As promised, we present the first part of our special focus on Nigerian Bank stocks. Our analyst take us through Tier 1Banks in Nigeria looking at the results, business model and future prospects. Nigerian banks have taken a beaten lately and whilst some think its a no go area for investors others see an opportunity.

Our analyst, Tunji and Wale give and interesting take on the top 5 Tier 1 banks in Nigeria giving their opinion on whether to Buy, Sell or Hold. This is an exclusive podcast and another you probably can’t help listening to over and over again.

Scroll down to stream or download the entire podcast.

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  1. Hi Ugodre, here is congratulating you on a good job. Interesting podcast. on the matter of rights issue being a dilution of holdings, i think it is a 2-pronged issue. On the aspect of holdings, your podcast treated the issue thoroughly. Would however want to shed light on the aspect of ROE. When extra shares are issued, it means that there are more owners who eat from the same pie. That pie may be bigger, the same size, or smaller depending on the company performance for the year; in any case, more mouths to feed is never a good thing for a business. Or in Tunji’s voice; “The ribena doesn’t taste so sweet anymore.”


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