How to standout in a saturated market

How to standout in a saturated market

One of the most effective ways to break into a saturated or oversaturated market is by offering a product that is new to the industry or improving upon one that already exists.
CBN reacts to Naira float

Does one’s fat salary automatically guarantee wealth?

We often determine how wealthy a person is by taking a look at what he earns and how he lives. However, as the saying goes, looks can sometimes be deceptive. So what does wealth accumulation entail? And what does it require? Let us find out.
Investment diversity

Fixed Income expert explains why investors should diversify their investments

A Nigerian fixed-income expert, Igho Alonge, recently shared on Twitter reasons why investors should always embrace the idea of diversifying their investments.
Mother and child

Children Day Special: Simple tips to train your kids on how to save money

Children's Day may have been yesterday, but all of us at Nairametrics are still in the celebration mode. We celebrate with the world's children because they are the light up our world and the hope for the future.
Central Bank of Nigeria

How to get the Central Bank of Nigeria to credit your account

Doesn’t it feel good to be a lender of money? Yes, it does, especially if you know the borrower is creditworthy and would repay you with interest as at when due. The Central Bank of Nigeria could always borrow money from you and repay you when the time is due.
sound, C & I Leasing Plc, NSE launches factbook, Top 10 stockbroking firms

Things to consider when investing in shares (Part 2)

Things to consider when investing in shares (Part 2)
Annual results, Delist a company,annual results, annual, results, nse

How to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange

How to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange
Emotional intelligence

Why you need emotional intelligence to successfully run a business

Why you need emotional intelligence to successfully run a business Basically, emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognise, understand, and manage one’s feelings and emotions, as well as those of others.
Tax Waivers for startups - Emotional intelligence

Six easy ways to market your new business on internet

6 easy ways to market your new business on the internet #SME #MSME #Business
Amateur Investors, SEC

For Amateur Investors: SCM Capital shares 5 mistakes to avoid as a beginner

Often times, amateur investors make mistakes that could have entirely been avoided if they had prior knowledge about how investments work.
Investment diversity

A Fixed Income Expert shares thoughts on how to grow one’s net worth

A Fixed Income Manager, identified as Igho Alonge on Twitter, recently shared some insights on how to grow one's net worth.
Nigerian Stock Exchange

Difference Between Trade & Settlement Dates

This is where the disparity between the trade and settlement date occurs.

What the terms ‘Capital Gains’ and ‘Investment Income’ mean

The terms Capital Gains and Investment Income are explained via clear and easy to understand illustrations.

How Not To Invest In Shares

Meet Bright, the “intrepid" investor  Bright thought it was time to get into the stock market business and decided to open an account with a...
How to build a profitable Mutual Fund Portfolio

How to build a profitable Mutual Fund Portfolio

How to build a profitable Mutual Fund Portfolio
Here are 10 actions that can make you a successful investor, portfolio diversification

Here are 10 actions that can make you a successful investor

Investors will tell you different stories containing contrasting investment strategies, multiple inspirations and different risk appetites.
This Is the Portion of Your Salary Exempted/Deductible from Tax

This Is the Portion of Your Salary Exempted/Deductible from Tax

The Personal Income Tax Act was amended in June, 2011, to address some of the issues with the previous act.
Mutual funds

Understanding mutual fund cutoff time

I have read some complaints and observations from some mutual fund investors on forums like Nairaland about their mutual fund trading orders either not...
Avoid paying taxes

How to avoid paying excessive taxes in Nigeria

Taxes are statutory obligations of every citizen and businesses in a country. It is thus a major factor in determining how much income you...

Best money making gifts to get for bae on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and everybody is already thinking about what he or she is going to give out as a gift to...

How much stockbrokers charge for buying and selling shares

Purchase - Stockbrokers in Nigeria will charge an investors a maximum of 1.855% of the purchase consideration whenever you want to buy stocks ...
Company Prospectus

What every retail investor must know about Company Prospectus

A company prospectus contains vital information about companies looking to source funds from the public. Retail Investors often ignore reading the prospectus and...

Investment Clubs: Have they run out of fashion?

How many times have you had to bite your finger at the disappointment of passing up a business opportunity for which you were financially...

Guide to Nigerian Pension Fund Contribution

This article explains what you need to know about Nigerian Pension Fund Contribution. It addresses; How much to contribute ...

A case for investing in dividend stocks

This articles explains some of the advantages an investors can get when they invest in dividend stocks from companies quoted on the NSE.
Investing in FGN Bonds

Frequently asked questions about investing in FGN Bonds

I'm sure you've probably come across the word "Bonds" before. Either in the news, online or on the pages of a newspaper. I can...
CBN Gov Godiwn Emefiele

Investing in Nigeria’s FGN Bonds Explained

This articles explains what an FGN Bond is and how you can invest in one. What is a Bond? A bond is a contract between a...

Mergers and Acquisitions: a new business tool for a new Nigerian business age

Okay, so we know that the McBrain & Company business model is dedicated mainly to fostering small business growth, but hey! Let’s face it,...

Why your stocks can be placed on full or technical suspension

Movement in share prices is caused by a lot of factors. Some of these factors are external and beyond the control of a company....
copyright symbol

Use of your copyright symbol

What does copyright Protect? Copyright protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software,...
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Police shuts Opay office in Kano

Emerging reports have it that the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has shut down the office of online payment portal, OPay.
Femi Otedola

Femi Otedola is having a Gelato experience with his billionaire friends

So, Femi Otedola took a break and hung out somewhere nice with some of his billionaire friends. They even ate some ice cream. Guess the name of the ice cream? It's #Gelato
Cashless Policy

Outrage as Nigerians react to new CBN deposit and withdrawal charges

More reactions have continued to trail the Central Bank of Nigeria’s partial implementation of deposit and withdrawal charges for individuals and companies in Nigeria. #CashlessPolicy