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Oando Plc has posted its unaudited third-quarter result (Q3) ended September 2019, as the oil firm boosted its profit after tax (PAT) by 26% from N10.4 billion in Q3 2018 to N13.1 billion in Q3 ’19.

While its total borrowing dropped by 8% from N210.9 billion to N193.1 billion, the oil and gas company’s turnover decreased by 18% from N505.1 billion to N413.8 billion within the same period.

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Its production grew by 8% to 43,045 boe/day from 40,039 boe/day in year-to-date (YTD) September 2018.

The increase in production, according to a statement from the oil and gas company, was driven by an 11% increase in natural gas production and an eight per cent increase in crude oil production.

A statement issued by the oil firm read, “Without a doubt 2019 has been another challenging year for the company, not just in terms of external factors beyond its control but an ongoing conundrum with the regulator.

“Despite this, the company’s results show that a management team that has worked aggressively to maintain a trend of positive results reflected in higher production and profit after tax.”


  • 8% Production increase, 43,045boe/day compared to 40,039boe/day (YTD September 2018)
  • 18% Turnover decrease, N413.8 billion compared to N505.1 billion (YTD September 2018)
  • 26% Profit-After-Tax increase, N13.1 billion compared to N10.4 billion (YTD September 2018)
  • 8% Total Group Borrowings decrease, N193.1 billion compared to N210.9 billion (FYE 2018)


Traded volumes for 9M ended September 2019

Standard chartered

Standard chartered
Deal book 300 x 250

In YTD September 2019, Oando Trading traded approximately 9.3 million barrels of crude oil under various contracts with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and delivered 317,649 MT of refined products.

Background: Oando recently announced that the NNPC/NAOC/OANDO Joint Venture (of which Oando Energy Resources, the upstream subsidiary of Oando Plc, holds a 20 per cent working interest), had made a significant gas and condensate find in the deeper sequences of the Obiafu-Obrikom fields in OML 61, onshore Niger Delta.


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The preliminary evaluation had indicated that the discovery amounted to about one trillion cubic feet of gas and 60 million barrels of associated condensate in the deep drilled sequences.

“The full impact of this discovery will be determined and communicated to the market on the conclusion of the next annual independent reserves and resources evaluation,” it added.


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