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Between saving, investing, speculating, trading & gambling

It is necessary to cultivate certain habits and avoid others that would affect our future income under economic uncertainties.



Financial skills everyone should master (1), Financial decisions for 2020, Between saving, investing, speculating, trading & gambling

I recently listened to a track titled ‘money trees’ by one of my favourite rap artists – Kendrick Lamar on his “Good Kid Maad City” album and was blown away.

“We all have dreams of getting shaded under a money tree” but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Between saving, investing, speculating, trading & gambling

Enough of the metaphors and back to reality… Whilst money doesn’t grow on trees, it is necessary to cultivate certain habits and avoid others that would affect our future income under economic uncertainties.


Saving is basically setting aside money from what you earn for a future purchase or to safeguard oneself against emergencies. Ideally, savings is money that can be easily accessible with little or no risk.

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It is a basic and essential skill/habit because it helps create capital, which can fund productivity. An individual or society that spends more than what it earns or doesn’t save will eventually meet its Waterloo.

As political, economic and financial activities develop especially for worse, it becomes difficult to save, especially in an inflation ravaged economy.

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A critical question to ask is what currency is ideal to save in considering the depreciation in value of currencies over time. Should one save in Naira, dollar or euros and what proportion is ideal?

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When you have saved a considerable amount of money, the next action is to put it to productive use so more interest can be generated and ultimately wealth creation occurs over a period of time.

Investment is simply the process of making your money work for you by allocating capital to a venture with hopes of security of principal and additional interest.

However, with investment comes risk and the possibility of loss of capital depending on what asset an individual invests in and economic conditions that prevail.

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If the stock of a non-performing company is purchased, an investment thoroughly analyzed at inception can go bust, while enormous returns can be delivered if a company exceeds expectations.

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Just like the fears earlier noted for savings in Nigeria, investing profitably may become harder, riskier and unlikely to work out for the greater good if currency inflation, taxation and regulation are turned up by the government who may try to intervene in the economy. My fears are that these issues will continue to rise in future.

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Between saving, investing, speculating, trading & gambling


Speculation is the buying of an asset or financial instrument with the hope that the price will increase in future. It could also be the process of capitalizing on government-caused distortions in the markets.

While an investor is mainly concerned with the fundamental value of his asset, a speculator is only concerned with market price movements. For example, a speculator doesn’t really care if a company is performing well or not, he only cares about whether or not he can make a profit from trading a financial asset.

There are two types of speculators:

  • Bullish speculator: Expects prices of securities to rise, therefore positions himself.
  • Bearish speculator: Expects prices of securities to fall, therefore sells quickly aiming to make a profit so as to repurchase the security at a lower price at some point in future.

Speculators can help improve the welfare of an economy as they are willing to take on greater investment risk than the average investor especially in times of uncertainty. They also add liquidity to the markets.

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However, through their activities, speculators can cause asset prices to be pushed beyond reasonable levels which can lead to economic bubbles and busts.

Between saving, investing, speculating, trading & gambling



A trader is a short term market player who sits in front of the computer screen trying to buy low and sell high all day often scalping for fractions just to make a gain.

There are certain perspectives trying to compare the activities of trading and gambling stating how similar they are.

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The word gambling leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths as they often imagine greed and reckless spending.

To gamble means to play games of chance for money or to take risky action in the hope of a desired result (money or material gain).

Between saving, investing, speculating, trading & gambling

Similarities & Differences between trading and gambling

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For example, trading will not be gambling if you’re a banker lending money to some agricultural businesses and decide to hedge the portfolio of loans with an interest rate derivative.

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Personal Finance

How to own your first home debt-free in Lagos

If owning your own home debt-free in one of the most expensive cities in Nigeria is what you seek, then these tips will really help.



One of the natural desire for every human being is to advance their lives to the level where they can fund their own dream home. Yet only a few people ever achieve this goal. The majority of people do not achieve this goal. Not because they don’t want to. But because they lack a clear path to follow. So if owning your own home is your desire. And if owning this home debt-free in one of the most expensive cities in Nigeria is what you seek. Let me show you how it can be done.

There are two key factors to consider before owning your first home. These factors will determine how fast you own your home and whether you own it debt-free. The first factor is the purpose of your first home and the second factor is your mindset and approach.

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1. The Purpose of a First Home

The purpose of a first home will to a great extent affect how fast the goal of a first home is achieved. Different people attach different purposes to their first home. But if you want to achieve this goal debt free you must focus on achieving one goal at a time. The reason for this is simple. Your budget is limited at this point and you are most effective focusing on one goal at a time. Second, it is your first time and you are likely to make mistakes. Third the lesser the goal you try to achieve the sooner you ascend the homeownership ladder and own other homes. There are three kinds of homes to own if you approach your first home the right way. The first is the Starter Home also known as the First Home. The second is the Dream home also known as an aspirational Home. And the Third is the Income Producing real estate. Which can be commercial, residential, or mixed-use. While it is possible to try to achieve all three homes in your first home. It is a mistake to do so on a limited budget and when your experience is low. You will do a poor job at it and never truly achieve all three goals. The most effective purpose for a first home is to help you gain freedom from rent. Eliminating rental cost is a worthy goal to attach to your first home especially if you want to do it quickly. And move on to owning other more desirable homes.

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So now that you know the three kinds of home and the purpose to attach to your first home. Let look at the second factor that can affect your home ownership goals.

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2. The Home Owner Mindset

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There are two kinds of mindset and approaches to homeownership. The first is the last destination mindset and the second is the Progressive mindset. Recognizing where you belong is critical for success.

The Last destination mindset is the mindset that approaches their First home as if it is their last. They try to build all three homes in one usually on a limited budget. And they do a poor job at it. They do this because they are driven by emotion to impress. They set unrealistic targets, overbuild their homes, drain their finances, and sacrifice their financial security. The worse of all is that they build these houses in faraway neighborhoods with low-quality tenants, low rent-ability, and the ability to command premium price. The result is financial stress, buyer’s remorse, a strain on their health, and a depreciated lifestyle in retirement.  It is hard to make a good decision when the experience is low and emotion is high. The key to building a first home is to keep it simple. Focus on gaining freedom from rent, learn the lessons, and build other homes.

The Progressive Mindset approaches home ownership in a different way. They recognize that their first home is not their last home. And that their appetite and budget will change. They set realistic targets, build homes that meet immediate needs, and fund their homes from their hard work and discipline. The end result is financial peace of mind and the ability to move faster to other types of homes.

So whether you have the last destination mindset or the progressive mindset one thing is common to both parties. They struggle to fund their first homes out of pocket.

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How to Fund your First Home Out of Pocket

The major challenge facing those trying to own a home is how to fund their first home out of pocket. There are expensive and non-expensive options to choose from. One of the least expensive options is to fund the building of your own home from your own hard work and discipline. Taking a loan for a first home is not advisable as it limits your chances of ascending the homeownership ladder. The second reason is that anything you are doing for the first time will be first done poorly before it is done well. Doing trial and error on other people’s money increases your financial risk. Third funding your own home out of pocket keeps your budget within the limit. The temptation is to increase the budget when you have access to a loan. So if you are ready to fund your first home out of pocket let me show you exactly how you can achieve it.

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There are six things you need to do to fund your first home out of pocket successfully. The First is to move from a single income to multiple streams of income. The second is to build a solid cash Reserve for liquidity. The third is to protect yourself from emergencies. The fourth is to invest in the Right Land and Neighborhood. The fifth is to share the cost of construction. And the sixth is to use innovation to build easily rentable, and sellable homes. Below I explain each of these concepts in detail.

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1. Move from One Income to Multiple Streams of Income

A single Income is too weak to fund your homeownership dreams. Having multiple sources of income is the fastest way to achieve your goals. To create multiple streams of income there are three steps to follow. The first step is to combine a part-time income with your full-time income. The second step is to add a solid passive investment income and earn money in your sleep. The third is to have other human beings work for you. Moving from one income to multiple incomes takes deliberate actions. It also takes access to income-earning opportunities and the strategic effort to combine sources of income that can work together easily. To fund your dream home you must move from a single income to multiple incomes. If you need help achieving this migration send an email to [email protected]

2. Build a Solid Cash Reserve

Homeownership is a cash draining activity. Thus you must maintain liquidity throughout the process. The only way to do this is to build a solid cash reserve that can handle basic needs. Building a solid cash reserve entails two things. The first is earning more income and the second is managing the financial demands from your past life and present lifestyle. To own your own home out of pocket you must produce new income streams and keep a low maintenance lifestyle. You must also run an economically efficient household if you are married and bring everyone on board. Without this, it is hard to achieve success.

3. Protect yourself from Emergencies

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The majority of the things we call emergencies are created and not bestowed. There are created from our lack of timely decision and planning. So if you want to live an emergency free life you must plan ahead for likely emergencies. There are three things to do to an emergency that is likely to occur. The first thing is to prevent it. The second thing is to make provisions for it. And the third is to transfer it to a third party.

So what types of emergencies are the most likely to occur?

There are six emergencies to plan for if you must achieve your homeownership goal disruption-free. The first is the loss of Income. You can protect yourself from this emergency by building a solid cash reserve. The second is the Health Crises. No sick person can build a house. So maintaining positive health habits that keeping your health resilient and strong is critical. You must also make provisions for medical bills. The third is Car emergency. A major car breaks down will affect your productivity and concentration.  You must thus plan ahead for car emergencies and protect yourself with the right insurance vehicle. The Fourth is school Fees. School fees like rent is a major cost element that can interrupt your housing project. You must ensure that you keep your school appetite and budget within reasonable limits. Putting your children in schools that massage your ego but deprive you of your goals is not wise. It is the main reason why people end up becoming a burden in retirement. The fifth is rent. You must keep the cost of rent down and within reasonable limits. High rent and homeownership do not go well together. The sixth is Parental care. Parental care can be a major disruption if not planned for. They include parent’s upkeep, health care cost, and burial expenses. You must plan ahead for these costs and use the right insurance vehicle to transfer them.


Funding your first home with little or No emergencies is the key to quickly achieving your goals.

4. Choose the Right Land and Neighborhood

Buying an already built home or building and buying land at the same time is a difficult goal to achieve for most people. So the less difficult way to acquire the land first. And this is where acquiring the right land comes in. Acquiring the right land is all about investing in the right neighborhood. And there are certain factors that determine the kind of land you should buy. These factors are what I call the end goal factors and there are four of them.

The first is the Build and Live end goal. This is where you build your first home and live in it. If this is your goal buy land where you can live and be happy. The second is the Build, Live, and Rent end goal. This is where you build a multi-family home and live in one and rent the others out. If this is your goal you must buy land where you want to live and where other high-quality tenants also want to live. The third end goal is Build and Rent. This is where you build a house and rent it all out with the hopes that the rental income will pay for the rent where you live. If this is your end goal you must invest in neighborhoods that can attract high-quality tenants. The fourth end goal is to Build and Sell. This is where you build a house and sell it with the hopes of reinvesting the proceeds in a better location. If this is your goal you must invest in neighborhoods that can command premium sales price.

Your end goal and exit strategy are what determines the type of land you should buy.

But what if you cannot afford to buy the land where you want to live?

There are three things you can do. The first is to take the land banking Route. This is where you buy pieces of land in hopes that in time, it will go up in value. Perhaps because it is in a strategic location. Land banking may be appropriate for you if homeownership is not an immediate need.

The disadvantage of land banking though is that it is risky. It is risky because you are guessing that an event in the future will increase the value of the land. It is also risky because you cannot control the speed of appreciation of your property which may take 10-20years. Lands in developing areas are also the most difficult to sell. Land banking thus works if you are willing to tie up money for a long time. It works especially well when an area is in transition or carries a huge potential for future profit. Land banking and homeownership are thus are two separate paths.

The second option is to make more money fast and accumulate what you need to fund your own land investment. You can also leverage the installment payment offered by most land companies to make the investment easy for you. The third option is to combine resources with friends or people of like-minds and co-invest in a neighborhood you all want to live in.

Breaking down the homeownership goal into a land investment first before construction is the best way to own a home without breaking your back. You must also ensure to invest in neighborhoods that are desirable, livable, and rentable.

5. Share and Reduce the Cost of Construction

By default, everyone builds their own home with their own resources. But it is possible to share the burden with other people if you choose the land correctly.  Sharing the cost of construction can happen in two ways. First, it can be through a Joint venture between you and a developer. Where you contribute the land and the developer build the houses. Bringing in a developer as an investor and partner to build the house for an agreed reward is one of the most effective ways to build your first home. It brings in the capital you need plus the developer lends you his or her expertise.

The Second way to reduce or share the cost of construction is by partnering with friends or people of like minds. If your land is in a desirable location you create massive opportunities for partnerships both from ordinary people, developers, and investors. The key to success here is to answer this question. What kind of land do I need to buy that will attract investors or my friends to co-invest with me? And then focus on getting that land.

6. Build easily rentable and sellable homes

Building a home is more than just creating a box where people live. It is about using creativity to design eye-catching, and conversation-starting architecture that stands out. When you build a home that makes people stop and notice you get automatic referrals. And selling or renting that home becomes easy.  If your end goal is to sell or rent your home, you must use innovation to create something likable and distinctive. This is not to say you should spend a fortune on your first home. You can be creative without being foolishly expensive. The key to success here is to know what your target tenants and buyers want. And to know what they will pay a high price for. Unless you are sure a feature will add value to the sales price, there is no need for it. Building homes just for beauty and ego is a waste of money. Tenants and buyers will only invest in your home because they like them and not because you built what you like. Ask yourself the question. “What design elements could I innovate into my property that would make it more desirable and command premium than competing properties? With some concentrated effort, you can find the answer.

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Funding your first home out of pocket is simple but not easy. To succeed you must combine the elements of earning more income, investing in the right neighborhood, reducing the cost, and approaching it with the right mindset. If you need help achieving any of the steps highlighted in this article or need a homeownership mentor to guide you, we can help you. Send an email to [email protected]


Remembers it is better to be rent-free and loan free at the same time and not transfer your rent from a landlord to a Bank-lord.

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Personal Finance

What to consider as you budget for college

Managing the college budget squeeze is very important, and this article contains information that would help you do it.



College has become a non-negotiable level of education for this generation. Although it is possible to make a career without a college degree, however, those with a college degree have the edge over those who don’t. In most cases, a college degree is required for some top positions. Going to college is fun; who wouldn’t love to? But the fees are not affordable for many. Managing the college budget squeeze is very important, and this article contains information that would help you do it.

The fact is that college is expensive, and it keeps getting more expensive due to inadequate funding and economic situations. So many colleges or universities are already out of the reach of the common man. This is why you need to have a plan to go through, get your finances right from day one, and it would be easier for you than those who nosedived ignorantly.

Why should I budget for college?

It is generally known that the person who counts his costs before embarking on an expense is wise. You and your finance provider must answer important questions like: how much would it cost? Can we afford it? What’s our income compared to the expected expenditure? It is these questions that play a significant role in choosing a blend of the best and most affordable institution for you.

Although there are many reasons why people drop out of college, a majority is down to financial collapse. It can be more accurately captured as poor budgeting because it might not have led to dropping out if they thought the process through. However, there remain some exceptions.

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What are the important factors to consider in choosing a college?

There are numerous factors to be considered when choosing a college. However, we have narrowed the list to the most important ones. They are:

  1. The academic courses or majors available: The college you eventually settle for must have your course of study. This is pretty straight forward and non-negotiable. It would help if you chose from the available colleges with your course of study, and not let the college select your course. This is a very vital stage of your life, and should not be joked with.
  2. Affordability: After your course, this is the most crucial factor to consider. There are even instances where the importance of affordability supersedes individual preferences regarding the choice of study. If you cannot afford it or get a scholarship to pay for it, do not go for it. Most times, it leads to dropping out after piling up debts.
  3. Quality of education and campus facilities: For colleges, always go for the best that your money can afford. The quality of education of the college is paramount, and should not be looked over. It could give you an edge over individuals from colleges with lower standards.
  4. Location: Proximity from your home is also a factor to consider. How far is it? Do I always have to travel? And if yes, for how long? Schooling around your home is more convenient and less financially demanding because you can cut certain costs. These include campus rents, transportation, feeding, and more.

How do I budget for college?

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After choosing the right and most affordable college for you, here are some of the ways you can cut on some more expenses:

  1. Draw up your budget: Although this might sound generic, it is probably the most critical part of saving while in college. Always have a budget that is very realistic and guides you. Do this by creating a list of all your expenses on things that you would need in school. It would drive your spending and ensure that it is intentional and not a reckless spree.
  2. Cut out unnecessary expenses: The things that consume money the most are those which we do not need. Every single penny is important, and you have to cut down on the things that you do not need. Doing this could be difficult for students because of the number of attractions in college; however, you should learn to stay focused.
  3. Differentiate your needs from wants: This is actually what helps you in cutting down unnecessary expenses. Knowing what you need and what you want gives a sense of direction and makes you more aware of your spending.
  4. Always save: We know that the money is never enough, and there is an urge to fulfil that fetish desire at every moment. However, it is not a good reason not to save. Always ensure you save up some of your income for the rainy days. These days always come at one point or the other.

Going through college without enough fund requires the right amount of will and discipline. Many have done it before and would still do it. You are not the only one born without a silver spoon, but this doesn’t stop you from receiving a proper education. Stay committed, and in no time, your college days would be over.

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Personal Finance

How to make more money solving problems

If you want to become more financially successful, you must figure out how to solve problems for other people.



How to make more money solving problems

One of the reasons anyone in the world who is not your father, mother, or siblings will give you money is this; your ability to solve a problem that is important to them.

That is how all the wealth in the world is created. The Rich Make Money by solving problems for other people. They solve problems in exchange for money. And if you want to become more financially successful this is what you must do regardless of where you are or who you are.

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But before I show you how to make more money by solving financial problems, let me first tell you what it means to solve a problem satisfactorily. You solve a problem when you remove pain, obstacles, or challenges from people’s lives. And when you help them reach their desired end or destination.

So there must be two elements in every problem-solving equation. The First is the pain a person is trying to escape from, navigate, or change. And the Second is the pleasure a person is trying to gain or achieve. So now that you know what solving a problem means what are the kinds of problems to solve if you want to be wealthy?

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The Kinds of Problems to solve if you want to be Rich

There are many kinds of problems you can solve in the world but since you want to make more money let’s focus on the type of problem that can give you the most money. There is only one problem in the world that carries the most potential for wealth. This problem is the Financial Problem.

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Financial problems carry the most potential for wealth because they are universal in nature, everyone has them, and they cut across different countries, tribes, and nations. So if you want to make more money fast in your life focus on solving financial problems. To solve financial problems there are four people you must focus on.

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The Four People to Focus on if you want to make more money.

The first is you. The second is other people. The third is Businesses and the fourth is the Government. When you solve your own financial problems you do not make much money because money only comes from helping other people. But the benefit of solving your own financial problem is this. It gives you the knowledge, skill, and experience you need to help other people.

When you gain this experience you become a valuable resource to other people. So make sure never to waste any financial mistakes or decisions you have made in the past. Reflect on them to know what worked, what didn’t work, and what you would do next time. This is critical for refining your problem-solving skills and for helping other people.

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If you want to make the most money in the world you must focus on helping other people solve their problems. Part of the other people you must help is business owners. Business owners like individuals have financial problems and they are looking for people to help them grow their business revenue.

The beautiful thing about helping a successful business owner is that they are the richest people in the world and have the most capacity to pay you. But to succeed with business owners you must solve problems that are dear to their heart. This, keeping their businesses alive through the constant flow of cash is one of the most important things in the world to them.

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The last set of people you should strive to help if you can is the government. The government also needs financial help like individuals and businesses. But their kind of help requires a certain level of expertise and global application to reap a high reward. The more difficult the problems you solve the higher your chances of reaping a high reward. And the more financially related the problem is, the higher income you will earn.

So now that you know the kinds of problems you should solve and who to focus on to earn the most money. Let’s now see some of the factors that determine how much you earn when you solve a problem?

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Factors that determine financial success when you solve a problem

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There are three factors that will determine how much money you earn when you solve a problem.

The first factor is the type of problem you solve. The second factor is the Number of people you solve this problem for and the Third factor is the financial capacity of the person paying you. Let me explain these three points in more detail.
First the kind of problem you solve. Not all problems are created equal. Certain problems command high income while others command low income. A small or big problem is determined by two factors. First is the level of importance a person places on that problem and second is how that problem is related to making money, saving money, or saving time.


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Problems that are pain-related, connected to making money or saving money, and also urgent in nature will command more money than problems that are preventive, future-oriented, or pleasure-seeking in nature. This is because most people are short-term in their thinking and will be open to help when they feel the heat. So focus on urgent problems that have a clear relationship with making money, saving money, or saving time for an individual, business, or Government.

Second is the number of people you solve a problem for. Solving a problem for just one person is the fastest way to end up in financial struggles. One of anything limits your opportunities and this is why employees struggle financially. They can only serve one employer at a time. The key rule for making more money is this. Find ways to solve a problem for more than one person.

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If you solve a problem for one person you get paid by one person and the amount you get paid is dependent on how close your value is to the bottom line. If you solve a problem for some people you get paid more money from a few people. And if you solve a problem for a lot of people you get paid a lot of money by a lot of people. The ability to help a lot of people at the same time is the advantage that business owners have over employees. So if you want to earn more money you must find ways to help a lot of people.

The third factor is who pays you. Who pays you determines to a great extent how much you earn. This is because people can only pay you according to their financial capacity. For example, when you solve a problem for a peer you get paid income at a peer level no matter the amount of value you provide. But when you solve a problem for a business owner you get paid at a business owner level depending on the success of the business owner.

Business owners are the richest people in the world and they have the highest capacity to pay you. All you need to do is ensure you solve a problem for more than one business owner at a time. And the only way to do this is to help a few business owners generate more revenue through sales.

So now that you know the factors that can determine how rich you can get let’s look at the fastest way to make more money through problem-solving.

The Fastest way to make more money through Problem-Solving.

The fastest way to make more money through problem-solving is to do two things. The first is to choose to focus on financial problems, which is the most critical pain for many people. And the second is to focus on helping business owners who are the people with the most capacity to pay you for solving their problems.

Business Owners spend a tones of money advertising and marketing their products. They are tired of the high marketing cost that produces a low financial reward. Most business owners are willing to share a part of their profit with you if you will help them sell their products through word of mouth and referrals.

And many of them pay up to a 6-figure commission on such sales. If you can help them connect to a new buyer, you can earn a juicy financial reward for it. Thankfully, everyone can help at least one or two people connect with products or services that can help them. The goal here is to only recommend products and services that you are passionate about.

Preferably Products and Services that you trust, have tried, and or tested. This is important because you do not want to jeopardize your important relationships on the grounds of making money. You must truly want to help people and not just sell products to make money. When you do this correctly there is no limit to how much money you can earn.

The Skills You Need to Solve Financial Problems

To successfully solve the revenue problems of business owners and help other people you need three skills.

The first skill is creative skills. You need the ability to come up with creative ideas that will help you sell a product.

Second, you need networking skills. Remember the only way to make money is by helping other people so you need many more people in your network who like you and trust you. This means that you must be a leader and an influencer within your circle. And be able to serve as the connecting bridge between the people who need help and the companies that can help them.

 Third, you need sales and marketing skills. That is the ability to educate, convince, inspire, or influence people that a product or service can help them solve their problems. Developing these three skills is the fastest way to make more money in your life and without the added stress of additional workload.

So If you are looking to make more money in your life and want to become a high-demand problem solver reaping 6-7 figure financial rewards we can help you. To learn more send an email to [email protected]

Your financial success is hidden in the problems you can solve for other people.

About author

Grace Agada is The Senior Financial Happiness Director @ Create Solid Wealth. She is an Author, and Column Contributor in Six National Newspaper. She is a contributor at BellaNaija, Nairametrics and Proshare and she is on a mission to help working-class professionals and CEOs become more financially successful. To learn more about Grace and how she can help you send an email to [email protected]

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