Nigerian customers usually tend to be patient and tolerant of their service providers, regardless of the unsatisfactory services often rendered to them.  But they can snap occasionally, especially when they are pushed to the limit. The advent of social media platforms like Twitter has particularly made it easier for customers to call out companies. That is exactly what many customers of Fidelity Bank Plc did on Monday when they dragged the bank across Twitter because of a whole lot of issues.

The whole drama started after the bank posted a tweet advertising its Fidelity SME Forum radio show and asking people to tune in and listen. The matter quickly escalated because many of the bank’s customers were displeased.

By the way, even though many of the complaints seem reasonable, others are just downright savage and ludicrous. For instance, somebody wondered how the bank had network to even use Twitter and yet cannot use the same network to facilitate seamless transactions for customers.

Many of the complaints by Fidelity Bank customers centre around failed transactions. This is one thing virtually every Nigerian bank customer is familiar with. One frustrated customer, who was first to comment on the post and probably incited the torrent of backlash that followed, complained that a botched transaction had left her N30, 000 hanging. She needed the money for an urgent purpose, she explained.

Customers also complained about the difficulties they face using the bank’s products and outlets. According to Samuel Aniaka, he could not use the Fidelity mobile banking app because his transaction was declined. Interestingly, he received notification of a debit despite the decline. He also tried to use the bank’s ATM but was disappointed to realise he could not. He wondered what could possibly be wrong with the bank.

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Poor customer service is also something customers complained about the most. Expectedly, quite a number of customers reach out to the bank on a daily basis with their complaints. Unfortunately, a significant number of these complaints are left unattended to. Customers are not happy about this.

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Other customers have also complained that they are excessively charged by the bank. For someone like Oluwashogo, he just wants to know why the bank keeps charging him even when it is not necessary.

There are many of such complaints on the thread, and Fidelity Bank has tried to respond to some of them with apologies and promises to quickly resolve the issues.


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