When it comes to raising venture capital funding for a start-up, founders require more than just having a wonderful idea which they believe will change the world and a few paying customers.

In reality, funding a start-up is hard work, especially in today’s highly competitive market. So every business owner needs, just a robust strategy but a creative one in order to get sufficient funds for his business.

Nigerian start-ups can learn from Vettery, a New York City-based start-up specializing in matching job seekers with the best possible employer. It recently raised $9 million in series-A funding led by Greycroft Partners and Raine Ventures.

The deck starts with Vettery’s company vision — in one simple sentence.


The next slide gives a more detailed overview of the business. Basically, Vettery is a marketplace for job seekers and employers. It also has an in-house “talent executive” who works through the whole job-searching process, making it easier for the candidate and employers.



“We decided to describe the problem through a user story. We told the story of how a hiring manager struggles to find talent, and how Vettery solves this problem,” Vettery cofounder Adam Goldstein tells us.


It immediately backs up the story with hard data, showing the traction it’s seeing and validating its vision.



And then it jumps straight into its financial numbers.



Another slide explains that there’s a huge market opportunity.




It clearly shows who the competitors are and what the whole market landscape looks like.


More details around how Vettery’s technology stands out from the rest and where it sees it in the future.



That’s it!




Parts of this article was culled from Businessinsider.com who obtained a copy of the actual slide deck that Vettery used to pitch to its investors.

The slide deck is notable for its brevity and conciseness, and should be worth a look for any start-up seeking investment.


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