The Malabu Saga: Timeline Of Major Events (Updated April 14, 2017)

Nairametrics| The controversy surrounding the Malabu Oil and Gas deal has been one interesting case keeping Nigerians entertained, as the constant twists and turns in the case remind one of a well-scripted television drama series. However, to those involved in this web of corruption, deception and theft, this is no drama, as billions of dollars are at stake.

For those having difficulty keeping up with developments surrounding the case, we bring you a timeline of major events most of which were sourced from media reports.

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All this story about this malabu scandal clear,even by nairametric.I THOUGHT THE GOVT WOULD HAVE DETAIN OR PUT CHIEF ETETE IN PRISON BY NOW IF HE IS STILL ALIVE OR IN NIGERIA.on what basis is mahammed abacha issuing a law suit against anybody.Mohammed abacha should be ashamed of himself.he have the audacity and proud to show his face any where in Nigeria.
” A man cannot have something he does not have”,and there is a latin word in legal term,and this,the English word,i have just said,and that applied to mohammed abacha and chief etete,govt do not go to court,to take procession of this oil,field.let mohammed abacha,chief etete,mohammed adoke,shell and eni go to court,if they acquired this oil field legally and lawfully according Nigerian laws..and I feels they will not go court,as they will take cover and run for their lives,as the govt would have charged to go to cout,a long time ago,smelling rod in kirikiri.What the f–ck is this ?
we are reading that EFFCC is going to court,for govt to take what is lawful govt property,to be hold on trust on behalf of the Nigerian people.WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THIS ?.WE THOUGHT THE EFFCC SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THOSE CRIMINALS TO COURT,ON MULTIPLE CHARGES,E.G DEFRAUDING THE NIGERIAN it looks some sections in this govt are shielding some powerful people in Nigeria.all man are created equal in the eyes of look at the sum of money allocates and shared by some Nigerians.govt would have got them at least on laundry and receiving stolen money, and I think they all knows what they are doing,and you are saying Nigeria is in recession technically by the finance minister,even defrauding Nigerian govt and stealing govt fund is stealing technically.

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