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Lead Wallet: An exclusive DeFi access and multi-cryptocurrency management application

Users can now have access to all their favourite DeFi protocols from the comfort of their wallet.



In recent times, there has been an upsurge in the popularity of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency usage. Some key factors behind this increase in addition to the potential profits that could be made from owning these cryptocurrencies is the decentralization and control which this technology offers.

DeFi has become a big thing in the crypto space over the past months, as a total sum of $9.03 billion has been locked in several DeFi protocols according to DeFi which stands for Decentralized Finance provides a means for users to earn from providing liquidity, lending, and many other economic transactions, to the protocol and to other users in a decentralized manner, and these rewards are rightly shared in the proportion of stakes deposited by the user as defined in the protocol’s smart contract. This is popularly referred to as “FARMING”.

To a beginner, the key question would be: “I don’t have a cryptocurrency nor a wallet to store one, where do I even start from?”, and an advanced user’s wish would be to have all the different DeFi protocols and assets managed from one platform to reduce the pain of moving from one shop to another, hence spending time and transaction fees. Well, this is where Lead Wallet’s solution comes in.

Lead wallet is the world’s simplest multi-cryptocurrency wallet with a user interface beautifully designed for easy understanding, storage of multiple crypto assets, spending, swapping and exchanging of these assets with just few clicks and direct access to all kinds of DeFi protocols.

Yes, users can now have access to all their favourite DeFi protocols from the comfort of their wallet, and the best part of it is that all the relevant digital assets will be accepted.

The Lead wallet Beta App is set to launch in October 2020, and upon delivery, users will be able to store, send, spend, swap, stake, and exchange their BTC, ETH, DOGE, ERC20 tokens such as YFI, SUSHI at the speed of light via direct access to Uniswap and other major DeFi apps (will be announced soon). Shortly after the public beta launch, other digital assets and DeFi apps will be integrated along with 100+ additional crypto assets.

In other to achieve the above goals, the Lead wallet team has recently secured two big partnerships in late August. The first one is with ChangeNOW Exchange, which will serve as the liquidity gateway for users to swap between digital assets in the Lead Wallet application, and the second partnership is with Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID) that will be responsible for conducting the Lead Token pre-sale schedule to hold on the 3rd of September 2020. The partnership with LID means that upon the successful completion of the token sale, 75% of the funds raised will auto-locked on Uniswap for trading liquidity.

Hence, the Lead Wallet team invites the general public to join in the Lead token presale so as to have you as an early holder of LEAD token as there will be added rewards for all who participate in the sales. Read the full details of our presale offer here.

For further inquiries about Lead wallet and partnership, send us an email: [email protected]

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Soloti Gaming Limited announces entry into Nigeria’s Gaming Industry, promises best betting experience

Soloti Gaming Limited is poised to revolutionise the sports betting industry in Nigeria.



The management of Soloti Gaming Limited, a new investor in Nigeria’s fast-growing gaming industry has announced its entry into the gaming sector.

Soloti Gaming Limited recently obtained its operation licenses from the National Lottery Board and the Lagos State Lottery Board and is poised to revolutionise the sports betting industry in Nigeria.

The Chairman of Soloti, Mr. Adebayo Tade expressed optimism at the consistent growth trend in the gaming industry in Africa and Nigeria.

According to Mr. Tade, “We have over the last two years been conducting extensive research on the gaming industry in Africa, notably West Africa, and we believe it is time to revolutionise and reposition the gaming industry in Nigeria, offering innovative and more strategic outcomes beneficial to the over 70 million Punters in the Nigeria Gaming industry”.

Speaking on the entry of Soloti Gaming Limited’s foremost product FRAPAPA, Mr. Derrick Bell, Chief Executive Officer stated, “We are thrilled to announce the entry of FRAPAPA; a unique product under Soloti Gaming Limited into Nigeria’s fast-rising gaming industry. Our entry into Nigeria supports our strategic business decision and global growth strategy aimed at adding value to the gaming industry through innovative offerings, human capital engagement and the value chain of wealth creation.”

Mr Bell, a Technology & Business expert has over the last ten years working as an ICT business consultant in the United Kingdom further stated that “Over the next few weeks, FRAPAPA will be unveiled for engagement and patronage with unique propositions that are of global standards”. The FRAPAPA brand value proposition will create passion, wealth, and more wins for Punters. The new platform will address the challenges observed during consultations with Punters. FRAPAPA is expected to provide faster pay-outs, great odds, a user-friendly platform, and most significantly an attractive welcome bonus.

While commenting on the entry of FRAPAPA to the Nigerian market, Mr. Layi Olayinka, the Chief Operating Officer said, “I am super excited to be part of the highly innovative team of experts coming to the Nigerian gaming industry. Our vision is clear; we want to create a gaming framework that provides a superior betting platform with impactful, life-changing offerings and more.”

He further stated “Our team boasts of more than 40 years of combined experience in the UK Gaming and Technology sector, and we aim to use our vast array of experience to deliver a platform that offers a premium gaming experience while ensuring swift pay- outs, withdrawals, SMS notifications for winnings, odds boost and a data-friendly apps/website for a thrilling user experience. Collectively, our knowledge will be used to forge a highly effective and intuitive network for our business, providing abundant resources and organizational tenacity that will result in the successful delivery of the ideal betting experience that Nigerian punters deserve and envision.”

Soloti Gaming Limited is committed to upholding its brand promise as both an enabler and business entity providing an opportunity to empower more Nigerians to become financially independent both as Punters and Agents.

In fulfilment of its key goal in contributing positively towards youth employment and empowerment in Nigeria, Soloti Gaming Limited has indicated that they would be creating job opportunities both directly & indirectly for thousands of Nigerians over the next 3 years.

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The Best ETF Brokers

In layman’s terms, ETFs allow you to own multiple underlying assets, rather than one.



Exchange-traded funds, or better known as ETFs, are baskets of securities that trade on an exchange, similar to stock. Their share prices fluctuate daily as they are bought and sold and can contain all types of investments. The reason why ETFs are so popular is that they offer low expense ratios and fewer broker commissions than buying stocks individually.

In layman’s terms, ETFs allow you to own multiple underlying assets, rather than one. Thanks to that fact, they have become extremely popular. With all that being said, we wanted to provide you with some of the best ETF brokers on the market which can help you make the right decision and invest smartly. We are also going to name the types of ETFs as a way to get you more familiar with this type of investing.

Types of ETFs

Let’s start with the types of exchange-traded funds first. There are 5 main types of ETFs which are used for income generation, price increases, speculations, etc. The first type is bond ETFs which include corporate bonds, municipal, and government bonds. They are well-known for their transparency pricings, something that was only available to institutional investors.

Next up, we have industry ETFs which track a particular industry, like oil, banking, gas, or technology. These ETFs have a high level of liquidity, which means that there are rarely any tracking errors. Commodity ETFs are used to invest in physical goods like natural resources and precious metals. They are usually focused on a single commodity or investments in future contracts.

Currency ETFs are used to invest in foreign currencies as the name of the ETF suggests. These investments allow ordinary people to gain exposure to the forex market. Finally, inverse ETFs are constructed by using derivatives to profit from a decline in the value of an underlying benchmark.

Now that we’ve got the types of ETFs covered, let’s check out which are the best brokers in this field. While the full list of ETF brokerages contains more companies and it is worth a look, we are going to check out the top three competitors.


eToro is often regarded as the best ETF broker in the UK. It is home to homer 13 million traders from all around the world. One of the biggest benefits that you will experience with eToro is the chance to invest on a commission-free basis. To make things even better, eToro does not charge you with any ongoing maintenance fees and the company puts a massive highlight on its user-friendly service. eToro has multiple accepted payment methods that include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and certain e-wallets.


Next up, we have Libertex, a platform that is very easy to use, which is a great benefit, especially for new investors. Not only that, but the minimum deposit at this platform is lower than the competition, which adds a lot of flexibility to you. The commission fees are pretty low, it comes with a mobile app, supports MT4, it is secure and trustworthy, and supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal.

Libertex allows people to trade ETF CFDs with 0% spreads.


Lastly, we have a company that provides you with an alternative way to access the multi-trillion ETF industry. With Plus500 you can speculate whether certain ETFs will increase or decrease in value, rather than owning the assets. With it, you will experience certain benefits with Plus500 that you cannot find in the old-school brokerages. Not only that, but you also don’t pay any commission fees when using their services.

If you plan on registering at this site, the process of opening an account and depositing money lasts just a minute. Due to its advanced system, Plus500 is the perfect choice for the more experienced traders.

Things to Remember

Of course, when deciding to invest and when picking the right ETF brokerage company, it is important to know your needs. Be honest with yourself and your goals. If you are new to the game, you should place your focus on educating yourself first. After you get educated on the topic, you must start narrowing your field.

As you saw, there are plenty of options and industries to invest in. Spend some time to see which industry suits you the most. Figuring out what the fees for using brokerage firms are is also an important step. Finally, test the brokerage platform that you choose and get familiar with the process of depositing and withdrawing funds. That means finding out what is the minimum deposit and withdrawals, how fast are the transactions, what are the accepted payment methods, etc.

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