Podcast – How To Invest In Nigerian Treasury Bills


This Podcast explains how to invest in Nigerian Treasury Bills in a practical manner. Don’t hesitate to drop your comments and feedbacks. They are very important to us.

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  1. UGODRE, honestly your podcast on T. Bills is really insightful. I read your article on bonds, but it will be very sacrosanct if we can have it on podcast to digest on the go.

  2. This is fantastic, Ugodre. Thanks!

    Do you have any tips for non-residents or foreigners who wish to invest in Nigerian T-bills? Can a Nigerian stockbroker assist with this? If so, can I request that the interest be deposited directly into my trading account?

    • Hi Ryan, I believe a foreigner can invest in Nigerian Treasury Bills as most foreigners already do. All you need to do is deposit funds with your broker following which the account will be debited once your bid for Tbills are accepted. The interest will be paid into your trade value account as well as the face value once matured.

  3. Thanks a lot Mr Ugodre for this Podcast. I finally understand it now you’re doing incredibly well by giving sight to the sightless and directions to the confused,Please keep it up.
    In terms of investment we still expect more from you.Stay Bless more Grace to your elbow.

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