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Nigerian billionaires

5 habits of Nigeria’s business billionaires you should emulate

Billionaires inspire us to be great just as they are. However, they didn’t achieve success by mere luck. Find out the habits that have helped them to.
As fears rise over the sustainability of America’s Social Security Fund...

As fears rise over the sustainability of America’s Social Security Fund…

The path to extinction seems to be the route on which the famous Social Security Trust Fund of America is on as at moment.
Understanding debt

Understanding Debt: How individuals and businesses can use it responsibly

Don't go swimming in debt. Take a moment to learn about how best to manage your personal and business debt in order to use it to your advantage.
10 Books you should read to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset

10 Books you should read to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset

To start and grow a thriving business, you need to make books a regular part of your diet. Just like food is for the nourishment to the body, so are books the nourishment to the mind.
Naira currency

If you have N1m today, how would you invest it?

21-year old Ade, was gifted N1m by his rich aunty. He wants to save this to fund his wedding in 10 years. How should he deploy this fund? Find out via the link below...
financial management

Financial management tips every serious couple should try

Issues faced by couples are not just because there’s no love or respect. They are not even about sex. Instead, most of the issues arise due to poor financial management.
Nine Nigerian youths on the 2018 Forbes' 30 under 30 Africans

Must entrepreneurs be in their twenties in order to succeed?

Nowadays, it seems like the sermon everyone is preaching is “entrepreneurs shall inherit the earth’’.
technology and software

You can pursue a career in tech without knowing how to code!

There are so many things you can do in tech that will not require you to touch a line of code. Click the link to see some of them.
Managing "emotional returns" in investments is key to staying on track

10 quotes that would help you invest better

Not everyone has the patience to read 640 pages of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, or John Bogle's The Little Book of Common Sense Investing.
Mutual Fund fees

Understanding Mutual Fund Fees: Management Fee

Mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers, pension fund managers, and other fund management companies, all charge fees. This is how they get rewarded for managing your money.
Diamondxtra, Access Diamond merger, Diamond Bank, Access Bank, Consolidation, Merger, Shareholders, International Women's Day

How to protect your deposits during a bank merger or acquisition

Upon hearing that the bank you do all your monetary transactions with is being acquired by or merging with another bank, your first thought goes to your money.
Businesses in Nigeria | Make money from a single product

How to make $1bn from a single product in Nigeria

Nigerian businesses owned by foreign nationals have thrived. Here's a look at how they did it.
Valentine's Day gift box

4 incredible financial gifts for your partner on Valentine’s Day

Here are 4 financial gifts you can get your significant other this Valentine's Day.
Valentine’s Day

Impress on a budget: Don’t break hearts or the bank this Thursday

REMEMBER: Don't break hearts or the bank this Thursday!
Valentine's day business ideas

Businesses that will profit from Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day, a day when many people exchange romantic gifts with their lovers is fast approaching.
MMM Ponzi Scheme

Sad reason why Nigerians keep falling prey to Ponzi Schemes

This explains why Ponzi Schemes continue to popular in the country, despite the disappointment aftermaths often associated with it.
How to save money in 2019

How to Save More In 2019

2018 has come and gone and some of us are still wondering what we did with all the money we got in 2018.
Shopping on a budget

How you can shop on a budget this Christmas season

A visit to some of the major shopping hotspots in Lagos, revealed just how much Nigerians are willing to splash money all in the name of Christmas
Investing in stocks Photo by Mark Finn on Unsplash

Why do I need an insurance

5 years ago, one Saturday morning, I climbed a 27 feet ladder to clean the gutters on the roof of our house after the...
Nigerian Stock Exchange

What You Need To Know About The Term “Basis Point (BPS)”

It is typically used to express differences in interest rates of less than 1% per year.

How Not To Invest In Shares

Meet Bright, the “intrepid" investor  Bright thought it was time to get into the stock market business and decided to open an account with a...

Money questions you must ask in relationship talks

Money revolves around all aspects of human endeavours and is a necessary modality to consider when going into a romantic relationship that will probably...
How to build a profitable Mutual Fund Portfolio

How to build a profitable Mutual Fund Portfolio

For those who do not have the time or expertise required to do the analysis involved in selecting good stock investments, mutual funds can...
Mutual funds

These are the best performing mutual funds for the week ended April 6, 2018

Data from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website shows the Net Asset Value (NAV) of mutual funds increased by 2.49% from N529 billion for the week ended March 29, 2018 to N542 billion for the week ended April 6, 2018. Equity and money market funds delivered largely negative returns, while bond and fixed income […]

Old 50 kobo note

Three quick ways to find out if a stock is overvalued

Deciding what stock to buy can be a challenge especially in a bullish market. Bullish markets are characterized by higher returns on the average...
Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

This is the best Mutual Fund in Nigeria this year so far

Data from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) says there are 73 Mutual Funds in the country as at March 29, 2018. The Mutual Funds...
CBN Gov Godiwn Emefiele

Explained: Bank Charges, Fees & Interest Rates approved by the CBN

Explaining The New Bank Charges, Lending And Deposit Rates Announced By The CBN The Central Bank on Nigeria released a new set of guidelines to...

How to organize a budget wedding with N100,000

A budget wedding hardly comes to mind when you dream of your wedding day However, as they...
Land in Lagos

Basic guide to buying land in Lagos

Owning land in Lagos can be seen as a good business venture as well as a wise futuristic investment ...

5 things you must know before you turn your lover to spouse

Most Nigerians strongly believe the misconception that marriage often brings misfortune. This statement is not only untrue but bias. It is common practice (especially...


Billionaires club: The current owners of MTN who need to sell for you to...

If you are one of those very active social media enthusiasts on WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook, then you must have come across the image...

MTN Nigeria has signed a N200 billion loan deal that effectively shuts out any...

MTN Nigeria's debuted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange by listing over 20 billion shares at N90 per share. Since then the stock has gained 20%, increasing its market cap by over N360 billion to N2.2 trillion.
CBN begins process for proposed Payments System Vision 2030

CBN begins process for the proposed Payments System Vision 2030

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has begun the process of developing the Payment System Vision 2030 strategy, which will define the strategic agenda for the Nigerian Payments System for the next ten years.