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As audited accounts start to trickle in companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective board of directors. It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect dividend, when it will be approved and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affect share prices


Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares before this date will be paid dividend. If you sell before this date you won’t get dividend. If you sell after you will still get dividend but the new owner will not get.

Payment date – This is when dividend will be paid to you either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).

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S/N Company Dividend Bonus Closure of Register AGM Date Payment Date
1Nigerian Breweries Plc N3.50 Nil 5th - 11th March 2015 13th May 2015 14th May 2015
2Forte Oil Plc N2.50 1 for 5 1st – 7th April 2015 15th April 2015 22nd April 2015
3Nestle Nigeria N17.50 Nil 27th April 2015 11th May 2015 12th May 2015
4Greif Nigeria Plc 60 kobo Nil 25th - 27th 28th April 2015 5th May 2015
5Guaranty Bank Plc N1.50 (final) Nil 17th March 31st March 2015 31st March
6Zenith Bank Plc N1.75 Nil 16th - 20th 26th March 2015 27th March 2015
7Neimeth Nil Nil 18th – 20th March 2015 24th March 2015 N/A
8Africa Prudential Registrars 35 kobo Nil 18th – 20th March 2015 8th April 2015 10th April 2015
9United Capital Plc 20 kobo Nil 23rd – 27th March 2015 16th April 2015 20th April 2015
10Lafarge Africa Plc N3.60 Nil 27th April – 1st 22nd May 2015 25th May 2015
11Access Bank 35 kobo (final) Nil 24th April 2015 7th May 2015 7th May 2015
12Transcorp Hotels 37 kobo Nil 30th March 2015 15th April 2015 17th April 2015
13PZ Cussons Nigeria (interim) 20 kobo Nil 30th March 2015 N/A 7th April 2015
14FCMB Group Plc 25 kobo Nil 30th March 2015 23rd April 2015 24th April 2015
15Julius Berger Nigeria Plc N2.70 Nil 1st June 2015 17th June 2015 18th June 2015
16Mobil Oil Plc N6.60 Nil 29th April 2015 28th May 2015 4th June 2015
17Livestock Feeds Plc 10 kobo Nil 28th May 2015 17th June 2015 18th June 2015
18Sterling Bank Plc 6 kobo Nil 13th April 2015 30th April 2015 30th April 2015
19United Bank for Africa Plc 10 kobo Nil 7th – 9th April 24th April 2015 27th April 2015
20Unilever 10 kobo Nil 13th April 2015 12th May 2015 15th May 2015
21NAHCO 20 kobo 1 for 10 18th – 22nd May 2015 11th June 2015 11th June 2015
22Fidson 15 kobo Nil
23Dangote Cement N6.00 Nil 20th April 2015 29th April 2015 30th April 2015
24Total Oil Nigeria N9.00 Nil 20th April 2015 10th June 2015 12th June 2015
25Trans-Nationwide Express 10 kobo Nil 13th July 2015 23rd July 2015 7th August 2015
26McNichols 4 kobo 1 for 10 17th July 2015 23rd July 2015 27th July 2015
27Cadbury 65 kobo Nil 11th – 15th May 2015 10th June 2015 11th June 2015
28Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank 3 kobo Nil 17th April 2015 14th May 2015 15th May 2015




  1. Good day sir, am a shareholder of access bank,how do i get the right offer application to enable participate in the ongoing right offer, because i have not received any form of invitation from access bank even as i send this mail. Thanks. Kenneth (08038082987)

  2. Wish to buy Access bank right offer? Do as Nairametrics say.
    But I have a suggestion. Open a trading account with any stockbroker. (I am with UBA). Through online portal, you can buy any shares of any company without waiting for the rights or script issues.
    I am extremely very happy with my share purchases through UBA Capital. In fact my goal is to build one of the largest share portfolios and for keeps.

    • A copy of your Acceptance / Renunciation form will be forwarded to you. The original has been dispatched to the address in the records of the Registrar but there might have been some issues with delivery.

      • i want to know the current situation about the shares i bought from maltina nbpl of #40 in 1987 in birnin kebbi at rafin atiku as aausman p o box 27 zuru my present address is abubakar abdullahi usman dept of surveying and geoinformatics waziri umaru fed poly p m b 1034 birnin kebbi kebbi state

  3. Ugo pls am a bit confuse I ve guinea shares as me think in of selling it to buy okomo oil cos I feel agric sector wil do we’ll Dis year. Hope am not making mistake pls advice mi tnx

  4. Hello,

    Please what does a closure date 7th – 9th April 2015 mean? Which of the dates does the register actually close? 7th or 9th? Thanks

  5. Good morning Ugo

    I am an ardent listener to you on radio and I love your analysis. please I want to sell my Fidelity Bank shares and also want to take advantage of their 18k dividends. Please when is the earliest date I can sell and also get the dividends. in essence, when is their register closed for full year 2014 dividend payment and when are they likely to pay. Thank you

    • Hi Stephen…thnx for your comments. Fidelity Bank will close its register between April 20th and 24th April 2014. As such dividend will only be paid to shareholders who have shares in the company before that date. So if you sell your shares on the 19th of April you will not get dividend. But if you sell after the 20th you will get dividend. I hope this helps

  6. will i be entitle for first bank bonus if i could by their shares today thru the floor bearing in mind on the 1st is public holiday?

  7. I’ve started bought shares at floor of NSE since Jan 2014 and I didnot received any dividends/ bonus from those shares that I hold, at list I hold 22 company’s shares in my portfolio

  8. Those companies that are yet to release their 2014 results(nascon oando) Will they be penalized by SEC and what is the maximum time period do they have to release their results?

    • It is supposed to be three months after the end of financial year max, except they have prior approval for extension which we are currently not privy to.

    • The share price is climbing already so the best time to buy should have been last week if you are a short term investor. For long term investors, we have a hold recommendation on Skye Bank.

  9. pls i received first bank dividend via e payment. but to my surprise first bank did not credit my cscs with the bonus. pls can u explain if it is possible to pay dividend and ignore giving the bonus

  10. You are doing a pretty good work. Keep it up! Please, Im particularly upbeat about seeing you come up with weekly recommendations on buy and sell on this platform.Meanwhile, you are yet to respond to the question as to what it means to say that the closing date of register of a company is 7-9th with regard to the actual closure date.

    • Hi thanks for your comments. We are working hard to bring you a consistent stream of buy or sell articles. Hopefully we will start this month. As per closure dates, a 7-9 closure date means that only shareholders who own shares as at 6th of that month will earn dividends. The date 7-9th simply gives the registrars two days to collate list of shareholders who qualify for dividends. For example, some people may have bought the shares on the 6th and as such will qualify. However, the registrar and broker will need at least two days for the transaction process to consummate. I hope this helps..

  11. Hello, Please when will Flour Mills announce its results? Do you have any idea of what to expect based on their quarterly results? Is it a good buy now?

  12. Mr. Ugo, good day sir,i use cashcraft stock brokers, i want to find out if the firm is connected to an online portal.thanks

  13. l have account with two stock brokers. how can i move my account to one sockbroker. i.e. consolidate my holdings with one stockbroker. thanks

    • Sir/Ma,
      I have not received first bank e-dividend payment to my account since you said they did their AGM 21st May 2015 and payment date on 25th May 2015.
      Please kindly advise and help me.Thanks.You can reply to this e-mail address which is: femkol2000@yahoo.com

  14. Good evening sir, please am a shareholder of diamond back since 29/08/2005 and I haven’t gotten any dividend warrent. Thanks Gift Nwanyinnaya Nwaobia(gifttorsbaby@yahoo.com) 08037338071. Contact me & God bless you!

  15. Please try & reply me because I really want to know what happened to shares, it over 10years now since I bought 1000 volume shares worth 6500. Please help. Thanks, my number 08037338071(gifttorsbaby@yahoo.com)

  16. I bought shares with Transcorp some years past and Up till now I have not had my certificate. I have written demanding for this with evidence of purchase ofthe shares but nothing happened. What can l do to get it or at least get update on the dividends.

  17. Please I have shares in some companies but I am yet to open an CSCS account. I have not been receiving dividend and bonuses for some. Is it because of this

  18. Hello; please I am a first timer in the stock exchange, relatively green really. I need Investment 101 to know how to invest, strategies to take, and goals. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks.

  19. pls i want to change my post box how can i go about it,i told my broker already but she is charging me #1000 per registrar, i need help on how i can do it myself
    , you can watsapp me 08136265075

  20. Hi, I have shares of UBA, Zenith Bank, Transcorp, International Breweries, Intercontinental Bank, and Dangote Sugar through IPO, but I left Nigeria since 2008 to further my education. As a result I have never received any of the dividends and bonuses since then. Can I get all of them when I return or have I lost them all for being away?

  21. I haven’t receive $y dividend for international brew ,dangote flour and oando,pls I don’t know why and if someone is trading through stock broker does one need to reeceive share cerfiticate,and if no ,how can I conferm they buy the stock I paid for

  22. Sometime earlier this yeae l bought First Bank at N13.00 and seeing the price going to N5.00. Am worried; please what do you advise me.

  23. Thank for this platform that provides an opportunity for us all to address the problems that prospective and existing investors face in our markets. I will be most grateful if you can include me in your mailing list to keep myself abreast with the developments in the Capital Market.

  24. Why is it that Copanies declare both dividend and bonus at the same time but do not pay and release at the same time the dividend and the bonus they declared? For example this year First BankPlc, GSK, mcnichols, etc declared dividends and bonuses paid dividends since without the bonuses. These Companies should remember that shareholders hold confidence in their shares, hence they should do something.

    • This is a good observation. Paying cash dividend and bonus shares involve different processes. However, it is not an excuse for delaying payment of bonus shares

    • Beco Petroleum just released its long awaited results. They posted a N344m loss and now have negative retained earnings of about N2b. I don’t see them paying dividends in the nearest future

  25. Thank you for a goodforum of this nature, particularly the we way you explained technical issues, for example the closure of Registers date, different process of dividend and bonus payments, etc. kindly help in mentioning few stocks that one can pay close attention to now as an investor to the end of the year through the early part of next year. Thank you and best wishes.

  26. Sir this forum is very educative for me. May I know what foreign investors mean, as we normally hear withdrawal of them, and their coming back. Supposed it will mean other Nationals coming to invest in our stock market, can we also invest in other Nations stock? If so can it be through our Nigerian Securities or special Agents and where does one fine one? Many will want to know interms of process and procedure,please.

  27. Hi,
    I haven’t receive any dividend from Skye bank, GTB and Zenith since 2005, visited GTB registrars but then i found out that my name on the certificate doesn’t correspond with the name on my bank account and my other IDs. Now I don’t know how to go about it, please can you give a solution out of this.

    • Hi King, it will be 0.4 multiplied by the number of shares that you have. If you have 10,000 shares then your dividend will be N4000 (gross of taxes). After tax of 10% will be N3, 600

  28. I bought shares in mutual benefit assurance more than six years back and haven’t received any form of dividend in that time. Can you advice me on how to liquidate my shares as it has become a liability.

  29. Please, i do not have access to the address i gave you for my dividend correspondence. Also i want to change my address and also like to be receiving my dividend through e-payment. How do i go about it?

      • how do i receive my dividend from transcorp? I bought their shares since 2007 havent receive any dividend yet. They said i should link my account with them. How do i do that?…what is my shares worth now? I bought 1000 units of shares..if am to sell what is my shares worth?

        • Hi Mommodu, you will have to get in touch with their registrar’s Africa Prudentials Plc. Transcorp started paying dividends sometime in 2013 so you won’t get for the period between 2007 and 2012 as they were loss making at the time. Let us know if you want us to assist further. Send us an email info@nairametrics.com

  30. Happy day sir, i bought shares with the transcorp at the first offer but till date no certificate or any feedback information. 08028410470 pls thi is my number. Am Jeremiah Samson Eyo

  31. please i need to know what is happening to my shares in Nigerian breweries. i don’t where, how or who to ask concerning my dividends. I dont receive mails and need some many answers to many of questions in my mind.

    • Hello Igbadumhe! Did you purchase the shares through IPO or you bought it from the secondary market through your broker? I work in a stockbroking firm and would love to be of help to you. Here’s my number: 07081181586. Call for further clarification.

  32. Please help with the dividend history of these companies from 2008. Not even on there websites thought NSE should have it:-
    Access, UBA, GTBank, PZ, Prestige, Presco, Nahco, Nascon, Maybaker and FCMB

  33. I’m new to your forum which I discovered from doing a bit of research. Your list of dividends declared so far above is very useful but I noticed some of the payment dates for September have years ranging from 2016 to 2046 for 2015 AGMs, should they all be 2015 and this is merely an error?

  34. Access Bank PLC, the beneficiaries of my shares from Intercontinental bank are not acknowledging my primary shares of ten thousand (10,000) units just because the primary share certificate did not get to me and hence could not be verified before the bank folded. They only recognise One thousand eight hundred and forty six (1,846) units which are from the two bonus certificates that were verified. The then Intercontinental bank was acknowledging that till the handing over as shown by the dividend slips sent to me. Please what shall I do to enjoy my entitlements? thanks, Ntun, Wilfred.

  35. how do i receive my dividend from transcorp? I bought their shares since 2006 but havent receive any dividend yet. they always send me text and emails regarding the agm meetings and so on. I called this number 07080606400 , they picked up went through and information i provided on the phone and they saw i have unpaid dividend with the. They said i should link my account with them. How do i do that? I have been calling same number all morning but they not picking. kindly call me if you have a ggestion or a stock brokers . thanks 08062991807

  36. Wants to know the closure date of register for UACN PROP like to invest in the stock, what is your take on this decision please, need prompt respond. thanks H.J.G.

  37. Good day Sir,
    I want to have the list of campanes that pay dividend from 2011 to 2016, Included the amount of dividend paid and

  38. Thank you sir for the wonderful work you are doing on this platform.

    Please sir, can you help me to get the record of years INTERACTIONAL BREWERY gave BONUSES between 2003 to 2017 and the number of BONUSES per SHARE given in those years. Thank you sir.

  39. I bought shares with Transcorp some years past and I have not receive any dividend/bonus. I have the ceritificate. What can l do to get it or at least get update on the dividends.


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