In case you are wondering what the difference between Lake Rice and Imported rice is, we have an explanation from the Lagos State Governor. He explained it at the unveiling on Wednesday, 21st December.

“Today is an historic day for Lagos and Kebbi States. In March 2016, we signed an MOU with an understanding that we, being proudly Nigeria, want to come out with what is made in Nigeria and what is good for Nigeria.

“We took all that President Muhammadu Buhari said we need to grow our food and we decided that we will prove a point and that is what today is all about. LAKE RICE is of good quality.”

The major difference between LAKE RICE and the ones imported is that the imported has a minimum storage of five to six years storage life span, but LAKE RICE is fresh,”

He also gave a breakdown of how much it cost and how many you can buy.

  •  50kilogram “will cost N12,000
  • 25 kilogram will go for N6, 000
  • 10kg for N2, 500. “For now”
  • an individual will only be allowed to purchase a bag to enable it go round.

Smacks of a socialist system don’t you think?


  1. “Smacks of a socialist system don’t you think?” You say this as if it was a terrible thing. If the writer had cared to read and understand the APC manifesto, he’d have known that our policies are left of center. Do your work as journalists: research.

    • The writer believes that a system that allows the government produce and sell goods and services, fix prices and quantity that can be demanded is pure socialist.

  2. Your headlines are misleading and the content of most of your articles lack depth. From what you’ve posted, what’s the difference between Lake rice and imported rice? Can’t you go into more details instead of telling us it is ‘fresh’. What does ‘fresh’ mean? Try to go the extra mile in your reporting instead of copying and pasting quotes.

    • Hello,

      We understand that our readers want more information. We strive to do that as information becomes available. Currently, this is the only information about Lake Rice that we have. The rice was just launched on Wednesday, so it is understandable that just very few people would know the difference between it and imported rice. Nevertheless, the best person, for now, to provide that information is the Governor, which is why we reported it that way.


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