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Corporate Finance and Business Valuation redefined by Coronation Capital

Professor Aswath Damodaran took his time to provide practical guidance on the entire valuation process.



The word ‘valuation’ has been mistaken by several experts and audiences around the world as the process of pricing an asset. While some believe it is an opportunity for bargaining or negotiation between parties involved, lessons from the just concluded 2nd edition of the Coronation Capital Masterclass, which was tagged Corporate Finance and Business Valuation, suggests otherwise and the expert trainer provided a simplified process for carrying out company valuation.

The facilitator of the Masterclass, Professor Aswath Damodaran of New York University Sterns Business School took his time to provide practical guidance on the entire valuation process to the participants. According to him, “Valuation is not a science or an art, it is a craft that provides a bridge between values and numbers. Valuing an asset is not the same as pricing that asset. Valuation is driven by Cash-flows from existing assets, the growth in those cash flows and quality of the growth (which represents the risk in the process).

The Second edition of the Coronation Capital Masterclass which discussed “Corporate Finance and Business Valuation” with Professor Aswath Damodaran of the New York University Sterns Business School, unlike the first edition was hosted virtually due to the impact of the novel coronavirus on the globe which includes sustained travel restrictions.

Giving his opening remarks the Chairman of Coronation Capital Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede said the masterclass was an attestation to the value placed by the Coronation Capital and its ecosystem on valuation of assets and its culture of continuous learning and development. He described himself as a student of Professor Aswath Damodaran and believed it was a privilege to learn from the scholar.

Here are 10 key takeaways from the NYU Finance Professor’s classes during the Coronation Capital Masterclass session.

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  1. Valuation Is not a Science or Art, but a Craft
  2. Valuing an Asset is not the same as Pricing an Asset
  3. A Good Valuation is the expression of a Possible, Plausible and Probable story in numbers
  4. When developing stories from numbers, ensure to connect all drivers of value to valuation and keep the feedback loop open
  5. All Valuations are biased. The only question is how much and in which direction is the bias
  6. There is no precise valuation and “You don’t have to be right to make money, you just have to be less wrong than everybody else”
  7. As companies get larger, it gets more difficult to sustain value-adding growth
  8. The payoff to Valuation is greatest when it is least precise
  9. Simpler valuation models do much better than complex ones
  10. Always question but respect markets. The market is always right

“Valuation is a process that needs to developed, through understanding what the #company does, and ensuring the story is possible, probable, and plausible, it should not sound too abstract”. – @AswathDamodaran

Every Valuation starts with a narrative. In developing that narrative, the critical assessment of the following is crucial in providing a strong base of understanding about the business.

  1. The company (products, management & history)
  2. Present and future competition
  3. Macro environment in which it operates.

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Paid Content launches Ola – A personal wealth advisor on WhatsApp

Artificial Intelligence-enabled chatbot solutions like Ola make it easy to interact with users by providing virtual assistance 24-7.


on has announced the launch of a personal Wealth Advisor – Ola an AI-powered conversational investments chatbot developed to optimize Investment service delivery via WhatsApp, the preferred social and communication network. Ola aims to make it easy for customers to Invest and manage their portfolio easily via social media.

WhatsApp allows its users to communicate using less data while protecting shared data (conversations, media content, banking details, etc). Ola also processes authenticated transactions via one-time-passwords (OTPs) sent to users’ registered phone number or email.

Users can chat with Ola through the dedicated WhatsApp Chatbot number +234 904 444 8652 or via the link – You can perform pretty much all the Investment Services such as: Creating a account, link your account, browse investment products, Fund Cash Balance, Invest, View your Portfolio, View Market Summary, Check Order Status and ask Ola a question.

Artificial Intelligence-enabled chatbot solutions like Ola make it easy to interact with users by providing virtual assistance 24-7, just as a human would.

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Here is Ola’s Profile

  • I am Ola – a Chatbot on WhatsApp By
  • My name Ola means “Wealth”
  • I am an investment strategist.
  • I am easy to chat with; I am able to understand English, as well as other local languages, including pidgin and French. If you speak a bit of Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo to me, I’ll understand that too!
  • I’m your 24/7 chat buddy. You can talk to me any day and at any time.
  • I never take breaks or vacations. My goal is to make investing easier for you.
  • I can tell you all you need to know about Investment products and services available on
  • I’ll help you create a account, link your account, browse investment products and view Market Summaries and you can ask me any question.
  • For security purposes, I verify transactions via an OTP (one-time password) sent to your registered phone number and email.
  • I am always professional, polite and friendly in my responses to you.
  • What’s more, I’m a fast learner and I gain new skills from past interactions (much faster than your average customer service support)
  • Chat with me (Ola) on WhatsApp Now….

Speaking on the initiative, Digital Marketing Manager, Ifeoluwa Apampa mentioned that the decision to deploy the service is part of’s strategy to deliver optimum  customer experience through technology while also increasing the investment participation of customers by providing a scalable and efficient service for managing their investments and portfolios.

She further mentioned that African tech users like to be guided, to know what it is all about and how it can benefit them. They also want quick answers to their questions and Ola is well positioned to render assistance to users by helping them understand and navigate and manage their investment portfolios smoothly.

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Ola will augment’s existing customer touch points and be available to receive multiple queries and promptly respond with relevant investment information to various customers at the same time. However, customers cannot call the number since it is only reachable through WhatsApp chat. offers premium investment products such as Treasury Bills, Stocks, Bonds, Eurobonds, Agriculture and Wealth Cash and you can get all these done with your buddy Ola.

  • Have an account on and want to view your portfolio? Link your Account with Ola
  • Don’t have a account yet? Let Ola help you get started.
  • Already Investing and want to do more? Ola is just a chat away.

Ola promises to deliver a consistently great experience every time you chat with her, so if you have any questions, need investment advice or guidance, she’s got you covered!

Chat with Ola on WhatsApp Now

Here’s how to chat with Ola

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All you need to do is:

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  • Save the number +234 904 444 8652 to your phone contacts or use the link –
  • Search for Ola Chabot on your WhatsApp
  • Say hi to Ola
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Get chatting with Ola and invest on the go

It is our desire to ensure that we put Ola everywhere, but for now Ola has been rolled out to customers on WhatsApp and will soon be available on other platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram to guide customers through the wealth building journey.

Chat with Ola on WhatsApp Now



Based in Lagos, is your personal finance platform that gives you access to diverse investment options. It is a user-friendly Self-service platform set up to equip the everyday person with simple tools and advise needed to create wealth while meeting your short and long-term finance needs.

Launched over a year ago, has over 68,000 customers to its belt, 3 partner Integrations and processed over N4 Billion Investment Transactions.

To learn more about, please visit

Ola is powered by WealthTech, an entity registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an Investment Advisor. All investments on are carried out by Sankore Securities Limited, a Fund/Portfolio Manager as registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ola is the 3rd AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot from the stables of WealthTech Limited (A Subsidiary of Sankore Securities), besides Diamond Bank ADA – launched in March, 2018 and FCMB Temi launched in 2019.


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Trading club in Nigeria for US stock investors

The clubs’ mission is to simplify complex financial information and decisions so that individuals have the confidence to trade & invest better.



Trading club in Nigeria for US stock investors

30%Club, a trading club created for modern-day investors, wants every Millennial and Gen Z to invest in US Stocks. The club aims to be the go-to platform for educational and advisory resources for stocks and crypto investing. By breaking the knowledge barrier, we serve as a learning bridge for anyone looking to trade these markets. The US Stock market is the largest in the world and so every shrewd investor wants a slice of it. Now anyone can invest on any of the three regulated US Investment apps in Nigeria.

Thanks to the recent wave of fintech startups innovating brokerage services, tech-savvy millennials now have seamless and affordable access to the US stock markets. The timely introduction of Fractional Shares means folks can invest just $10 in their favourite companies effortlessly, from their smartphones. This new breed of enthusiastic investors will be naturally overwhelmed with the technical jargon and confusing terms, so there is a need for an educational bridge.

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The clubs’ mission is to simplify complex financial information and decisions so that individuals have the confidence to trade & invest better.

Business Data Analyst Femi Adeoye notes that according to the data, amateur, retail investors have flooded into the US stock market in droves this year, with popular apps in the States reporting huge spikes in younger users.

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Mirroring the trend in America, globally first-time investors in Asia, Latin America and Nigeria are trading popular stocks like Amazon & Apple, as well as Tesla, Zoom and high-growth companies.

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Users who sign-up with 30%Club have access to a dashboard with educational content, real-time market data, charting tools, instructional videos and podcasts. The platform is free for all to sign up while premium members are charged a fee for access to market intelligence from a few pros like Jim Cramer.

The club is non-custodial which means members handle & manage their capital personally. 30%Club does not invest nor trade on behalf of the public.

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Trading is the new cool.

Seyi Atere-Roberts, the clubs’ founder, believes there will be a gradual explosion in active trading among young folks, even though this may begin as a side-hobby or hustle, with a potential for appetite to significantly increase as a regular monthly income. DIY Investing will become the norm, especially with the rising number of investment schemes failing to deliver their promised returns.

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Stanbic IBTC

We aim to guide the new generation of investors by providing a simplified learning experience. We implore our members to allocate most of their capital to long-term investing in solid Stocks, ETFs & Bitcoin while the rest to trading trends and momentum. The power of compounding ensures their long term portfolio grows exponentially while their trading portfolio profits from short-term trends bringing in additional monthly income. Investing is a lifelong lifestyle, trading is the new cool and investing in these fascinating assets is going to be as common as TikTok within the next decade.

You can learn the basics in an hour on our simplified Podcast and holla on Twitter or Facebook

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What every Nigerian business owner ought to know about bouncing back from 2020

While there is indeed access to several business tools on the internet, none have quite the contextual precision of SME Shop.



It’s been said a thousand times already, 2020 was bad. But for those in business with a go-getter spirit, the question isn’t whether 2020 was bad or not, the question is how can 2021 be better? The answer to that question is SME Shop. If 2020 proved anything, it’s that having a great product, funding, and a group of people willing to buy what you’re selling, simply isn’t enough. You need to have knowledge, the kind of knowledge that defies pandemics, protests, and economic upsets. The kind of knowledge that SME Shop provides to MSMEs for free. SME Shop is the product of a collaboration between elite advertising agency TBWA Concept and Ford Foundation, which enlists industry experts in the delivery of lectures spanning marketing, distribution, best COVID-19 business practices, and so much more. It’s essentially a free, virtual masters in business. But how is SME Shop any different from the plethora of business gurus and hacks that exist online?

TBWA Concept assures that while there is indeed access to several business tools on the internet, none have quite the contextual precision of SME Shop. SME Shop’s lectures are delivered by the very people you look up to in business. It consists of leaders in fashion, tech, advertising, agric, and almost every industry you can conceive of. More so, because these are doers and not merely speakers of the word, you are afforded a learning curve that takes into consideration the many unique aspects of doing business in Nigeria, things like how to overcome the bureaucracy in accessing funds and grants. “Funding is important, but knowledge is better” says a TBWA Concept rep, the knowledge of how to access and apply those funds. And perhaps yours is an unconventional business, one made possible by the emergence of new media. Tik Tok, Influencer marketing, comedy, and content creation are quickly becoming viable businesses to pursue in Nigeria, but TBWA Concept insists that “Just because it’s a new business, doesn’t mean it won’t face the same old problems.” So it isn’t merely enough to know your craft, you must know the best business model to sell it.

TBWA Concept puts forward the example of the prosperous bubble that many businessmen in Nnewi lived in whilst the rest of Nigeria roiled in recession. It indicates that almost no market forces are beyond your control. With knowledge, all things are possible, so if you’re ready to innovate your way to business growth, this is it.

Beyond the virtual lectures, SME Shop provides consultations for MSME’s. You can register for the free courses here. Join the MSME revolution on our social media platforms and help your business bounce back from the upsets of 2020.

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