sacrificed on the altar of selfish gains. The travails of another well-known player in the industry further justifies the Konga hallmark of ethical rectitude. There is no place for cooking the books or falsifying figures to paint a deceptive picture to customers or potential investors. This is a quality that has put the business on a sound footing, especially in its dealings with all of its stakeholders.

                                                      Worth mentioning as well is the fact that Konga has remained an example of reliability and responsive customer experience. From the personal experiences of myself, professional colleagues, other industry acquaintances as well as the majority of opinions sampled, Konga stands heads and shoulders above its peers in terms of its approach to meeting the expectations of customers. There is zero tolerance for fake or substandard items on its platforms, with the company holding high its promise of making available only genuine products which it sources directly from manufacturers. Merchants who trade on its platform, by extension, also key into this tradition. Defaulters are blacklisted while issues are handled swiftly by an internal unit which has a deadline for resolutions.

                                                      Coronation ads

                                                      Aligned with KongaPay, a Central Bank of Nigeria-licensed mobile money platform, a growing chain of brick-and-mortar stores dotting Nigeria’s landscape and accounting for the many who still wish to experience e-Commerce the traditional way; as well as a number of thriving entities under the Konga stable, there is no looking back for this powerful retail giant.

                                                      It is only a matter of time before the management of Konga caves into the huge pressure of hitting the global stock market.

                                                      The world awaits with bated breath…



                                                      Dr. Aje Boluwatife is a visiting research scholar from the United States

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                                                      Corporate Press Releases

                                                      NOVA Merchant Bank’s growth trajectory continues as it declares N3.52bn profit

                                                      The Bank declared a profit after tax of N3.49bn in 2020 compared to N1.65bn in 2019 which represents a 112% increase.



                                                      NOVA Merchant Bank Limited has released its audited results for the financial year ended December 31st 2020, recording impressive growth across its major financial lines.

                                                      The Bank declared a profit after tax of N3.49bn in 2020 compared to N1.65bn in 2019 which represents a 112% increase. All the key financial parameters recorded major improvement over the prior year performance; Gross Earnings showed a quantum leap of 130% growth over 2019 and Profit Before Tax at N3.52bn recorded a 135% growth over the 2019 figure of N1.5bn. On a similar note, the Bank recorded a decline in the Cost to Income Ratio from 55% in 2019 to 44% in 2020.

                                                      Customer deposits stood at N89.6bn in 2020 compared to N40.5bn in 2019 while loans to customers grew by 71% to N50bn in 2020 compared to N29.3bn in 2019.

                                                      The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nath Ude, said, “Our full year 2020 performance is especially gratifying as we achieved such growth amidst the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting macro-economic headwinds.”

                                                      “In 2021, we will continue to build on our strong foundation to significantly scale the business by focussing on exceeding the expectations of our customers through innovative financial solutions while expecting our non-bank subsidiaries to start contributing effectively to the group in line with our strategic intent,” Ude further stated.

                                                      The Chairman, Mr Phillips Oduoza stated, “I am particularly delighted to see how the Bank has maintained its growth trajectory and improve its efficiency during such a challenging period.

                                                      Oduoza added, “The Bank is well-positioned to benefit from the expected upsurge in economic activity and profit from the emerging opportunities this presents as the global economy emerges from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.”

                                                      NOVA Merchant Bank offers an integrated suite of financial solutions covering Wholesale Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Trade Services, Transaction Banking, Cash Management and Digital Banking.


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