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Okey Enelamah had his Senate screening on Wednesday and as expected impressed on several accounts. We tracked the hearing and as usual noted some of his notable punchlines which covered several burning issues on the economy.

On investment, Okechukwu Enelamah said:

“We need to invest in hard and soft infrastructure.”

On unemployment:

“Our youths should be getting training that can make them equipped. The most important thing a young man needs to get is skill.”

On national growth:

“All growth are not equal, there is growth and there are growths. The potential of this country is enormous.”

“We are facing challenging times in this nation. We need shared visions.”

His Promise: ‘I will work tirelessly in collaboration with other stakeholders in building a Nigeria of our dreams.”

On Job creation: Enelamah said: 


“We need to build an economy that is all-inclusive, an economy that will create jobs.” “Me and my generation have benefited so much from the nation and it’s time to give back.”

Enelamah on tax payment:

“We need to have a responsible government that will create a relationship with the people. The tax we collect in this country is quite small”

On The Budget:

“We should budget for what we can spend and spend what we have. The key is transparency and accountability.”

On Investment:

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“We need to create room for local investors to invest and give opportunity for Local entrepreneurs. Foreign investors don’t invest because our local investors don’t invest in Nigeria. It’s sends a wrong message.”

On The Naira:

“There is a difference between Interest rate and Currency rate.  One of the reasons why interests rates are high is because of the Currency.”

Still on Investment:

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“We need to signal that we are friendly to investors to create an enabling environment. Most people will only invest in places where they are sure to get returns. I believe we can attract investment.”

Enelamah says: “To have an enabling environment, we need to have a clear vision of what we want.”

Concerning Power:


“We need collaboration to solve the power problem.”

On National development: 

“No nation develops on its own, its paramount that an environment is attractive for investors to invest.”

Enelamah on Foreign Exchange Policy:

“We need to look at the policies that will foster inclusive growth. You have to create an enabling environment to export.”

On the Private and Public Sector :

“I’m a greater believer of the partnership that can occur in the private and public sector. The Private Sector wants profit & Public Sector wants service to the people, I believe they can coexist.”



  1. Sometime.we Nigerians are surprised on the nomination of Okay Enelamah for Nigerian ministerial postion.an outsider,who did not featured on Nigerian radar,we will be happier,if we knows what postion,Mr. president will fit in.is it cormmerce or finance or transport ?.from what he said,he hits nail on the target,or I will defar my joy and happiness,when he assumes postion,so we Nigerians will hold responsibilities for happiness or sadness

  2. nothing new or spectacular. Nothing specific. It will be novel if he says he will quit if the enabling environment is not created or that the government is not sincere

  3. I do not see any ideas on what he has said. As far as I am concerned, anyone who needs to be confirmed can make those general statements or give the non-committal answers. I was expecting some expertise opinion on those issues he was addressing considering the excitement that his nomination has raised.
    Anyway, lets see what happens next


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