[CORRUPTION] Oshiomole Explains Why PDP Officials Should be ‘Selectively Dealt With’

Governor Oshiomole has been lately busy taking jibes at officials of the last government insisting that they should face corruption charges. He has also received some flak as critics also suggest the same level of focus on the past government should also be placed on officials of the APC.

But Oshiomole is not one to relent and he doesn’t waste time to rub more salt to the injury whenever an opportunity arises. It’s no wonder he had this to say when he represented the Chairman of the APC during a reception held in Abuja on Friday night by the  Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) for  the  Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity,Mr. Femi Adesina, and the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity,Mallam Garba Shehu, both of whom are former President of the guild

Selective targeting


“They (Adesina and Garba)  are serving a President who appreciates that these problems have to be confronted headlong: a President who boldly told the world that the issue of corruption, if it is not killed, it will kill us. And since we don’t want to die, we have to kill corruption.

“But the forces behind corruption are powerful; some are visible and some are not visible. They are men and women of means. Many are even billionaires in dollar and euro.

“Now where are the forces that will queue behind the president to confront the drivers of corruption? As you can see, people are already asking questions about due process, people are asking questions about selective prosecution and so on.

“And it will be the job of Shehu and Femi to remind people that if you managed a house for 16 years and members of the community believe that the house has not been properly managed and that the reason for the mismanagement is that some people wilfully resorted to corrupt practices, you can only deal with those in that house, the people who had responsibility for managing the house.

“So when you select those people and deal with them, of course it is selective. You can only select from among those who are involved with crime. Editors will help to take this to our people.”

One good turn deserves another

“my helicopter was stopped when I was going to Ekiti State  as a governor with immunity. I was stopped by a low-level military officer from flying to Ekiti because my purpose was to campaign. I didn’t quite hear pastors protest on my behalf.

“When Rotimi Amaechi was detained by a Commissioner of Police in Rivers State and they moved tankers to Government House, heavens didn’t fall.”

No corruption without casualties

”it is only in Nigeria that ,for 16 years, a particular political party was in power, they were fighting corruption war but there were no casualties. It is like the Nigerian Police that sees criminal and shoot into the air.”

He said that for once  Nigeria now has a President with enormous political will to get the job done.

“Whether in the course of doing it, he will make a mistake that he will become too careful as to leave the job undone. For all of us who agree, lamentations won’t be our portion forever. It is time to get organized and deal with these issues.”


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